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Chapter 1063: Sixth Victory!


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Lin Feng and Prince Ghost used their full strength, and kept colliding. Without them noticing it, it started getting dark outside and nobody had won their duel yet. Of course, neither of them used their trump cards. Zhao Yun Xiao could only seethe.

Prince Ghost despised Zhao Yun Xiao. He found him arrogant and too proud. This time, he had taken advantage of Lin Feng’s presence to teach Zhao Yun Xiao a fine lesson!

It was another draw for Lin Feng. But this time, it wasn’t against Chu Chun Qiu, it was against Prince Ghost, although he didn’t reveal any trump cards…

Chu Chun Qiu would probably be able to go to the World of Battles like Prince Ghost. Lin Feng had won five fights already, so he was sure he would go to the World of Battles as well!

“Alright, it’s enough. We don’t need to duel any longer,” Prince Ghost waved him off. He couldn’t continue fighting, he was exhausted. Lin Feng and he had fought all day long. They had used all the attacks they could use. They had clashed tens of thousands of times already. 

Lin Feng slowly stopped fighting, as well. Maybe if he carried on with one more attack, the duel wouldn’t end in a draw, but Prince Ghost had stopped fighting. 

Lin Feng took his hand back, his Genesis Spiritual strength disappeared, and he smiled at Prince Ghost. 

The duel could have ended differently… 

“Lin Feng, look,” said Prince Ghost, giggling and looking at Zhao Yun Xiao in the distance. Zhao Yun Xiao glared at Lin Feng and clenched his fists. 

Lin Feng frowned and glanced at Zhao Yun Xiao. He remembered he had come and called the man out by name and instead he had fought against Prince Ghost the entire day. 

Zhao Yun Xiao felt humiliated! 

“Lin Feng, can we fight now?” asked Zhao Yun Xiao icily. He wanted to scare Lin Feng and ruin his motivation and determination. 

“Our battle? What battle?” asked Lin Feng, pretending to be confused. Of course, he was just trying to humiliate Zhao Yun Xiao further. 

When Zhao Yun Xiao heard Lin Feng, he looked at him glumly. He had come to Zhao Hall to challenge him, and now he pretended he didn’t know?! 

“Don’t pretend to be stupid. We are adults. Can we start fighting, or won’t you dare?” asked Zhao Yun Xiao, angrily pointing at Lin Feng. His Qi started whistling. 

Prince Ghost despised Zhao Yun Xiao. Zhao Yun Xiao was too arrogant. Lin Feng was arrogant, but it was a kind of arrogance based on strength, unlike Zhao Yun Xiao’s arrogance, which was based on his social status. 

Those two kinds of arrogance were completely different! 

Lin Feng initially wanted to make Zhao Yun Xiao even more furious, but when Zhao Yun Xiao pointed at him with his finger, Lin Feng felt humiliated. He took a deep breath; he initially didn’t want to push things too far, but now he had no choice. 

“Zhao Yun Xiao, I initially wanted to be magnanimous, but now I can’t anymore,” Lin Feng replied grimly. He suddenly looked like a furious and evil demon. 

He hated it when people pointed at him. Zhao Yun Xiao had just done so; Lin Feng didn’t care about anything anymore. He didn’t care about Zhao Hall either, he wasn’t going to give them face. When Lin Feng wanted to kill someone, he did! 

“Lin Feng, don’t speak too fast! When you have a problem, solve it with strength, not your mouth!” shouted Zhao Yun Xiao icily. He couldn’t wait to fight against Lin Feng!

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled scornfully, “You will regret what you just said.”

“I won’t!” shouted Zhao Yun Xiao, shaking his head. He charged Lin Feng, grabbing the spear off his back at the same time. He threw it at Lin Feng’s legs. 

Lin Feng watched him stonily. Zhao Yun Xiao wanted to kill him; since it was that way, Lin Feng couldn’t be blamed if something happened to Zhao Yun Xiao! 

Lin Feng raised his sword. Blue lights flashed above Zhao Yun Xiao’s head. Zhao Yun Xiao’s eyes narrowed. He hastily grabbed his spear back, just as it was about to reach Lin Feng’s legs, and put it above his head. When Lin Feng saw that, he grinned. His Sword of Remote Times descended towards Zhao Yun Xiao’s head. 

Zhao Yun Xiao grimaced. He tried to prevent the Sword of Remote Times from bearing down on him. Zhao Yun Xiao hit the ground, and the Sword of Remote Times was still pushing him down. Their weapons were sparking and even made flames appear. 

Their energies rolled in waves all around them, but it wasn’t as fierce as before, when Lin Feng and Prince Ghost were fighting. The disciples of Zhao Hall lost interest, disappointed in Zhao Yun Xiao. They had thought Brother Zhao Yun Xiao would destroy Lin Feng, but it seemed he lacked strength. It seemed plain he was going to suffer a crushing defeat. 

The disciples of Zhao Hall didn’t feel like watching anymore and left. Zhao Yun Xiao was pushed away a dozen steps. Lin Feng slowly descended from the sky. 

Zhao Yun Xiao looked at Lin Feng glumly. He looked exhausted, and couldn’t smile at all. When he saw the disciples leaving, he memorized their faces so that he would be able to teach them a good lesson in the future. 

What a humiliation! Everybody had stayed to watch Prince Ghost and Lin Feng fight, but nobody stayed to watch him and Lin Feng fight? Zhao Yun Xiao couldn’t stand that kind of humiliation. 

“Hey! You can’t compete with me, or are you just absent-minded?” Lin Feng interrupted him coldly. 

Zhao Yun Xiao looked even worse. He threw his spear once again, at Lin Feng’s heart this time. His speed was incredible. 

He looked heroic and valiant, but not too strong. Killing Lin Feng was impossible that way. 

Lin Feng smiled mockingly, and put his Sword of Remote Times away. He didn’t need a weapon, so he decided to fight bare-handed. When Zhao Yun Xiao saw that, he was even more humiliated. Lin Feng disdained him?! He thought of him as someone of no importance?! 

“You just want to die! Die!” shouted Zhao Yun Xiao hoarsely. However, Lin Feng just burst into laughter and looked at him scornfully. He threw a punch aiming at Zhao Yun Xiao’s chest. Regarding the spear, Lin Feng just ignored it as useless. 

When the spear crashed against Lin Feng’s chest, nothing happened. Lin Feng’s chest seemed as resistant as diamond, and it couldn’t pierce through. On the other side, Lin Feng’s fists pummeled Zhao Yun Xiao’s chest. 

Lin Feng was merciless as he pressed in. Zhao Yun Xiao coughed blood five times. It felt as if he were suffocating. He was blown away and fell from the sky, already spent.

Miserable. Tragic. What a crushing defeat! Zhao Yun Xiao didn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng had done that, either. The attack seemed so ordinary. He had been crushed so easily? 

Zhao Yun Xiao looked at himself. He was on his knees on the ground and Lin Feng had showed up in front of him. He was on his knees in front of Lin Feng?! He had initially attacked hastily because he had thought he’d could crush Lin Feng, but now his whole body hurt, and he felt like he was going to die. His ribs were broken. If he used Qi again, he would end up badly injured. 

Zhao Yun Xiao was miserable. He hadn’t used his trump cards, and he had already lost. Even worse, he had lost to the person he really didn’t want to lose against. He loathed Lin Feng and now he had lost to him! 

Even worse, he had lost against Lin Feng, whereas Prince Ghost, who had been INVITED by Zhao Hall, had fought to a draw against him. From now on, it would be difficult to make Prince Ghost respect him. 

As for Lin Feng, this was a sixth victory, an easy one. Actually, it was one of his easiest battles. Zhao Yun Xiao used to be fifth in the rankings, but since Lin Feng had defeated him, Lin Feng was now fifth! 

Prince Ghost and Lin Feng had had a draw, so Prince Ghost was fifth too! 

Zhao Yun Xiao started having doubts about his own life and future! 

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