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Chapter 1061: Meeting Prince Ghost Again!

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“What are you looking at? Come on!” the disciple swore at Lin Feng impatiently and disdainfully when he saw Lin Feng looking around. 

Lin Feng glanced at the disciple indifferently, “Will you speak respectfully or not? Has nobody ever hit you?” The disciple was scared, and quickly stepped away from Lin Feng. If Lin Feng wanted to kill him, he could do it in the blink of an eye!

The disciple didn’t dare talk to Lin Feng impolitely anymore, and swiftly said, “Our Prince is waiting for you, so I just hope we can hurry.”

“So what? He can wait! I challenged him, not the other way round,” Lin Feng said, interrupting the disciple. The disciple was angry, but Lin Feng was too aggressive! 

Making Zhao Yun Xiao, the first young genius of Zhao Hall, wait wasn’t something people did. Zhao Yun Xiao even had the potential to finish in the top three of the Competition; nobody dared not give him face, but Lin Feng did!


When the leaders of the various groups saw that, they were stupefied. Lin Feng was really aggressive. He feared nobody!


“Who made that?” asked Lin Feng, pointing to the flag. It looked like a woman from a wealthy family would have written it. 

The disciple didn’t dare lie. “Our prince’s wife did. When Zhao Hall announced their comeback to the world, there was no banner. It’s been there for a few years now.”

“Oh? Your prince’s wife? That’s Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife?” asked Lin Feng curiously. He was interested in the woman. 

“Please, can we continue?” asked the disciple helplessly. 

Lin Feng nodded. He knew who had written that sign, that was enough. He would probably have the opportunity to meet Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife at some point; it wasn’t his goal anyway, he was just curious. 


Lin Feng followed the disciple to Zhao Hall. Even though the roads there weren’t as big as in the imperial city, they were still a hundred meters wide. There were pavilions on both sides, and vendor’s booths there, lots of them, as well as many people. 

Lin Feng was curious. He followed the disciple to a wide area. There was a stage at the top of bluestone pillars there. It was only a few dozen meters high, like back in the days in the Lin Clan. Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt kind of nostalgic. 

It felt as if things remained the same, but people changed. A great deal of time had passed since he had left the Lin Clan… 

Someday, I’ll bring the Lin Clan back to life, thought Lin Feng. Tiantai was his, but it wasn’t the Lin Clan. In Tiantai, he had friends, but Tiantai belonged to Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu. 

In the future, a better Lin Clan will arise, thought Lin Feng. 

“Prince, please wait here. Our Prince will arrive soon,” said the disciple indifferently. He was done with his task, the rest was in their prince’s hands. He disappeared from Lin Feng’s view in the blink of an eye. 

Lin Feng ignored him, and just glanced around. Apart from the big stage, there were lots of buildings all around, but nobody lived in them. There were lots of weapon marks on them made during battles. 

Many fierce battles had taken place here! 

Zhao Yun Xiao chose a nice place to fight, against all expectations, thought Lin Feng with a grin. He had come to challenge Zhao Yun Xiao and still hadn’t seen him. 

Eh? Someone is coming?, thought Lin Feng. A golden sword light flashed in front of him, and then a skinny man appeared. 

The man was extremely skinny, as if he only had skin on his bones, and was also extremely pale. He reminded Lin Feng of skeleton images on Earth.

“You’re Zhao Yun Xiao?” Lin Feng asked. 

The man looked at Lin Feng sharply. Lin Feng was surprised, but not scared. 

“You need to defeat me to see Zhao Yun Xiao,” replied the man neutrally. He raised his left hand and a curving blade appeared in it. It was completely black, and looked dangerous. 

When Lin Feng saw that, his curiosity was piqued. The man seemed more interesting than Zhao Yun Xiao. 

“Not many people from Zhao Hall are participating in the Competition… Zhao Xiao, Zhao Qi and Zhao Yun Xiao. I killed Zhao Xiao, so you must be Zhao Qi?” Lin Feng frowned. 

But the man shook his head. Lin Feng understood and looked at him grimly. 

“I am not from Zhao Hall. I am an external representative,” replied the man, smiling easily. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he understood Zhao Hall had done the same as the Ancient Human Clan: they had also invited external fighters, like him and Chu Chun Qiu! 

“So we’re the same,” Lin Feng said, smiling wickedly. 

The man frowned and asked, “You’re Lin Feng?”

“Hey, you know me?” Lin Feng was surprised. 

“Of course, I do. Don’t you recognize me when I don’t have a black plaited bamboo hat on?” smiled the skeletal man. 

Lin Feng didn’t know who he was, although his Qi seemed familiar. Lin Feng shook his head, “Sorry, I don’t.”

“Hehe, we met during the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects! You only remember one champion, Chu Li; what about the other one?” the man laughed. 

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. “Prince Ghost!”

“Haha! Lin Feng! Ah! Lin Feng! You remember me in the end,” Prince Ghost grinned. He looked less macabre when he laughed. Prince Ghost! Back then, Chu Chun Qiu and Prince Ghost had finished first at that Competition. 

Lin Feng had wondered many times where Prince Ghost had disappeared to, and now they finally met again. Prince Ghost also represented Zhao Hall, which meant they trusted him. 

“Since Zhao Hall asked you to participate in the Competition, haven’t they asked other people?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course. The Ancient Human Clan invited three people; Zhao Hall has also invited three people. The two others are like you; they’re also the best cultivators in the world they come from, so they’re a bit like part of Zhao Hall.”

“Eh? The best cultivators in the world they come from?” Lin Feng frowned. When he was in the Continent of the Gods, he had met Fan Huang Bin from the Continent of the Celestial Fighters and An Zi Xi from the World of Holy Battles; they were also the best cultivators of their worlds. 

So, after they had come to the Country of Eternity, they had come to Zhao Hall? So they were already quite strong. They hadn’t met in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty again, but now they might be going to meet again in the World of Battles? 

“Lin Feng, let’s not waste time; let’s fight, we can chat after.”

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    I don’t really understand the novel anymore.
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    Wasn’t he supposed to be a genius above geniuses?

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