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Chapter 1069: Tian Ji Sect!


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“Good Lin Feng! How aggressive!”

“I would love to get to know Lin Feng!”

The woman in the white dress quickly disappeared from the forest. She didn’t fly in the direction of Zhao Hall… She flew after Lin Feng.. 

Nobody knew who the woman was. One could only guess, from her tone of speech, that she wasn’t very nice. She was dangerous. She was also much stronger than Zhao Yun Xiao. It was probably because of that woman that Zhao Yun Xiao had such a high status in Zhao Hall. 

Lin Feng left the forest and continue flying towards Tian Dong City. 

Lin Feng didn’t know that the woman was chasing him, and even less that it was the woman he had been curious about when he had arrived in Zhao Hall, Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife! He didn’t know that he had shaken the whole continent because he had killed nineteen Great Supreme Gods, either. 

Nineteen elders and disciples of Zhao Hall! 


Everybody who was connected to Lin Feng in a way or another reacted in a different way. In Tian Dao Yuan, everybody, except Yi Ren Lei, was excited. Yi Ren Lei was just worried. She just hoped Lin Feng would not be in trouble because of it. 

In the Lei Sect and the Fa Lan Empire, everybody was astonished, including Lei Jin Gang and Fa Chun. They couldn’t imagine how strong Lin Feng had become. He had killed nineteen cultivators of the Great Supreme God layer alone? And on top of that, people from Zhao Hall? 

What kind of influential group was Zhao Hall?! But influential groups like the Tian Ji Sect were shocked. It was something unique. 

The people of the continent didn’t know about the Competition for the World of Battles, so the atmosphere was relatively calm there. But the fact that Lin Feng had killed nineteen people from Zhao Hall was still something astonishing. It shook the whole continent. 

Among the different leaders, Zhao Zu almost cried. His eyes were filled with murder. 

Twenty medium-level Great Supreme Gods had died! Lin Feng had killed nineteen of them! He hadn’t even taken the initiative to go and kill them. They had encircled him!

Zhao Hall had suffering a double loss after trying to trick Lin Feng. Of course, Zhao Zu was also angry because of that, and he was also furious that Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife dared get involved in the affairs of the Hall. Even if she had a special social status in the Hall, what made her think she could act like that? 

How dare she use Zhao Zu’s servants?! 

Zhao Zu was upset, but he also had mixed feelings. He had lost twenty people. Zhao Hall had lost face before the whole world, because everybody knew about what had happened. On the one hand, Lin Feng had done the right thing, so he couldn’t go and retaliate against him. 

On the other hand, he couldn’t go and punish Zhao Yun Xiao’s wife, because she had just done her best to avenge her husband. She just wanted to get rid of Lin Feng, and make sure he would never cause trouble again. 

He was furious; he didn’t know what to think, but he wanted to settle accounts… somehow… 

Zhao Zu was lost in thought, while Fu Hao just remained silent. He had thought Lin Feng couldn’t possibly kill twenty people, and in the end he was definitely strong enough to do so! 

He wasn’t afraid Zhao Zu would retaliate. He also thought that Lin Feng had a good personality for a young man. Zhao Zu could kill him easily, but he wasn’t afraid! 

Fu Hao knew that he had to warn the young man, or he would continue acting irresponsibly. It was better if he didn’t go too far, as he had already offended so many people. Now he was even going to the Tian Ji Sect. 

New battles. New enemies! 


When Lin Feng arrived in the Tian Ji Sect, it was already noon. On the map, the Tian Ji Sect seemed small, only a few hundreds of li in size. It was centered on a mountain called Tian Ji Mountain. The mountain had existed for millions of years and the Tian Ji Sect had always been there. 

Lin Feng arrived at the bottom of the mountain range. There were over twenty peaks. Each peak was covered with emerald green forests and huge stones. 

Lin Feng didn’t know which was the main peak or where the young geniuses gathered. 

The fact that Lin Feng had killed nineteen cultivators from Zhao Hall had already spread all around the world, so the people of the Tian Ji Sect had naturally heard about it as well. When Lin Qiong Sheng heard his father had done something so heroic, he guessed he would come to the Tian Ji Sect as well. 

Thus, Lin Qiong Sheng waited for Lin Feng at the top of the main peak. 

When he saw his father, he went down the mountain. There was a mountain in the west where the disciples of the first generation liked to gather. People of his generation liked to gather at the top of a mountain in the east. 

Among the disciples of the first generation were people like Sha Chou. Lin Qiong Sheng was also of the second generation. 

Between those two mountains, there wa a mountain which belonged to Tian Feng Zi and another one to the Supreme Elders. 

Lin Qiong Sheng ran to the west to see Lin Feng. 


Lin Feng was going to the wrong mountain, so Lin Qiong Sheng wanted to stop him. Lin Feng could already sense Lin Qiong Sheng’s Qi slowly getting closer to him, so Lin Feng stopped and waited for his son. 

 “Father!” shouted Lin Qiong Sheng when he saw his father on the horizon. 

Lin Feng watched Lin Qiong Sheng approach. He already had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer. He was a young genius, too! In the future, he would have endless opportunities. Practicing cultivation in the Tian Ji Sect did have lots of advantages. 

“Qiong Sheng, where are the young geniuses of the Tian Ji Sect?” asked Lin Feng with a smile. He had missed his son a little. When he saw Lin Qiong Sheng, he also missed You You. 

Before going to the World of Battles, Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Feng had to go back to the Continent of the Gods to see Tang You You. Lin Feng also wanted to see his other wives and bring them back. He wanted all his family members to be together. 

Lin Feng looked at his son warmly. It was hard to imagine that Lin Feng was the one who had just killed nineteen strong cultivators from Zhao Hall. He looked so calm and kind at that moment. 

That was his father. How could he be aggressive to his son? 

“Father, the young geniuses of the Tian Ji Sect have almost all left, especially the one who ones who want to go to the World of Battles. They are participating in a Competition to go there! Lun Hai, Duan Yu, and Tian Cang are not here. Uncle Tian Chen hasn’t come back.

“Oh, ah, Sha Chou is here though. He hasn’t left,” admitted Lin Qiong Sheng, suddenly remembering Sha Chou hadn’t left. 

Lin Feng knew his son wouldn’t lie to him. If he said people weren’t there, they weren’t. It was to be expected; the Competition had been going on for over a week already. 

Sha Chou was still in the Tian Ji Sect? Lin Feng was surprised. Wasn’t Sha Chou a contestant? Had he given up? 

“Qiong Sheng, bring me to Sha Chou,” Lin Feng said. Qiong Sheng nodded and led the way. 


At the same time, astonishing news spread around the continent. Yan Cang Tian had gone to Zhao Hall and defeated Zhao Qi and Zhao Yun Xiao, as well as five elders of the Great Supreme God layer. Then he had left leisurely and carefree. 

The continent was shaken once again. What was going on with Zhao Hall? Had they offended so many young geniuses? In one night, Lin Feng had killed nineteen of their strong cultivators, and Yan Cang Tian had crushed five of their guards and left leisurely? 

Zhao Zu could barely control himself anymore. The disciples and elders of Zhao Hall were demoralized and losing face. 

“I’m off, I have to go back,” stated Zhao Zu, and he disappeared. He had to do something to protect Zhao Hall, or it would sink into chaos. 

Nobody stopped him from leaving. Zhao Hall was indeed in danger. He had to go back to protect his people and territory. The worst result would be if none of the geniuses of Zhao Hall managed to go to the World of Battles… 


Just before Lin Feng and his son arrived at where Sha Chou lived, they heard some disciples of Zhao Hall talking about Yan Cang Tian’s achievements in Zhao Hall. 

Lin Feng regretted a little. He had left Zhao Hall a little bit too early. If he had waited a little longer, he would have bumped into Yan Cang Tian. From the beginning to the end, Lin Feng didn’t think of Yan Cang Tian as an almighty young genius, especially since he had imprisoned Yan Di. Lin Feng just had one thing in mind when it came to Yan Cang Tian: killing him! 

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