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Chapter 1065: I Feel Like Killing!


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“For the time being, Yan Cang Tian is first with eight consecutive victories. He has won against Tian Chen, Lan Qi Er, Huang Tian Ba, Qing Tong, Fu Niu, Zi Jing Xiao, Fu Sha, and Lun Hai.

“Gong Nü has won seven consecutive victories; she defeated Tian Chen, Zhao Ming Jun, Yan Shan Ming, Yan Miao, Lun Hai, Duan Yu, and Sha Chou.

“Tian Cang has won six consecutive battles; he won against Yan Shan Ming, Yan Miao, Fu Niu, Fu Sha, Zhao Yun Xiao, and Zhao Ming Jun.

“Lin Feng has won six consecutive battles. He won against Yan Shan Ming, Yan Miao, Zi Jing Xiao, Zhao Yun Xiao, Zhao Xiao, and Lun Hai.

“Hei Mo Ren, six consecutive victories; won against Yan Shan Ming, Yan Miao, Zi Jing Xiao, Lun Hai, Duan Yu, and Sha Chou.

“Chu Chun Qiu, five consecutive victories, he won against Yan Miao, Duan Yu, Sha Chou, Lun Hai, and Jiao Kui.

“Tian Chen, five consecutive victories, he won against…

“Lan Qi Er, three consecutive victories, won against…

“Zi Jing Xiao, two consecutive victories, he won against…”


Lin Feng listened to the sudden voice in his head. Zhao Qi and Prince Ghost also heard the voice and glanced at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng had six consecutive victories? He was sure to go to the World of Battles with such an achievement. However, Lin Feng wanted to continue fighting. The following duels weren’t going to be easy, though… 

Prince Ghost understood what he had to do. His name wasn’t on the list, so he had to win duels; it would be too difficult to get five victories in the remaining five days. 

For the time being, Gong Nü, Yan Cang Tian, Tian Cang, and Lin Feng were sure to go to the World of Battles now. Hei Mo Ren, Chu Chun Qiu, and Tian Cheng had won five duels, but they couldn’t be sure they were going to go to the World of Battles. This year, it seemed like the required number of victories had increased compared to the other times. 

The Competition was only half done, but some people who had been discreet also had the potential to go to the World of Battles, like Prince Ghost and Zhao Qi. Considering the strength Zhao Qi had displayed, he definitely had potential. 

“I’m off, Lin Feng, take care!” Prince Ghost told Lin Feng telepathically, and disappeared. Lin Feng and Zhao Qi watched him disappear into the horizon. 

“Lin Feng, you won six consecutive battles; why do you want to fight against me?” asked Zhao Qi in dry amusement. He wasn’t in a rush to continue the fight. 

Lin Feng glanced at Zhao Qi and shook his head calmly. “No need to waste time chatting. Attack.”

“Hehe. You’re proud and arrogant. No wonder you shook the continent. What if you lost the duel?” asked Zhao Qi, smiling casually. He wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng. 

If Zhao Yun Xiao, that piece of trash, hadn’t lost against Lin Feng, Zhao Qi wouldn’t have had to show up. He initially didn’t need to fight against Lin Feng, but now he needed to regain Zhao Hall’s face. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he waved indifferently and smiled, “If I lose, then I lose, so what? I’ve won six consecutive battles, it doesn’t matter if I lose!”

Self-confidence. Aggressiveness. Self control. Lin Feng didn’t care about losing. He seemed to just enjoyed fighting and gaining experience. He liked fierce, powerful, and intensely violent fights. He knew that it would be worse in the World of Battles, so a few more dangerous fights couldn’t do him any harm. 

When Zhao Qi heard Lin Feng, he understood Lin Feng’s point of view, and could only sigh. He knew that making Lin Feng feel less determined was impossible. Lin Feng didn’t fear defeat; he was unyielding. 

He couldn’t humiliate Lin Feng, it didn’t work. Zhao Qi had no choice, but to defeat Lin Feng in a duel. 

“Are you done talking shit? Can we start?” asked Lin Feng grimly. Lin Feng was already thinking of having a duel to death against Zhao Qi. 

He wasn’t only thinking about it, he had already decided it in his heart. 

Zhao Qi wasn’t like Zhao Yun Xiao. Zhao Qi also had the potential to finish in the top three. He was the real first young genius of Zhao Hall, but he had always hidden his real strength. 

Now he was forced to display his real strength. No matter what the result of the duel would be, it would shake the whole continent. 

More and more disciples gathered around and cheered for Zhao Qi. They were disappointed in Zhao Yun Xiao and had made fun of him, but they admired Zhao Qi, which proved something. 

“Lin Feng, we both know how to fight using our fists and legs and weapons. Let’s have a soul duel?” Zhao Qi smiled aggressively. 

A soul duel. He wanted to have a soul duel against Lin Feng! 

The disciples of Zhao Hall were astonished. The leaders of the different groups all gasped in amazement. 


“Zhao Qi knows how to have fun!” said Qing Ling Chao. He felt guilty that he had criticized him. Zhao Qi dared propose a soul duel with Lin Feng. What a genius! 

“That’s how aggressive our disciples can be!” said Zhao Zu. Finally, they had regained some face. No matter what the result of the duel would be, the fact that Zhao Qi had proposed a soul duel was already enough to regain Zhao Hall’s face. 

Fu Hao just watched silently. 


On the duel stage…

“What? You don’t feel like fighting? Or you don’t dare?” asked Zhao Qi when he saw Lin Feng remain silent. 

Lin Feng smiled calmly and sat down on the duel stage. His Sword of Remote Times disappeared. Lin Feng didn’t answer, but his actions clearly agreed to a soul duel. 

Zhao Qi frowned. He initially thought Lin Feng wouldn’t dare fight a soul duel against him. Soul duels were extremely dangerous, after all, and the consequences could be serious, but Lin Feng was fearless and had accepted! 

“Alright, since you want to die, I’ll kill you,” said Zhao Qi, smiling icily. He sat down cross-legged on the battle stage as well. He put his hands on his chest; his blue godly aura emerged from his hands and condensed above his head. Very quickly, an illusion appeared above him and smiled. 

The illusion rose up in the air; it was gigantic, several thousand zhang tall. It looked exactly like Zhao Qi. 

The gigantic image was brighter than the sun, the moon, and the stars. 

Lin Feng raised his hands to the skies; two golden lights appeared and rose up in the air. The two images were thousands of zhang high as well, and also rose up in the air. They were also more dazzling than the sun, the moon, and the sky. 

They both looked exactly like Lin Feng. The crowd had the impression there was something different about them. One of them looked like a Buddha, while the other one looked like a demon. 

When Zhao Qi saw that, his expression fell. He hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng also used demon Qi… 

Lin Feng was like two people: a righteous person and a demonic person!

Zhao Qi grit his teeth. He had no choice but to risk his life for the sake of Zhao Hall. He had practiced soul cultivation extremely hard. His soul could compete with people of the sixth Great Supreme God layer! 

He was convinced Lin Feng didn’t stand a chance. Thinking about that, Zhao Qi felt much calmer and more composed. 

Lin Feng looked at him and grinned scornfully. He knew what Zhao Qi was thinking. Zhao Qi thought that using two souls was a huge mistake in a soul duel. 

“Condense!” shouted Lin Feng suddenly. All of Zhao Hall trembled, but Lin Feng was unmoved. 

After that, the two images started blurring and condensed into one body. It was a perfect fusion, the fusion of a Buddha and a demon! 

It was filled with Qi of righteousness and evil gloomy Qi. That was what was terrifying about Lin Feng’s soul. 

Many people didn’t understand because they had never seen Lin Feng use such an attack. Zhao Qi was excited on top of that. He had wanted to show Lin Feng how powerful his soul attacks were. 

Initially, he was ready to risk his life, but then it seemed he didn’t need to anymore. 

Lin Feng smiled broadly. Zhao Qi looked glum because he knew he might have made a mistake. 

He had to make Lin Feng shut up! 

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