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Chapter 1068: Shaking the Continent!


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“So you want to kill me secretly? Hehe, Zhao Hall really is a crappy group,” Lin Feng laughed mockingly. He flashed and charged the old man aggressively. 

When the old man saw that, his heart twitched. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would take the initiative to attack him first! He was one of the most important elders of Zhao Hall and had lots of privileges. Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife had asked him directly to go and encircle Lin Feng, and kill him. 

If Zhao Yun Xiao had asked him, he could have refused, but he couldn’t turn down Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife. 

Therefore, he was there with servants to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid at all, though. The old man was astonished; Lin Feng was alone, yet he still took the initiative to attack first. 

The old man shouted furiously, clenched his fists, and flashed towards Lin Feng. They were both extremely fast. Neither was willing to flinch. 

Boom, boom! Their fists collided. Their energies rolled in waves all around them, burning all the trees and grass in their way, a sad moment for nature lovers. 

Lin Feng was pushed backwards, but simply charged again, condensing Genesis Spiritual strength in his fists. He had sounded the old man out already so he had an idea of what to do now. 

The old man had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, but he wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng. He had advanced because many people had helped him in life. He had relied on help and resources. It was the difference between ordinary cultivators and young geniuses. 

A cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer like that was merely equivalent to a true cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer! 

Therefore, Lin Feng condensed explosive energies and threw another punch. 

The old man looked miserable as he ground his teeth. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng, but who knew what was going to happen? Suddenly, the sound of bone being crushed to powder spread through the air. 

The nineteen others were delighted when they heard the sound, happy that the old man had destroyed Lin Feng’s hand. However, the old man suddenly paled, and was covered in cold sweat. His servants couldn’t believe it. 

The old man’s hand had been destroyed? Not Lin Feng’s? 

One punch had been enough to destroy the old man’s hand, even though he was an elder of Zhao Hall and had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer?!


The leaders saw that as well, the image in front of them kept changing. Zhao Zu wished he could destroy Lin Feng on the spot at that moment. He was furious. 

What a failure! 

Not only hadn’t they regained face, but they had lost even more!

“That bunch of morons!” Zhao Zu clenched his fists and hammered his chair, which promptly broke apart. 

Fu Hao glanced at him silently. It had nothing to do with Lin Feng. Initially, Lin Feng wanted to go back to Tian Dong City, but Zhao Hall had sent people to kill him. 

On top of that, twenty people! How exaggerated was that?! If Lin Feng killed them all, nobody could blame him! 

Of course, it was just a hypothesis; he didn’t think that Lin Feng could kill those twenty cultivators. If that really happened, it would shake the whole continent! 

“Haha! Zhao Hall suffered a double loss after trying to trick Lin Feng!” exclaimed Qing Ling Chao, laughing loudly. When Zhao Zu heard that, he remained silent. He only had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer after all; he was not a Godly Ancestor. 

Zhao Zu was extremely furious. He wanted to kill Qing Ling Chao as well! 

Zhao Zu controlled himself. Those who were higher up in the hierarchy weren’t allowed to get involved in the young geniuses’ Competition, but the members of Zhao Hall had already gotten involved by encircling Lin Feng. 


Lin Feng had destroyed the old man’s hand. Now he threw a kick at him. The old man was blown a thousand meters away and crashed against a gigantic boulder, which exploded into a billion pieces. The old man crashed to the ground and struggled to get back to his feet. 

When the others saw that, they were furious. Lin Feng dared torture the old man in front of them? He had almost crippled his cultivation! They couldn’t tolerate that! 

“Go! Let’s kill him!” shouted a skinny elder furiously. He raised his sword and charged. 

Lin Feng grinned indifferently, “You’ll be the first offering to my sword!” Lin Feng said as he disappeared. The skinny old man sensed a terrifying Qi envelop his body. 

But it was too late! 

The Sword of Remote Times flashed and stabbed the old man in the back. 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My back!” shouted the old man. When the eighteen other elders and disciples heard that, they were astonished. Lin Feng was so cruel! 

Slash! Lin Feng took his sword back. The old man had no Qi left. His body just collapsed in a pool of blood. 

Lin Feng offered the blood of the old man to his sword. 

Lin Feng looked at the rest of the crowd, flicking his Sword of Remote Times. The eighteen remaining people were terrified. Lin Feng had severely injured one of their leaders and killed another of them. How cruel! 

“Hurry up and run!” shouted someone suddenly. Everybody wanted to run away. If they could run away, they’d be safe! 

Lin Feng’s eyes were already bloodshot. He just wanted to kill. He had almost forgotten those people had surrounded him to kill him. At that moment, it felt as if a divine power had put prey in front of him for him to destroy. Killing was the only thing he had in mind. 

Lin Feng didn’t think those people had decided to ambush him by themselves; he knew someone had sent them. 

Lin Feng wanted to kill these people and show the ones who had sent them that he wasn’t a pushover. And if they wanted to see a pushover, why not take a mirror and look at themselves? 

Lin Feng started a massacre. One man, one sword, slaughtering people!

Blood, corpses. Nobody could stop it!

He started killing, he would finish killing! 

The massacre was today! 

Lin Feng shouted like a bestial demon. His demon Qi rolled in waves all around him. It didn’t contain any Qi of righteousness anymore. Lin Feng looked like a demon from hell. 

Blood flowed all over the ground. 

Lin Feng was slaughtering the eighteen ambushers one after the other with the Sword of Remote Times. They didn’t know what to do. They were all trying to run away. 

That was the reason why Lin Feng could start slaughtering them. If they had stayed together, it would have been difficult; they were a bunch of cultivators of the third, fourth, and higher Great Supreme God cultivation layers after all. However, he managed to kill them all with his sword! 

One battle. One ambush. Nineteen dead people! 

The last one alive was the old man of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, but he seemed half-paralyzed at that moment. 

Lin Feng was soaked in blood and his eyes were bloodshot; he looked terrifying. His Qi was extremely sharp. The old man was panicking; Lin Feng could kill him anytime!

In half an hour, Lin Feng had killed nineteen out of twenty people. It was unbelievable. 

He only had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. He had managed to kill so many strong cultivators alone, including those whose cultivation levels were higher than his! 

The worst was that so many of them had tried to escape. There were cowards among extremely strong cultivators as well! 

Lin Feng had even chased some of them dozens of li. Each time he had attacked, he had killed someone. 

A cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer, a passer-by, saw that, but Lin Feng didn’t care. The cultivator was terrified and ran away. 

“Go back and tell your superiors that if they want to kill me, Lin Feng, it’s not that easy! They shouldn’t send people to attack me by surprise either, because it’s useless!” Lin Feng snarled at the old man. The old man felt so weak… 

Lin Feng glanced at him a final time, put the Sword of Remote Times away, and disappeared. 

The old man took a deep breath. “Good that he spared my life!” He was covered in sweat. He got ready to go back to Zhao Hall to report to his superiors. 

“Since you lost, die. Don’t go back,” said an icy voice suddenly. It was a woman, wearing a white robe. Before he even had time to look at her, she stabbed him through the heart with her sword. 

“Madam… You… Uhhh…” The old man died with his eyes wide open in shock. 

Lin Feng hadn’t killed him, the lady of high rank had. They had been sent on a mission by her, they had failed, and they had all died! 

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