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Chapter 1057: Fighting Against Yan Shan Ming! 

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“Lin Feng, that is going to be a disaster,” said Yan Shan Ming. Lin Feng had destroyed a cell and the stone plate outside. He had even kicked away ten guards; they weren’t dead, but they were severely injured.

Lin Feng looked at him, then glanced around; he had destroyed a part of the camp, so what?

“Master, Yan Di and I are leaving,” Lin Feng declared firmly. He flew out of the re-education camp. Yan Shan Ming chased after Lin Feng and stopped him.

“Lin Feng, you destroyed the re-education camp. Yan Cang Tian will not let you off,” said Yan Shan Ming. He was also worried for Lin Feng and Yan Di. Yan Di was his disciple’s disciple. He had to obey Yan Cang Tian’s rules.

Lin Feng looked at him impassively, simply not caring.

“Tell Yan Cang Tian that I destroyed it and we’re going back to the Ancient Human Clan,” Lin Feng stated carelessly, making ready to leave the Ancient Yan Clan. He didn’t care about challenging other young geniuses anymore. He didn’t want to see the people from the Ancient Yan Clan anymore. They had bullied his best friend!

Yan Shan Ming watched Lin Feng leaving and asked, “Lin Feng, didn’t you come for the exam?”

“Yes, but my best friend is more important,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head in disappointment.
Considering Yan Shan Ming’s behavior, it seemed like he agreed with Yan Cang Tian, as if nobody could go against Yan Cang Tian’s will.

“Lin Feng, to be honest, I am also one of the participants. Look at the list of participants,” said Yan Shan Ming.

Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t know that. He looked at the list and saw Yan Shan Ming was indeed on there.

“What do you mean, Master?” asked Lin Feng.

Yan Shan Ming clenched his fists, which crackled and Qi emerged. He had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. It was powerful, it rolled in waves on the main street and surrounded Lin Feng.

“That I want to fight, of course. Wouldn’t you be sad to leave without a victory?” asked Yan Shan Ming with a smile. Even though he smiled, he sounded resolute. Lin Feng had no choice but to fight!

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He knew that this duel had almost nothing to do with the exam. It was more about the Continent of the Gods and the best cultivators there. Yan Shan Ming, Dong Fei Yu, and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor were Lin Feng’s direct opponents.

Therefore, Yan Shan Ming took the initiative to start a duel. He wanted to see the difference between him and Lin Feng. If Lin Feng lost, then Yan Shan Ming would be the foremost cultivator of the Continent of the Gods!

Yan Di understood that too, so he didn’t stop them. Many people had rushed over when they had heard Lin Feng destroy the re-education camp. Even some elders were there, but when they saw Lin Feng and Yan Shan Ming dueling, they stopped and gave them space.

The disciples and elders of the Ancient Yan Clan were all convinced Yan Shan Ming was going to teach Lin Feng a good lesson after he destroyed the re-education camp; they didn’t know their duel had nothing to do with it.

“Lin Feng, come, I’ve been waiting to meet and fight you for a very long time,” Yan Shan Ming laughed, and promptly attacked. He charged Lin Feng extremely quickly.

Lin Feng didn’t fear him. He also condensed Qi in his fists and counter-charged. Their Qi rolled in waves and the space around them began to distort.

Boom, boom! In the blink of an eye, they collided. After that, they kicked each other. They were so fast it was difficult to follow them with the naked eye. The ground was shaking hundreds of li around them. The disciples and elders who were watching couldn’t help but step back unceasingly.

Lin Feng and Yan Shan Ming ignored the crowd around them.

Lin Feng was pushed back violently. He released his explosive Genesis Spiritual strength. Since he had broken through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer, his Genesis Spiritual strength had become extremely powerful. He used his full strength against Yan Shan Ming.

When Lin Feng threw a punch, his fist emitted a sonic boom and his aggressive energy rolled in waves. When Yan Shan Ming saw that, he was intimidated. He could feel danger. Even though Lin Feng’s energies weren’t as powerful as Yan Cang Tian’s, they were still dangerous!

Lin Feng was so strong?

Yan Shan Ming was astonished, but he also reacted quickly. He couldn’t lose the duel because of a lack of attention; that would be pitiful, especially against the best cultivator of the Continent of the Gods!

“Heavenly Conflagration!” shouted Yan Shan Ming, raising his arms to the skies. The sky became red and flames descended from the sky. It was a terrifying sight.

Lin Feng was surrounded by Genesis Spiritual strength. Dazzling golden lights flashed all around him. They looked like Buddhas seated on golden discs. He looked like a Buddha warrior in an ocean of flames.

“One attack is enough to defeat you!” Lin Feng said indifferently, cutting across with his finger. The Genesis Spiritual strength flared, looking like a gigantic dragon that wanted to eat its prey alive.

Nothing could stop him, not even the Heavenly Conflagration. Lin Feng’s Genesis Spiritual strength was too powerful. Even the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames couldn’t stop him!

After refining his body in the ice, his Genesis Spiritual Body had become incredible.

Boom boom boom! There was a massive explosion. Everybody saw golden lights surround Yan Shan Ming. The Heavenly Conflagration was stuck outside.

Yan Shan Ming sighed. Lin Feng had surpassed him. His next goal was Yan Cang Tian, not the other young geniuses!

No wonder Lin Feng didn’t care about Yan Cang Tian. A few years from now, Yan Cang Tian would be like an ant to Lin Feng.

Luckily for him, Yan Cang Tian had already left the Ancient Yan Clan and had gone to other sects and clans to challenge other geniuses. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Lin Feng off.

Yan Shan Ming had lost. They didn’t want to fight a duel to death; it wasn’t necessary. Their only purpose to prove how strong they were to each other.

If it had been a duel to death, they wouldn’t have been so careless.

Lin Feng had defeated Yan Shan Ming. Lin Feng didn’t realize that Yan Shan Ming was the sixth genius in the ranking list, which meant Lin Feng was now in the top ten. No matter whether he would be qualified to go to the World of Battles or not, from now on, he’d be sixth in the official ranking list. From now on, Yan Shan Ming would be seventh or less! 

Yan Shan Ming had lost. Many disciples from the Ancient Yan Clan were furious, but what could they do against Lin Feng? Many of them just looked at the elders.

The elders of the Ancient Yan Clan looked at Lin Feng and then at the re-education camp he had been destroyed. What a great offense. Yan Cang Tian had built it himself! How reckless!

Finally, an elder couldn’t control himself anymore and shouted out. “Bastard! Fucking bastard! You dared destroy the re-education camp!?” He even pointed at Lin Feng with his forefinger.

Lin Feng was initially in a better mood, but now the elder had pissed him off again. He had been angry because the Ancient Yan Clan hadn’t treated Yan Di fairly, so now he was in an explosive mood.

“Fucking animal! You don’t know how to be respectful? Fucking stupid dog! You have no muzzle? Don’t point at me, because people who have tried have all died!” Lin Feng swore coldy, and he disappeared. The elder who had just yelled at Lin Feng suddenly sensed a dangerous energy behind him.

Lin Feng threw a punch at the old man from behind. His fist pierced through the old man’s back and abdomen and came out the front of his body. Lin Feng was cruel and violent. The old man’s mouth was slightly open, but he couldn’t speak.


The old man’s body exploded. Pieces of flesh and blood splashed everywhere. Everybody went silent.

Silence. Eerie silence. All the elders were terrified. They had lived with that elder for hundreds of thousands of years, and Lin Feng had killed him so easily; him, an elder of the fourth Great Supreme God layer! Lin Feng hadn’t even spared his body!

Even though the old man was going to come back to life, they had no choice but to admit Lin Feng was extremely violent. They were afraid of him now.

Yan Shan Ming didn’t know what to say or do, so he stepped away from the crowd.

The atmosphere became oppressive.

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