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Chapter 1060: Zhao Hall! 

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“Haha! Old Zhao! What are you going to do now? Lin Feng is in your territory!” mocked Qing Ling Chao. He liked this young man. He was the most dynamic person during the exam!

He had five victories already, and was in second place for the time being. First place was Gong Nü, the first young genius of the Ancient Human Clan. She had already won eight duels in a row. If Lin Feng won against Zhao Yun Xiao, that would be six duels in a row!

“That little boy doesn’t just want to go to the World of Battles, he also wants to cause trouble!” remarked Yan Lun glumly.

If he won six times, he would rank sixth or seventh in the end; if he won ten duels, he’d be in the top three and would be sure to go to the World of Battles.

Lin Feng didn’t know that; all he knew was that the more duels he won, the higher his chances of going to the World of Battles would be. He still had six or seven days, so why stop?

“Lin Feng, little boy, you’re still relying on your status of being young; enjoy it while you can,” murmured Fu Hao indifferently. As long as Lin Feng fought against young geniuses who were participating in the Competition, everything was fine, and nobody could get involved.

Zhao Zu’s eyes were hard. He was furious when he heard Fu Hao, but he couldn’t do anything. Unless Lin Feng said he represented Tian Dao Yuan as their leader, he was just another young genius.

Luckily, the Zhao Hall had gotten prepared. It was probably enough to stop Lin Feng!

“I have no choice but to leave it to you,” Zhao Zu sighed. Nobody knew to whom he was talking. When Fu Hao heard that, he guessed the Zhao Hall had recruited some external geniuses like he had.

This time, some secret candidates would end up in the ranking!

Fu Hao was worried, but he remained silent. 


It had taken Lin Feng a whole night to arrive at Zhao Hall. Zhao Hall didn’t look like the Ancient Human Clan or the Ancient Yan Clan. They were in the imperial city and their buildings were incredibly beautiful. It was the most luxurious group Lin Feng had seen so far. Even the Fa Lan Empire couldn’t compete with them in terms of luxury.

But Lin Feng didn’t care about that. Since it was the exam, he had to win more duels to be sure to go to the World of Battles!

Six days were left. Lin Feng had already counted; as long as he didn’t bump into Yan Cang Tian, Gong Nü or Tian Cang, he would be fine. He would be able to win against everybody else.

He didn’t want to waste the last few days.

This time, he came to Zhao Hall to find a place to bury the skeletons. However, he wouldn’t be able to avenge them. It was too early for that. The Zhao Hall wasn’t an ordinary influential group; they were extremely powerful. They even had a Godly Ancestor!

But Lin Feng wouldn’t give up. He would continue making great efforts to become stronger, and he would keep his promise. He would avenge the broken souls of the nine Song masters. Even if they had dispersed, Lin Feng didn’t forget his promise.

Lin Feng entered the imperial city and called out Zhao Yun Xiao. If Zhao Yun Xiao was in town, he would come out. Shouting someone’s name to challenge them was something serious. If the challenged person didn’t come out, it was extremely humiliating. Everybody would make fun of them.

Lin Feng challenged someone. Chu Chun Qiu also challenged people all around. They had the same strategy. Lin Feng challenged Zhao Yun Xiao; Chu Chun Qiu challenged Tian Chen!

Lin Feng challenged the fifth place, the first genius of the Zhao Hall, Zhao Yun Xiao; Chu Chun Qiu challenged the fourth ranked, the second genius of the Tian Ji Sect, who was about as strong as Tian Cang.

The two of them were stubborn, extremely ambitious, and motivated.

Apart from them, Yan Cang Tian was in the Ancient Human Clan and had just defeated Zi Jing Xiao, Huang Tian Ba, and Fu Niu. He had won six duels, so he had surpassed Lin Feng and was catching up with Gong Nü.

Yan Cang Tian’s next target destination was Zhao Hall!

The first genius of the Tian Ji Sect, Tian Cang, was currently in the Ancient Yan Clan. He had just won two more duels, so he had also won five duels, like Lin Feng. 

Zhao Yun Xiao was about to leave Zhao Hall when someone suddenly challenged him, so he looked quite unhappy.

But since someone had called him by name to challenge him, he had to fight. If he refused, everybody in the Zhao Hall would be disappointed. Zhao Yun Xiao was their idol, after all. They all considered him a big brother.

Therefore, Zhao Yun Xiao decided to do his best for the disciples of the Zhao Hall. He had also just heard that Lin Feng had killed Zhao Xiao, so he was angry, and he didn’t intend to let Lin Feng off.

“Bring the challenger to the kwoon,” Zhao Yun Xiao told a disciple. The disciple ran away quickly.

Zhao Yun Xiao frowned. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Who was challenging him? He was going to kill them violently, no matter what! 

Lin Feng entered the imperial city. He was on the big road, with warhorses everywhere. Lin Feng was surprised to see the road was gigantic, but there were no shops on the sidewalks. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

At the moment, it was early in the morning, so there weren’t many people. Lin Feng walked leisurely and carefree. He wasn’t worried about Zhao Yun Xiao. If Zhao Yun Xiao had heard him, then he would send people to him.

Lin Feng walked forwards unhurriedly.

“Someone is here!” “Finally here!” Lin Ou and Lin Feng said at the same time.

After a few seconds, Lin Feng and Lin Ou laughed. Lin Ou shook his head and smiled, “Soon, your godly awareness will be more powerful than mine.”

Lin Feng just smiled indifferently… because Lin Ou was right! Lin Ou’s godly awareness had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, and Lin Feng’s godly awareness could compete with his.

That was progress; Lin Feng improved so quickly! An ordinary cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer had a godly awareness less powerful than his own, and he only had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng gazed in the distance and saw a man in grey running towards him. Lin Feng studied him and understood it was a disciple sent by his opponent… as expected!

“You’re the one who called Zhao Yun Xiao’s name and challenged him?” asked the disciple, pulling a long face, and trying to laugh at Lin Feng mockingly.

“Lead the way!” Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting time.

The disciple was angry, but led the way anyway. He only had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, and he couldn’t even see how strong Lin Feng was. He even felt oppressed. This guy was as strong as, if not stronger then, Brother Zhao Qi.

Zhao Qi was considered the second genius in the Zhao Hall. Would Prince Zhao Yun Xiao manage to defeat this man in black easily? The disciple was worried!

Lin Feng followed the disciple. They didn’t fly, they walked. It was similar to the rule in the Ancient Human Clan and the Tai Qing Sect.

Such rules weren’t bad. Tian Dao Yuan should also have such a rule. It was a symbol of a group’s power. People had to respect the group, so they walked! 

After half an hour, Lin Feng and the disciples had already walked over a hundred li and there had been no curve at all, the road was always straight.

After a minute, Lin Feng saw a flag displaying ZHAO HALL. Their emblem was a beautiful woman who was skilled in all four forms of art: zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. It was quite charming. 

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