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Chapter 1072: Causing Trouble!


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The Competition for the World of Battles ended. Lin Feng didn’t continue trying to get more victories. He just spent those days in the secret room healing his son and waiting for Tian Cang to come back to have a “chat” with him. 

Nothing was more important than healing his son. Lin Feng couldn’t let anyone harm Meng Qing’s baby, or his wives and other children in general. 

Three days after the Competition ended, Tian Cang, Tian Chen, Lun Hai and the others came back to the Tian Ji Sect. Lin Qiong Sheng went down to the secret room and told Lin Feng they were back. He didn’t dare hide the truth from his father, as he knew Lin Feng would be angry otherwise. 

When Lin Feng heard that Tian Cang and the others were back, he looked grim. At the same time, Zhe Tian stood up. Lin Feng had been healing him for three days; his wounds were closed and had stopped bleeding. He just felt tired and weak. 

Lin Feng looked at Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian, and said calmly, “Let’s go together. Qiong Sheng, get ready to cut ties with the Tian Ji Sect,” Lin Feng said firmly. 

Lin Qiong Sheng’s expression fell, and he started trembling. Lin Feng wanted him to leave the Tian Ji Sect?! 

Lin Qiong Sheng sighed helplessly and nodded, “Alright, father…”

“Good boy. When you leave the Tian Ji Sect, I’ll bring you to the World of Battles, you’ll progress better and faster there,” Lin Feng promised, smiling in satisfaction. Since Lin Qiong Sheng had agreed, Lin Feng understood who was more important to him, his father or his teacher! 

When Lin Qiong Sheng heard that, he was extremely excited. He couldn’t wait to go to the World of Battles. In the Tian Ji Sect, he wouldn’t have such an opportunity because Tian Cang or Tian Chen wouldn’t bring him along. 

Lin Feng, Lin Zhe Tian, and Lin Qiong Sheng walked towards the main peak. This time, they didn’t go down to the foot of the mountain and climb it, they walked on the crest towards the main peak. 


At that moment, many disciples had gathered on a kwoon. There were disciples of both the first and the second generation. Elders were there, too. 

“Father, something happened during these last three days, you probably haven’t heard about it,” said Lin Qiong Sheng. 

Lin Feng asked, “What happened?”

“Father, a short time after you arrived in the Tian Ji Sect, a woman in white clothes showed up. She wanted to fight against the young geniuses of the Tian Ji Sect, but they weren’t here and in the end she bumped into Gong Nü, who was about to leave the Tian Ji Sect!” said Lin Qiong Sheng. 

Lin Feng frowned. He guessed that a fierce fight had happened between Gong Nü and the woman in white clothes, or, Lin Qiong Sheng wouldn’t have told him about it. 

“How did it end?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Gong Nü ended up severely injured and left the Tian Ji Sect,” said Lin Qiong Sheng. There were other things, but he wasn’t sure whether telling Lin Feng about them was a good idea. 

When Lin Feng heard Gong Nü had been severely injured, his eyes flashed. She was the first genius of the Ancient Human Clan; she was at least as strong as Yan Cang Tian, but she had suffered a crushing defeat against the woman in white. That meant that woman was much stronger than Gong Nü and could also put pressure on Yan Cang Tian. 

“Gong Nü got severely injured and…?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t believe that the woman in white clothes just wanted to injured Gong Nü and that was all. She probably had ulterior motives, but Lin Qiong Sheng hadn’t told him everything. 

“Father, after defeating Gong Nü, the woman mentioned you. She said you should wait for her in the World of Battles,” said Lin Qiong Sheng. He remembered the scene. Gong Nü was severely injured and laying on the ground. The woman in white clothes was standing next to her and announced she wanted to fight Lin Feng in the World of Battles. 

Lin Feng didn’t understand. He hadn’t offended such a person, who could she be? Why did she want to fight against him, especially in the World of Battles? Why not here in the Country of Eternity? 

“That’s not all. After she left the Tian Ji Sect, she went to the Ancient Human Clan and defeated Huang Tian Ba, Fu Niu, Fu Sha, and Zi Jing Xiao. Then she went to the Ancient Yan Clan and severely injured Yan Shan Ming, and then bumped into Yan Cang Tian, who had just come back.”

“How did it end?” Lin Feng felt nervous, especially when he heard that Yan Cang Tian had gone back to the Ancient Yan Clan and bumped into the woman in white clothes. Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated. He also felt excited; he wanted to have a good fight!. 

“Yan Cang Tian lost the battle and the Competition. He’s not first in the rankings anymore!” said Lin Qiong Sheng, smiling wryly. He couldn’t believe Yan Cang Tian, the first young genius, would lose against the woman in white clothes. The ranking list had gone through incredible changes. 

The woman in white clothes was now first, above Yan Cang Tian, but she hadn’t won enough duels yet. She needed more victories to go to the World of Battles. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he waved it away. He didn’t care. He was in the Tian Ji Sect for one reason: to kill Tian Cang. He didn’t care about the rest for the time being!

“How far are we from the leader’s palace?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Qiong Sheng pointed to a magnificent and grandiose great palace in the central part of the Tian Ji Sect, where many disciples had gathered. 

Lin Feng sped up, arriving arrived in front of the palace alone. The kwoon was tens of thousands of meters wide, its ground made of white stones. It could accommodate tens of thousands of people, but there were only a few thousand core disciples. The tens of thousands of ordinary disciples weren’t allowed to come there. 

Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian caught up with Lin Feng and stood behind him. 

Tian Feng Zi had already come back, and was standing at the front. He looked dignified and majestic. His eyes were cold and filled with death, so most people didn’t dare look him straight in the eyes. 

He was wearing a white Taoist robe, but he still looked violent and aggressive. 

Next to Tian Feng Zi were three white-bearded old men. They were wearing grey Taoist robes and holding horsetail whisks. Their horsetail whisks were azure and white, and contained a terrifying kind of strength. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen such weapons. 

Tian Feng Zi had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer and the three white-bearded old men did too. Four cultivators of the eighth Great Supreme God layer were standing there; it was astonishing to see. Nobody would dare cause trouble in such conditions. 

Apart from the three old men, there were also a dozen young men next to Tian Feng Zi. One of them was Sha Chou, but he was standing in the last position. Lin Feng guessed those young people were all Tian Feng Zi’s direct disciples. Those disciples’ cultivation levels were between the third Great Supreme God layer and the seventh. 

Lin Feng then looked over at the disciples on the kwoon. Many of them were Supreme Gods, but there were also many disciples of the first and second Great Supreme God layers. Those people were the lungs of the Tian Ji Sect. They were the reason why the Tian Ji Sect was one of the four great sects and clans. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he thought of Tian Dao Yuan. Tian Dao Yuan looked miserable in comparison… 

There weren’t even that many disciples of the Supreme God layer in Tian Ji Sect. There were, at the very most, a dozen Great Supreme Gods in Tian Dao Yuan, whereas the Tian Ji Sect had hundreds. 

The gap between the Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan kept increasing. Catching up with the Tian Ji Sect was impossible in a short time. They would probably need at least a hundred years to do so. 

“Alright, silence!” shouted Tian Feng Zi furiously. Everybody stopped talking instantly. 

Tian Feng Zi glanced around, but when he saw Lin Feng, he was startled. The Competition was over, why hadn’t Lin Feng gone back to the Ancient Human Clan? What was he doing in the Tian Ji Sect? 

Did he want to cause trouble? 

Tian Feng Zi didn’t know what to do. According to the rules of the Competition, they weren’t allowed to get involved in young geniuses’ affairs, including after the Competition. That rule existed mainly because if a young genius was qualified to go to the World of Battles, then what would happen if the leaders of the other groups harmed them to prevent them from going? 

Tian Feng Zi wasn’t a Godly Ancestor yet; he had to be careful, he couldn’t take risks, because the other leaders could easily punish him if he made a mistake. If Lin Feng caused trouble in the Tian Ji Sect, only other young geniuses would be able to intervene. 

Tian Feng Zi looked at Lin Feng for a long time and then at the others. Lin Feng naturally noticed, but he couldn’t care less. 

“Alright, I’m going to announce the young geniuses who are going to go to the World of Battles,” said Tian Feng Zi, taking a deep breath. He took out a golden scroll and a stone plate. 

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