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Chapter 1067: Ambush!


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Lin Feng beheaded the unicorn soul. The unicorn turned into a beam of light. However, Zhao Qi wasn’t that lucky; his soul was broken, and he was severely injured and wouldn’t be able to recover for a very long time. 

Even though Lin Feng had used the Sword of Remote Times to behead the unicorn soul, he had also been injured and his whole body felt extremely painful. He had let the Sword of Remote Times absorb incredible amounts of pure Qi from his body. 

The Sword of Remote Times had absorbed almost all of Lin Feng’s pure Qi and used it all for the attack. After that, Lin Feng put it back into his spirit world to absorb life strength. 

After using absorbing Qi, Lin Feng had to let Zu Ti regain his strength and energy. 

Absorbing strength wasn’t as simple as pure Qi. Lin Feng could feel that half of the energies in the sword were pure Qi and he started feeling weak… but not like Zhao Qi, whose soul was injured. 

Zhao Qi struggled to get back up. He had his hand on his chest. His face was pale and he was soaked in sweat. He felt extremely weak, and his whole body was in agony. 

He had nearly died during the soul duel. Luckily, Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to destroy his unicorn soul, or he would have really died. 

Zhao Qi coughed up blood. He was pale but not like a human; he looked like a corpse, almost dead. He didn’t have even have enough strength to speak anymore. 


Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and decided to leave Zhao Hall silently. He wasn’t interested in meeting Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife anymore. He had defeated all the young geniuses of Zhao Hall already, so he had nothing to do here anymore. 

He had won seven consecutive duels. He was almost certain he’d be able to go to the World of Battles, but he still wanted to win a few more duels. He had been to the Ancient Yan Clan already and had defeated Yan Shan Ming and Yan Miao, and he had saved Yan Di. 

He had then come to Zhao Hall, he had won against Zhao Qi, Zhao Yun Xiao, and he had killed Zhao Xiao. It was a tragedy for Zhao Hall. Now, he had to go to the Tian Ji Sect!

Tian Dao Yuan. It was the sect he wanted to go to the most because Lin Qiong Sheng was there and because of the complex relationship between the Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan. He had to go there. Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming, who were in his spirit world, also wanted to go. 

Before going to the Tian Ji Sect, Lin Feng wanted to bury skeletons of the Songs in a peaceful place where they would be able to rest in peace. 


He flew thousands of li and finally found a mountain range. He went off the beaten track, until there were no humans around. Lin Feng decide to bury the skeletons there. 

He slashed out with the Sword of Remote Times, and a long canyon appeared. 

It was dozens of meters wide. He did the same a few more times. In the end, there were hundreds of meters of crevasses. Lin Feng put the skeletons in the depths of the canyon. 

Lin Feng also put everything he had learned from them in the skeleton in the grave as well, including the Battle Boots. He wasn’t greedy. 

Since he didn’t need those things anymore, he could give them to people who really needed them. Some people might come and discover these things. Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about that, though. 

After burying the nine skeletons, he knelt down and kowtowed three times. Those cultivators used to be only Supreme Gods, but to Lin Feng, they were almost like teachers. They had helped him so much. 

After the funeral ritual, Lin Feng left but he didn’t seal the grave. If someone found it, they would be able to receive transmissions. 

However, he also left a thread of godly awareness in case someone tried to destroy the skeletons. If anyone did, his thread of godly awareness would be able to protect them because it had the strength of the Supreme God layer. 

Lin Feng left the mountain and flashed in the air, flying towards the Tian Ji Sect in Tian Dong City. 


The Competition was getting ever fiercer. Only four days were left. Many geniuses were desperately trying to find more opponents to defeat because they really wanted to go to the World of Battles. For Zhao Qi, it was too late; since he had lost against Lin Feng, he probably wouldn’t be able to go to the World of Battles anymore. 

His soul was severely injured, a very serious issue. He would need a very long time to recover. So now he had no choice, he had to withdraw from the Competition. Without Zhao Qi in the top ten, many people would be happy, that was one less strong opponent. 

Lin Feng didn’t care about those things. He just focused on flying towards Tian Dong City. The Tian Dong City was situated in the northwest of Tian Dong City. It wasn’t too far from Zhao Hall. 

It was starting to brighten outside. It was extremely calm, there was no sound at all apart from the rustling of the leaves. 

Lin Feng stopped suddenly. He had a bad feeling, as if something dangerous was about to happen. An ambush, perhaps? 

There is something wrong, Lin Feng thought. Someone wanted to ambush him who had only been waiting for a few hours.

Even though they were hidden, Lin Feng could feel something, a strange kind of Qi. His senses were acute. 

Someone wanted to kill him in the middle of nowhere? 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled. Funny! Someone wanted to kill him? He hadn’t even completely left the territory of Zhao Hall, so he knew who the enemy was! 

“Stop hiding. Aren’t you tired? You’ve been hiding for a few hours already,” Lin Feng called out, narrowing his eyes and glancing around. 

Psshhh, psshhhh, psshhhh…

Suddenly, twenty people in white clothes appeared. They were all holding swords. 

Lin Feng glanced around and counted them. The weakest one had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, and the strongest one of the sixth. 

There were people of all ages in the group. Some old men already had white beards. Some others were as young as Zhao Yun Xiao. 

The twenty cultivators stared at Lin Feng. Their eyes were filled with murder. Lin Feng wasn’t worried, though. 

They underestimated him. Lin Feng wouldn’t even be worried if ALL the strong cultivators of the four great sects and clans encircled him! 

In the worst case, he would just die, so what? He understood life and death cultivation, so he wasn’t worried. 

“Anyway, I’m tired,” Lin Feng was unmoved. He was convinced they were from Zhao Hall. 

“Hmph! Lin Feng! “We’ve been waiting for such a long time, and you’re finally here!” exclaimed someone in a gloomy voice. Lin Feng could hear the person was also grinding their teeth. 

Lin Feng looked at the one who had just spoken; he was an old man with a white beard. He was a cultivator of the top of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. 

They encircled him so he couldn’t break through and escape. 

“People from Zhao Hall can’t accept being defeated? So they send people to kill me secretly? Nice methods,” Lin Feng said, frowning coldly. He first glanced at the old man and then at everybody else. 

“Lin Feng, you shouldn’t have fought against Zhao Yun Xiao. You’re going to die today!” shouted the old man, angrily clenching his fists. He wasn’t a young genius, but he had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, and was probably an incredible warrior. 

“Oh? Is that so? I’m going to die?” Lin Feng replied, frowning in exaggeration. He wasn’t nervous at all. 

The old man watched Lin Feng’s expression grimly. Lin Feng was smiling now, and didn’t respect him, 


so the old man wanted to kill Lin Feng even more. 

“Hmph! Enough bullshit! Die now!” shouted the old man loudly. He didn’t feel like chatting. All he wanted to do was kill Lin Feng! 

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