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Chapter 1062: Stealing the Spotlight From Zhao Yun Xiao!


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Prince Ghost sounded ready to go. Lin Feng came back to his senses, looked at Prince Ghost and nodded. “Alright, let’s fight. Back then, I gave up during the Competition, so we didn’t have the opportunity to have a proper duel. This time, I have an opportunity and I won’t miss it!” Lin Feng exclaimed, clenching his fists and releasing an explosive strength. 

“Haha! Back then, I actually said you could have made it past the quarter finals. Then you fought against Chu Li to a draw. Do you think our duel will end up in a draw as well? Haha!” Prince Ghost laughed. His black sword flashed towards Lin Feng’s head. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, but he was wielding his Sword of Remote Times. He wasn’t worried; he had a powerful weapon to fight against a powerful opponent. He didn’t move hastily, but acted in a timely manner. 

Kling clang clang… 

Their weapons collided, sparked, and emitted metallic sounds. Neither had it easy. They were both forced back. 

After that, Prince Ghost and Lin Feng rose in the air at the same time. Neither of them was merciful, both using an extraordinary amount of strength. 

Lin Feng threw a punch. His energies were explosive, his body filled with aggressive Genesis Spiritual strength. Prince Ghost released Qi in response; Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of Qi it was, but it was quite sinister. 

Lin Feng’s Genesis Spiritual strength was positive sun-like energy, whereas Prince Ghost’s energy was negative and cold. Their energies were of opposite sorts. 

Lin Feng threw a punch which could destroy the vault of heaven! 

Prince Ghost thrust out a palm which could blot out heaven and earth! 

Neither of them was willing to give up. They ballooned in size suddenly, their bodies becoming gigantic hundred-zhang shadows. Many people were stupefied when they looked at the sky. One of them was a golden shadow, a Great Supreme God. He looked like a god who could destroy the ten thousand things of creation in one punch! 

On the other side was Prince Ghost, who looked like an evil ghost from hell, the avatar of violence and dark, who could destroy the earth and the sky with one palm! 


Their terrifying energies collided. Lin Feng’s punch and Prince Ghost’s palm. It looked like the end of the world. Many disciples from Zhao Hall rushed over to see what was going on, but when they saw the two people fighting in the sky, they could only pale in fright. 

They had never seen such a fierce fight. It didn’t matter if their duel would be remembered throughout history; it had the potential for it, in any case! 

One attack and it looked like the end of the world. All the strong cultivators of Zhao Hall and the imperial city rose up in the air to watch the mighty battle. 

Two hundred-zhang-tall rays of lights were in the sky: one gold, one black. One represented righteousness, the other one evil. It drew everybody’s attention. 

Zhao Yun Xiao was worried. Initially, he wanted to use Prince Ghost to sound out Lin Feng, to see how strong he really was. He hadn’t thought Prince Ghost and Lin Feng’s duel would draw everybody’s attention. Nobody paid attention to Zhao Yun Xiao himself anymore. 

Thinking about that, Zhao Yun Xiao decided he couldn’t let that happen. Their duel was so fierce and incredible. He had to fight against Lin Feng as quickly as possible!

“Lin Feng, I won’t let you off!” howled Zhao Yun Xiao angrily. His face was distorted by hatred and fury. Lin Feng had killed Zhao Xiao; that was unforgivable! And Lin Feng had dared called him by his name to challenge him. Zhao Yun Xiao couldn’t forgive Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng had to die! 

He had to kill Lin Feng! Otherwise, he would never be able to focus on anything else! 

At that moment, Lin Feng and Prince Ghost’s duel was still ongoing. One couldn’t see the sky clearly anymore because of their energies. Lin Feng had already forgotten about Zhao Yun Xiao. Prince Ghost and Lin Feng had become the true protagonists. 

“Haha! Lin Feng! Back then, if you hadn’t given up, you and I would have been the champions, not Chu Li!” shouted Prince Ghost, bursting into wholehearted laughter. Even though they kept attacking one another, he didn’t mind. He was quite happy! 

Lin Feng kept attacking Prince Ghost as well. “But you wouldn’t have been a champion in that case, Prince Ghost!” Lin Feng replied confidently. He threw two punches. Two golden beam of lights appeared in the sky. At that moment, Lin Feng was the real protagonist!

Two fists shot towards Prince Ghost like bullets, but Prince Ghost wasn’t afraid. His black sword rose up and then shot towards Lin Feng like a rocket. Lin Feng frowned; he had no choice but to avoid the attack. His two fist strikes continued moving towards his opponent. 

The atmosphere was empty, no molecules were there anymore because the energies pushed them away. Prince Ghost was serious was after he threw his black blade, thrusting out with his hands. Two hand shadows appeared and moved forwards. 

Those watching saw four hand shadows in the sky. And suddenly, everybody, including Great Supreme Gods, was blown away! 

That included Lin Feng and Prince Ghost! They were both badly injured. Lin Feng looked grim. Prince Ghost looked angry. The two fighters’ duel was explosive. 

“Lin Feng, come back!” shouted Prince Ghost, wiggling his forefinger in challenge. 

“Haha! I’m not afraid of you!” shouted Lin Feng. Then he flashed in and charged again. They both didn’t think about the Competition or victory anymore; all they had in mind was that they wanted to have a fierce and exciting battle. They were enjoying themselves! 

“Hmph! Lin Feng, how insolent! Your opponent is me! Come here and fight!” shouted a gloomy and dark voice at that moment. Lin Feng, Prince Ghost and everybody else turned around and saw Zhao Yun Xiao. The disciples of Zhao Hall didn’t dare say anything. 

Zhao Yun Xiao was wearing a white robe, looking handsome and smart. He had a spear hanging on his back. 

But Lin Feng didn’t feel like fighting against Zhao Yun Xiao; fighting against Prince Ghost was more fun. Prince Ghost thought the same, and was angry Zhao Yun Xiao had interrupted them. 

Prince Ghost glanced at Lin Feng, Lin Feng glanced at him; they both nodded and smiled darkly. 

“Piss off! We’re having a wonderful battle! Fuck off!” “Sorry, Zhao Yun Xiao, we’re not interested!” they shouted at the same time! 

Lin Feng’s golden energy and Prince Ghost’s black energy fused together. When Zhao Yun Xiao saw that, his face fell instantly. 

“You want to die!” shouted Zhao Yun Xiao, grinding his teeth furiously. But he had no choice but to brace his arms to stop the energies. However, they were too powerful, and he was blown far, far away. 

The expression of the disciples of Zhao Hall changed drastically as they watched Brother Zhao Yun Xiao being blown away. The two fighters were merciless! 

“Come, continue,” said Prince Ghost, wiggling his forefinger. Lin Feng burst into laughter and they resumed fighting. 


Zhao Yun Xiao landed on a pavilion. The pavilion collapsed and broke into a million pieces. His body didn’t hurt, but his heart did. 

Zhao Yun Xiao nearly fell into a coma. Lin Feng had challenged him, not Prince Ghost!

He raised his head to the sky and shouted angrily. Nobody paid attention to him, they were all watching the duel. 

He was infuriated! 

“Lin Feng!” shouted Zhao Yun Xiao, grinding his teeth madly. 

He had to kill Lin Feng! 

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