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Chapter 1070: Two Sons Reunited!


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“Why doesn’t Sha Chou come out?” Lin Feng asked his son. 

“Eh…” Lin Qiong Sheng pulled a long face. He didn’t know what to say, but in the end, he smiled wryly and said, “Father, you…you should ask him directly.”

“Alright, I understand. Where is he?” Lin Feng nodded. There were so many great palaces in the mountains. 

“There,” said Lin Qiong Sheng, pointing to a pavilion. He lived in a very nice pavilion; not only was he a disciple of the first generation, he was also Tian Feng Zi’s youngest disciple. He had a particular status in the Tian Ji Sect. 

There were luxurious pavilions everywhere in these mountains, and they all belonged to Tian Feng Zi’s first-generation disciples. 

Lin Feng and Lin Qiong Sheng didn’t go into the pavilion. Sha Chou came out first after he detected Lin Feng’s Qi. Lin Feng wasn’t like back in the days; now he needed to show respect to him. 

Sha Chou and Lin Feng looked at each other. Their eyes sparkled. Sha Chou immediatley threw a punch. 

Lin Feng wasn’t ready, but he hastily threw a punch back. There was an explosion as the blows met. All the cultivators who were practicing cultivation in silence nearby were startled. 

Very quickly, many first-generation disciples came rushing over. When they saw Sha Chou, they glared at Lin Feng angrily. They didn’t recognize Lin Feng; they just knew he had punched Sha Chou and were unhappy. 

“Go back,” Sha Chou said to the disciples. They were all cultivators of the third Great Supreme God layer and under. Some of them only had the strength of the top of the Supreme God layer. 

He could order them around because he was Tian Feng Zi’s disciple. They all obeyed, even if they were unwilling to leave. 

When they left, Sha Chou looked at his fist, which was throbbing with pain. He coughed a few times, and then spit up blood. 

Lin Feng knew he had injured Sha Chou, but he hadn’t taken any injury himself. 

A few months had passed; they had fought again and this time it wasn’t a draw. Lin Feng could defeat Sha Chou in one punch! 

Sha Chou was astonished. He couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng progressed too quickly. Sha Chou was a bit slower, so he could only sigh helplessly. 

“You won again. Congratulations,” Sha Chou smiled. He wasn’t angry or disappointed. He had lost many fights in his in life; he didn’t mind losing another. 

Lin Feng remembered that Sha Chou was one of the contestants. He had just hurt Sha Chou, which meant he had won an eighth victory. It wasn’t a very impressive victory, though… 

“You want to become their stepping stone?” Lin Feng suddenly understood what Sha Chou thought. He realized why so many of the young geniuses of the Tian Ji Sect had left, but not Sha Chou. He had sacrificed himself for the other young geniuses of the Tian Ji Sect. That way, the Tian Ji Sect would be sure that some of their young geniuses would reach the World of Battles. 

No wonder Lin Qiong Sheng hadn’t been willing to tell Lin Feng this. It was a bit shameful, especially for the Tian Ji Sect, and wasn’t fair, either. Sha Chou was very smart. It was an opportunity for him! 

But he also used to be a member of Tian Dao Yuan, so he might also want to improve the relationship between the two groups. 

“Lin Feng, you can’t possibly challenge our other young geniuses. However, there is a outside young genius here in the Tian Ji Sect at the moment, you can challenge them,” said Sha Chou. He knew why Lin Feng was there, and didn’t mind it. 

Lin Feng’s curiosity was piqued. 

“Gong Nü, first genius of the Ancient Human Clan,” finished Sha Chou. 

Lin Feng blinked; Gong Nü? Gong Nü from the Ancient Human Clan? Gong Nü was in the Tian Ji Sect? 

Lin Feng shook his head; he couldn’t fight other young geniuses of the Ancient Human Clan, since he was a representative of the Ancient Human Clan himself. Apart from Zi Jing Xiao, who had given him a victory, he didn’t want to fight anyone else from the Ancient Human Clan. 

“I won’t fight her,” Lin Feng said resolutely. Gong Nü was extremely strong. Fighting against her was pointless, meaningless, and unnecessary. 

“As you wish. I’m going back. You and your son can spend some time together,” said Sha Chou smiled and nodded. He bowed hand over fist and disappeared. 

Lin Feng turned around and said to Lin Qiong Sheng warmly, “Let’s go over to your place.”

“Father, I need to talk to you,” said Lin Qiong Sheng solemnly. 

When Lin Feng saw Lin Qiong Sheng’s expression, he was worried. It was probably something important. 

“Tell me after,” Lin Feng said. He flashed down the mountain. 

Lin Feng and Lin Qiong Sheng landed at the foot of the mountain. Lin Feng looked at Lin Qiong Sheng, indicating that he could start talking. 

Lin Qiong Sheng nodded. He got closer to Lin Feng and whispered in his ear. Lin Feng looked calm at first, but when Lin Qiong Sheng finished whispering to him, he looked quite grave. 

“Who injured him?” Lin Feng said furiously. His eyes were already filled with murder. 

Lin Qiong Sheng knew his father was going to be angry, and was prepared for it. 

“Father, come with me. My brother is recovering at my home,” said Lin Qiong Sheng grimly. 

Lin Feng nodded and followed. He hadn’t seen Lin Zhe Tian for a while. 

Lin Feng and Lin Qiong Sheng walked east silently. In the end, Lin Qiong Sheng started up a mountain. Lin Feng followed. 

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the top of that mountain. There was a pavilion there made of jade. All the pavilions of the Tian Ji Sect looked like celestial buildings. 

Lin Qiong Sheng remained silent. They crossed a public square, then arrived in front of a great palace. They entered it. 

The great palace was empty, but the architecture was resplendent. 

When they entered the great palace, there was a button on a throne. Lin Qiong Sheng pressed it, there were rumbling sounds, and Lin Feng watched a passage open in the floor. A cold Qi emerged from it. 

“Your brother is inside?” Lin Feng asked Lin Qiong Sheng. 

Lin Qiong Sheng nodded and said, “Yes, it’s my place. He’s severely injured, so I had no choice but to put him in a secret room.”

“Alright, let’s go,” Lin Feng acknowledged. He flashed and disappeared into the passage. 


The secret room wasn’t very deep. It was only a hundred meters long, and dark inside. When they moved through it, Lin Feng saw a gigantic corridor; there were three secret rooms in there, and six rooms in total. 

Lin Feng didn’t need Lin Qiong Sheng to lead the way ; he could follow Lin Zhe Tian’s Qi himself. When he arrived in front of the door, he didn’t open it hastily, fearing that Lin Zhe Tian might be cultivating, in which case he could go mad if he was startled. 

Lin Feng didn’t open the door. He used space and time strength to enter the room, appearing in front of Lin Zhe Tian. 

Lin Zhe Tian wasn’t cultivating. He was seated cross-legged on the floor; his Qi was extremely weak, but he had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer! 

He had made great progress in six months. He had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer from the high-level Supreme God layer. He wasn’t any weaker than Lin Qiong Sheng. They were both about equally strong now. 

Lin Zhe Tian was stunned to see his father show up in front of him so suddenly. He couldn’t believe it. 

“Fa… Father?” asked Lin Zhe Tian hesitantly. 

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