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Chapter 1064: Zhao Qi!


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“Lin Feng, Zhao Hall still has Zhao Qi. Will you take care of him as well?” asked Prince Ghost telepathically. He didn’t want Zhao Yun Xiao to hear him. Prince Ghost had been invited by Zhao Hall, after all. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he smiled wickedly. In the Ancient Yan Clan, he had won against Yan Cang Tian, Yan Shan Ming, and Yan Miao. He had taught half of the geniuses of the Ancient Yan Clan a good lesson. 

Now, considering he had killed Zhao Xiao and defeated Zhao Yun Xiao, if he defeated Zhao Qi, then he would have defeated all the young geniuses of Zhao Hall!

Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of offending Zhao Hall. He didn’t fear the Ancient Yan Clan, either. He didn’t mind offending Zhao Hall because of the nine Song cultivators. He didn’t mind offending the Ancient Yan Clan because of Yan Di. He had to help him if Yan Cang Tian had bullied him. 

A re-education camp was just a euphemism for a prison. Yan Di couldn’t be a prisoner. Lin Feng couldn’t tolerate that! 

Lin Feng knew that on the last day of the Competition for the World of Battles, Yan Cang Tian would try to teach him a good lesson. 

Six days were left and Lin Feng had already won six battles consecutively. He didn’t know if winning ten battles would allow him to finish in the top ten, but that’s what he had in mind, so he wanted to defeat Zhao Qi as well! 

After Zhao Hall, Lin Feng would go to the Tian Ji Sect. 

Thinking of the Tian Ji Sect, Lin Feng had mixed feelings because his son, Lin Qiong Sheng, was in the Tian Ji Sect and was the disciple of his enemy, Tian Feng Zi. Such complex circumstances were challenging…

Lin Feng and Prince Ghost were talking telepathically; Zhao Yun Xiao naturally noticed, but he couldn’t do much. Lin Feng had called him by name to challenge him and then Prince Ghost had fought against Lin Feng and drawn everybody’s attention. He also realized there was a problem. 

Prince Ghost was the only one who had shown up so far. If the two other people Zhao Hall had invited showed up, what would happen? Zhao Yun Xiao finally understood what it meant. When the leader of Zhao Hall had invited those people, it was because he had no faith in Zhao Yun Xiao and the other young geniuses of Zhao Hall. 

Initially, Zhao Yun Xiao didn’t want to submit ,but after having seen how strong Prince Ghost and Lin Feng were, he realized he wasn’t strong enough. They were qualified to be in the top five, he wasn’t. He was still really angry he had lost against Lin Feng. 

The disciples of Zhao Hall didn’t think he was that strong anymore. They had the feeling he had reached his maximum capacity and he couldn’t get any stronger. 

They didn’t even think he would finish in the top ten because he hadn’t progressed quickly enough. Everybody was slowly surpassing him. When people surpassed you on the path of cultivation, it came back to regressing. 

At the beginning, Lin Feng had challenged him because he was fifth in the ranking list but in the end, Lin Feng had realized he wasn’t as strong as he thought. Prince Ghost had given Lin Feng what he wanted, a powerful and fierce battle. Zhao Yun Xiao wasn’t able to do so! 

At the beginning, Lin Feng also wanted to see Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife, but now he wasn’t that interested anymore. 

“Where is Zhao Qi?” Lin Feng asked Zhao Yun Xiao indifferently. 

Zhao Yun Xiao’s face fell as he glared back at Lin Feng glumly. Lin Feng wanted to continue humiliating the geniuses of Zhao Hall? If Zhao Qi lost against Lin Feng, then Zhao Hall would completely lose face! 

“Zhao Qi has already left Zhao Hall. He’s not here!” Zhao Yun Xiao finally answered, shaking his head firmly. 

Prince Ghost looked at Zhao Yun Xiao and grinned mockingly. He realized that Zhao Yun Xiao was a liar. He was a better liar than cultivator, too. 

Lin Feng glanced at Zhao Yun Xiao and said indifferently, “I crushed you in the blink of an eye; you think you’re qualified to talk to me that way? You really want me to kill you?

“You know that most people who point at me with their finger usually die? You pointed at me today and I spared your life. Are you not satisfied? You’re still talking arrogantly? I am starting to wonder whether sparing your damn dog’s life was a right decision,” Lin Feng said harshly. 

Zhao Yun Xiao felt utterly humiliated. He clenched his fists in anger, but controlled himself because he was afraid of Lin Feng. 

Zhao Yun Xiao didn’t dare continue speaking. When the disciples of Zhao Hall saw that, they looked at Zhao Yun Xiao disdainfully. They used to consider him a big brother; now they considered him as a good-for-nothing. He looked so weak in comparison to Lin Feng, was this the guy they considered a powerful big brother? The first young genius? 


“That’s the great fellow disciple of Zhao Hall? The first young genius?” asked Qing Ling Chao scratching his beard and smiling mockingly. Zhao Zu glanced at him glumly, so angry he had turned grey. 

He was extremely disappointed in Zhao Yun Xiao’s performance. When he had watched the duel, he had even hammered the table in front of him and destroyed it. He was shaking from head to toe, the first young genius of Zhao Hall? 

A real piece of trash! 

“Says the guy who’s in charge of the TAI QING SECT!” shouted Zhao Zu icily and furiously. He stopped looking at Qing Ling Chao and returned to looking at the image in front of them. 


The atmosphere in Zhao Hall was extremely oppressive. Zhao Yun Xiao didn’t dare speak. The disciples of Zhao Hall watched him mockingly. Some of them even started pointing at him and making fun of him out loud. His eyes became bloodshot. 

Lin Feng stood there with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He just wanted to see Zhao Qi. 

If Zhao Qi was a man, he would show up, for the honor of Zhao Hall! 

After a long time, the disciples of Zhao Hall started looking worried. Some of them even went to look for Zhao Qi. They needed to think of the honor of Zhao Hall. 

Finally, Zhao Qi didn’t disappoint the disciples of Zhao Hall and showed up. 

Many disciples of Zhao Hall clapped and cheered when they saw him in the distance. They had set all their hopes on him now. 

Zhao Qi was ninth in the rankings, so he wasn’t much weaker than Zhao Yun Xiao. Some people even though he didn’t want to show his real strength, which was why he wasn’t higher up in the rankings and had let Zhao Yun Xiao rank first in Zhao Hall. 

When he showed up, the atmosphere livened up again. Lin Feng studied him curiously. Zhao Qi looked more natural and personable than Zhao Xiao, whom Lin Feng had already killed. He didn’t look as sinister as Zhao Xiao and Zhao Yun Xiao. 

Zhao Qi walked towards Lin Feng slowly. He was wearing a clean while robe, and looked like an ordinary man. Most couldn’t see he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, but he couldn’t hide it from Lin Feng. When Lin Feng looked at him, he looked grim. 

Zhao Qi looked dangerous. He seemed much stronger than Zhao Yun Xiao! Zhao Qi might even be stronger than Prince Ghost! 

It was getting more and more interesting. When Lin Feng saw that, he grinned mockingly. Zhao Qi had hidden his real strength. He was definitely stronger than Zhao Yun Xiao. 

Fighting Zhao Qi, Lin Feng would have to be extremely careful. He might even lose the duel, or worse, get severely injured or even die! 

Lin Feng didn’t think he was going to have yet another fierce duel, but now he did. 

Zhao Hall, Zhao Qi, extremely strong! 

Prince Ghost watched Zhao Qi. He instantly had the feeling something had changed about Zhao Qi. A few days before, Zhao Qi wasn’t like this, not as strong as him. What had happened? 

He was worried now; Zhao Qi might be much stronger than Lin Feng now, so he might be able to kill him. Until now, all of Lin Feng’s battles had been easy, except the one against Prince Ghost. 

Lin Feng watched Zhao Qi carefully. Prince Ghost stood aside. Zhao Yun Xiao left the place, too ashamed to stay there. 


In the palace where all the leaders were, everybody looked at Zhao Zu. They understood Zhao Hall also had trump cards. 

“Zhao Qi may be able to defeat Lin Feng,” observed Tian Feng Zi casually. 

Qing Ling Chao looked at Tian Feng Zi irritably. Tian Feng Zi and he both had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer; they still had some way to go before breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer. 

Fu Hao, Zhao Zu and Yan Lun were already Godly Ancestors! 

“Lin Feng’s chances of losing are very small. At most, it’ll be a draw,” said Fu Hao indifferently. 

Tian Feng Zi looked at Fu Hao and grinned mockingly, but remained silent. 

Zhao Zu clenched his fists. He didn’t want Zhao Qi to resort to trump cards, but now he hoped he would, because he didn’t want to lose face. 

They had no choice! 

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