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Chapter 1066: Seven Consecutive Victories!


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“Let’s start!” Zhao Qi declared glumly. Even if he was making a huge mistake, he had to regain Zhao Hall’s face. He cared more about Zhao Hall’s face than about the Competition. 

When he shouted, the whole stage shook violently. The disciples of Zhao Hall looked at them with their eyes wide. This duel was going to be remembered throughout history as well. Lin Feng and Prince Ghost’s duel had been fierce yet ordinary since they had used physical attacks, but this time, it was a soul duel. 

Two different kinds of duels… a genius was going to be remembered throughout history. Of course, that genius was Lin Feng!

Zhao Qi’s gigantic soul raised his hands and charged at Lin Feng. He didn’t use a Tao skill. There was just an indescribable kind of strength rolling in waves towards Lin Feng. It was a soul attack! 

Zhao Qi was using a terrifying soul attack even Godly Ancestors didn’t dare use. If he failed or if he was careless for a few seconds, his soul would disperse. However, Zhao Qi wasn’t afraid. He was ready to put his life at stake. 

Many disciples of Zhao Hall felt confident of him, sure that he wasn’t going to use an attack that could kill him. More disciples thought that Zhao Qi was the symbol of Zhao Hall’s glory, unlike Zhao Yun Xiao, who could go and die! 

“Alright, Brother Zhao Qi, destroy him! Kill him!”

“That moron dared challenge Zhao Hall, he will die here!”

“He’s doomed! He definitely can’t measure up to Brother Zhao Qi!”

Many disciples of Zhao Hall started shouting and cheering. They weren’t as nervous as when Zhao Yun Xiao was fighting. 

Lin Feng was still seated cross-legged, and looked calm and composed. The disciples’ shouts and humiliations didn’t affect him. Lin Feng didn’t care about such trivial people anyway. He just found them ridiculous. 

The best way to express himself was a powerful counterattack. Zhao Qi used a powerful attack and he wanted to see whether Lin Feng was ready to do the same or not. If Lin Feng flinched, then Zhao Qi would win! 

But Zhao Qi had underestimated Lin Feng. Lin Feng just smiled coldly. He had also used a soul attack, but it didn’t look terrifying at all. 

“Soul attack? I’ll play with you,” Lin Feng said, smiling darkly. He raised his hand. The demon and Buddha soul moved gracefully and very quickly, appearing above Zhao Qi’s soul. It had the force of a taotie and the power of a tiger. 

Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of soul fights, even if it meant his soul could disperse anytime. Zhao Qi ground his teeth and used as much strength as he could. 

He couldn’t stop halfway. He couldn’t disappoint the disciples of Zhao Hall. 

Boom boom boom…

There were three terrifying explosions. When one looked in the sky, one could see two souls of different colors collide. Then, they moved apart from each other again. The demon Buddha soul and Zhao Qi’s soul were both blown back. 

The sky was distorted. The two souls got ready to attack again. 

At that moment, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and released pure Qi and Genesis Spiritual strength for his soul. The energies fused together with his soul and suddenly, Lin Feng’s soul became much more powerful. 

This time, if Lin Feng’s soul attacked, Zhao Qi might suffer a crushing defeat. His soul might even disperse. 

Zhao Qi also noticed that terrifying Qi, but he remained untroubled. He wasn’t too surprised, which actually surprised Lin Feng. However, he suddenly understood why. 

Zhao Qi had also hidden his real strength. Lin Feng had trump cards, but Zhao Qi had trump cards too, and his trump cards were extremely powerful. 

Zhao Qi’s soul started rotating. Initially, it had the shape of a human, but now it had the shape of a gigantic beast. Its mouth was huge and it looked like it could eat a dozen moons in one mouthful. 

A terrifying energy surged forth. It seemed like the moon was going to be destroyed by those two frightening souls. 

“Biting Unicorn Head!” shouted Zhao Qi furiously. One could hear him from thousands of li away. His soul had already turned into a gigantic unicorn head. It was gigantic, its mouth was open and filled with blood, and its teeth were extremely sharp. It was moving to devour Lin Feng’s head. 

The atmosphere became tense. When Lin Feng saw that, his expression hardened. He had never seen such a soul attack. A human soul could turn into a unicorn head? Was Zhao Qi a unicorn and not a human? 

If he wasn’t a unicorn, how had he done that? 

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but he still calmed down. Nothing could affect him. There was no problem, only solutions. 

Therefore, Lin Feng managed to remain calm. He couldn’t act hastily either, or he would make a mistake and fail. 

The unicorn’s head grew bigger and bigger. It was already thousands of zhang in size, and the head was only ten percent of the whole unicorn. The crowd almost felt nervous for Lin Feng, but Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all, because it was just a soul. 

Lin Feng had already thought of a plan, and he was definitely going to win! 

Thinking about it, Lin Feng raised his hand and his Sword of Remote Times appeared. 

Many disciples looked worried. What did Lin Feng intend to do? Was Lin Feng going to use the Sword of Remote Times to behead Zhao Qi? 

“Lin Feng, you’re going to lose after this attack!” shouted Zhao Qi, laughing loudly and confidently. The unicorn’s head could injure Lin Feng, but Lin Feng’s sword couldn’t injure the unicorn. 

A soul and a physical thing were two different things, they couldn’t touch each other. A soul could destroy another soul, but a weapon couldn’t work against a soul, unless it was a soul sword. 

He wasn’t worried. He was confident Lin Feng couldn’t do much against him with his sword. 

When Lin Feng heard Zhao Qi, he remained silent. He didn’t care, and didn’t need to prove anything. He was gripping his Sword of Remote Times firmly as he closed his eyes. His Genesis Spiritual strength rolled out in waves. 

Zu Ti started talking to Lin Feng. The crowd didn’t hear him, but Lin Feng grinned and suddenly opened his eyes. Two beams of light emerged from his eyes. They were dazzling, and people in the crowd couldn’t help but put their hands in front of their eyes. 

When Zhao Qi saw that, his expression fell. He didn’t look so confident anymore. He didn’t know why but he started thinking that if Lin Feng was fighting back, he probably had something in mind. 

He had to do something. If Lin Feng didn’t lose, then he would;, he couldn’t let Lin Feng win. He had to do something. He shouted furiously and the unicorn opened its gigantic mouth even wider and flew towards Lin Feng. 

The atmosphere seemed to freeze. The crowd had the impression they were hallucinating. 

The unicorn was about to bite Lin Feng’s soul. Zhao Qi made everything a bit slower because he wanted Lin Feng to beg him for mercy. Otherwise, Lin Feng would continue putting pressure on him. 

When Lin Feng saw Zhao Qi’s expression, he grinned. He raised his Sword of Remote Times and the sword disappeared. 

Suddenly, the sword appeared in the soul’s left hand! 

Lin Feng didn’t give Zhao Qi any opportunity to react, and cut across.

Zhao Qi had remained extremely wary, but it was too late. Lin Feng was determined to win. 

In the end, Lin Feng defeated Zhao Qi’s soul. It was a crushing defeat for Zhao Qi, and a beautiful victory for Lin Feng! 

It was his seventh consecutive victory! 

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