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Chapter 1058: Fifth Victory!

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“How shameless! You dared kill an elder of the Ancient Yan Clan! Someone come here and kill him!” shouted the other elders after a pregnant pause. The leader of the elders glared at Lin Feng ferociously. He couldn’t believe they had just lost an elder. He wanted all the elders to join hands to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stared back at them all coldly. They all had the strength of the fourth and fifth layers, but they had no balls, probably because he had showed how cruel, aggressive, and violent he was. On the other hand, they had to regain face.

The atmosphere became tense. Initially, the atmosphere was lively and animated in the Ancient Yan Clan, but now that Lin Feng was there, everything had changed. Many disciples withdrew and gave space to the elders.

The leader of the elders flashed; he knew he had to intervene as well, otherwise the other elders wouldn’t do anything for fear of Lin Feng!

So he attacked first, charging Lin Feng. Fire energies with a thunder-like power appeared and sparkled for thousands of meters around them.

Lin Feng remained focused. He flashed forwards and stopped in midair. However, the flames moved towards him like rockets. In the blink of an eye, there were flames above his head and around him. The temperature was tens of thousands of degrees.

“Hmph! You can’t escape! You dared destroy the re-education camp Prince Yan Cang Tian created, that was reckless!” shouted the leader of the elders grimly. He looked at Lin Feng confidently. Nobody could escape from his flames of fury, not even Lin Feng!

“I’ll help you!” cried out one of the elders. He raised his hands and flames emerged and surged towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was already surrounded by two layers of flames, and felt great pressure.

“Me too!” “And me!” said two other elders. They all released fire energies. Their fire energies had different colors and they all surrounded Lin Feng. The pressure was barely bearable. The problem was not just the pressure, but the pain too. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to melt.

“Ice Spirit, help me!” Lin Feng said at the most crucial moment. Ice was the only thing that could help in such circumstances.

Suddenly, ice Qi started flowing throughout his Genesis Spiritual Body. The atmosphere distorted around him, and steam started appearing. The four elders’ expressions changed drastically.

Their fires were being extinguished?! Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough! How was that possible? The four elders decided to push things further.

“Heavenly Conflagration!” the four elders shouted at the same time, and they all used their Heavenly Conflagration attack. Lin Feng had already seen Yan Shan Ming use it. It was a special attack the members of the Ancient Yan Clan all learned.

Flames appeared everywhere in the sky, the temperature increased drastically again. Lin Feng could smell roasted meat again, coming from his skin. It reminded him of the first time in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“Hehe, interesting, they’re summoning celestial fire? but with me, nothing can happen to you,” the Ice Spirit told Lin Feng. The ice Qi grew even more powerful and penetrated into the celestial fire.

The crowd heard crackling sounds. The fire of the four elders suddenly froze on the outside, but not on the inside, looking like candles inside decorative crystals.

The temperature dropped again. The disciples and elders of the Ancient Yan Clan were all fire cultivators, so they couldn’t stand cold temperatures. Many of them released fire Qi to resist the cold temperatures, but it didn’t work. There was ice everywhere suddenly. It didn’t look like the Ancient Yan Clan anymore.

Yan Shan Ming was astonished. Lin Feng was using such a mysterious attack! How unbelievable… 

“You fucking bastard! You dare provoke the Ancient Yan Clan! Die!” shouted the main elder furiously. He had to do something, so he released fire again. He wanted to roast Lin Feng and make his body melt!

However, it was useless. His fire instantly froze in midair. It was beautiful; there were so many ice crystals with flickering flames inside them. They floated in midair like fireflies.

“Hehe, what do you do when fire doesn’t work??” Lin Feng asked softly, smiling toothily. His eyes were filled with murder. 

The main elder was terrified. He wanted to run away now, but he was too slow.

Lin Feng flashed and appeared next to him, he stretched out his hand and stopped the old man, then he smiled teasingly, “You’re an old man and you only have the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, why would I fear you?”

Then he threw a punch at the old man, hurling him away.

The disciples of the Ancient Yan Clan were furious, but they couldn’t do anything.

“And you, you also need a rest,” Lin Feng said, smiling at another elder. The old man was trying to resist the cold, and was terrified when he heard Lin Feng. He wanted to strike back, but Lin Feng kicked him in the jaw. The old man was smashed away, too.

Boom! He crashed on the ground and a gigantic crater appeared, forming a mushroom cloud of fire Qi.

Out of five elders, Lin Feng had killed one and crushed two. Two elders were left. They were both terrified.

Lin Feng looked at them and grinned mockingly, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

The two elders were both angry and humiliated. They wanted to destroy Lin Feng, but were clearly relieved that Lin Feng didn’t attack them as well.

“Who is Yan Miao?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

Suddenly, the disciples all glanced at each other and shook their heads. Yan Miao was also a young genius of the Ancient Yan Clan; he had a high status, those ordinary disciples weren’t qualified to mingle with him.

In the Ancient Yan Clan, the strongest was Yan Cang Tian, the second strongest was Yan Shan Ming, and the third one was Yan Miao.

But Yan Miao had already been challenged by a young genius and lost. If he lost again, he would probably lose his confidence.

“Who is Yan Miao?” asked Lin Feng again. He wanted to defeat Yan Miao, because Chu Chun Qiu had already defeated him.

“I am Yan Miao,” someone finally admitted. When Lin Feng heard that, he gazed into the distance and saw a middle-aged man in black clothes.

Yan Miao looked indifferent, but one could see some sadness in his eyes. It was definitely because he had lost against Chu Chun Qiu.

“What do you want?” asked Yan Miao, even though he already knew.

“Nothing. Let’s fight. I came from far away to fight, so let’s not waste time,” Lin Feng replied, smiling cheerfully.

When Yan Miao saw that, he felt even more depressed. He had just lost against Chu Chun Qiu; if he lost again, he couldn’t possibly be qualified. 


Half an hour later, Lin Feng left the Ancient Yan Clan leisurely and carefree. He had defeated the elders, he had won against Yan Shan Ming, and Yan Di was following him.

He had naturally won the fifth battle too!

Yan Miao had lost, and suffered a crushing defeat. He was devastated and humiliated…

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