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Chapter 1073: Facing Tian Feng Zi!

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Two of the young geniuses of the Tian Ji Sect were qualified to go to the World of Battles. 

Tian Feng Zi looked at the crowd and raised the stone plate, shouting, “Tian Cang and Tian Chen are qualified to go to the World of Battles!”

“HOORAY! Brother Tian Cang! Brother Tian Cang!” “Brother Tian Chen! Brother Tian Chen!” shouted the crowd in unison. Tian Cang and Tian Chen had both finished in the top eight of the Competition! 

Lin Feng watched the disciples icily. Were they still going to laugh in a short while? 

Tian Cang and Tian Chen were qualified to go to the World of Battles, an honor for the Tian Ji Sect. 

Six other people were going to go to the World of Battles. Lin Feng was one of them, since he had won eight duels. If he wasn’t qualified, it meant there was a huge problem! 

But what if Lin Feng killed Tian Cang? Would the young genius who had ranked ninth replace him and go to the World of Battles? If that was the case, then Lin Feng needed to know who the ninth person was. 

If it was a member of the Ancient Human Clan, then it didn’t matter; if it was someone from the Ancient Yan Clan or the Zhao Hall, then it was more problematic. 

But no matter what, Lin Feng had to kill Tian Cang. He had humiliated his son, so he had to pay with his life! 

Lin Zhe Tian saw his father look at Tian Cang icily and clench his fists, ready to kill. Lin Zhe Tian wished he could kill Tian Cang on the spot, but he wasn’t strong enough. He would need to practice for dozens of years to be able to defeat Tian Cang. 

Tian Cang was happy to be qualified to go to the World of Battles. He couldn’t wait. However, he felt that someone was looking at him angrily, and his expression hardened. He turned around and noticed Lin Zhe Tian. 

“It’s you?” Tian Cang smiled icily. He remembered when he had crushed Lin Zhe Tian. How awesome! He hadn’t thought Lin Zhe Tian would take the initiative to come back to the Tian Ji Sect and even worse, look at him with murderous intentions. He really wanted to die! 

“Hmph! If you want to die, I’ll help,” said Tian Cang, smiling icily. He thrust his palm out in front of the whole crowd. Energies rolled towards Lin Zhe Tian. If the energies reached him, even if he didn’t die, he would be badly injured. 

Lin Feng was staring at Tian Cang. 

Lin Zhe Tian wanted to counter, but Lin Feng pushed him aside and smiled icily, throwing a punch at Tian Cang’s palm. Their hands collided and there was an explosion. 

All the disciples of the Tian Ji Sect were blown away! 

Tian Cang was stunned. He hadn’t thought someone would dare counterattack, and that cultivator was extremely strong. He looked at Lin Feng and understood Lin Zhe Tian had found someone to help him. 

All the disciples had been blown away. Tian Feng Zi was annoyed, but he only looked at Lin Feng helplessly. 

“Tian Cang, Tian Chen, someone is causing trouble,” said Tian Feng Zi chidingly. Tian Cang and Tian Chen had appeared in front of all the disciples; it was an opportunity to display their strength after qualifying to go to the World of Battles, if they defeated Lin Feng, the whole continent would be shaken. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for the Tian Ji Sect! 

Tian Cang and Tian Chen looked at Lin Feng grimly, especially Tian Cang. Lin Feng had humiliated him in front of everybody by preventing him from teaching Lin Zhe Tian a good lesson. 

Tian Cang flashed and landed not far from Lin Feng, Lin Qiong Sheng, and Lin Zhe Tian. 

When Tian Feng Zi saw Lin Qiong Sheng was standing there with Lin Feng, his expression suddenly changed. He shouted angrily, “Qiong Sheng, come here!”

“I, I…” Lin Qiong Sheng’s expression changed. He didn’t know what to say. His father had told him to get ready to cut ties with the Tian Ji Sect. 

Lin Qiong Sheng took a deep breath and looked at Tian Feng Zi sadly. He bowed hand over fist, then he knelt down and kowtowed three times respectfully, saying, “Teacher, I’m kowtowing in front of you to thank you for taking good care of me.

“But I can’t leave my father. I have to follow him. I’m sorry, teacher,” said Lin Qiong Sheng. He stood back up. 

Lin Qiong Sheng preferred his father to his teacher. Lin Feng was reassured, despite looking unmoved. 

But Tian Feng Zi was furious, and his face fell. He had spent much time raising Lin Qiong Sheng. He initially even intended to hand the Tian Ji Sect over to him and at the most crucial moment, Lin Feng had stolen him back. It felt like someone had stolen his most precious treasure. 

Tian Feng Zi couldn’t tolerate that. He clenched his fists and shouted icily, “Lin Feng, you better think about your child’s own good. Let him follow me!”

“Lin Feng? He’s Lin Feng?”

“What? How is that possible?”

“Lin Feng, that’s the one who killed twenty Great Supreme Gods from the Zhao Hall a few days ago, isn’t it? Oh my heavens!”

When Tian Feng Zi shouted Lin Feng’s name, all the disciples’ expressions changed drastically. They all started retreating, scared Lin Feng would kill them. They all feared him. 

Tian Cang and Tian Chen’s expressions also changed. Tian Cang realized why Lin Zhe Tian had recovered so quickly: Lin Feng had healed him!

“Tian Feng Zi, I don’t know where your sense of superiority comes from. Would a bright future await Qiong Sheng if he continued following you?” Lin Feng replied, ignoring the disciples’ reactions. He was pissed that Tian Feng Zi was threatening him. 

Tian Feng Zi smiled icily, “You’ve seen how powerful the Tian Ji Sect is. What do you have that the Tian Ji Sect doesn’t?”

Tian Feng Zi pointed to all the elite disciples and elders of the Tian Ji Sect while talking. How could Lin Feng raise a genius better than him and the Supreme Elders of the Tian Ji Sect? 

“Tian Feng Zi, I admit that the Tian Ji Sect is extremely strong, but you’re forgetting something. I’m also going to the World of Battles, and I can bring my son there. He will progress quickly there. Or can you bring him to the World of Battles too?” Lin Feng challenged him mockingly. Indeed, the Tian Ji Sect was extremely wealthy and powerful, but what did that have to do with his son? Did his son benefit from all the resources of the sect? 

When Lin Feng said that, Tian Feng Zi could only look unhappy. Indeed, he had prevented Lin Qiong Sheng from going to the World of Battles, but Lin Feng could go, and he could also bring people there! 

“Even though I can’t, Tian Cang and Tian Chen can,” said Tian Feng Zi. He didn’t want to lose Lin Qiong Sheng, so he ground his teeth and pointed to Tian Cang and Tian Chen. 

“No need, teacher. I can go with my father. It’s better. You probably understood that going to the World of Battles with my father is different from going there with Brother Tian Cang and Brother Tian Chen,” said Lin Qiong Sheng. He took the initiative to speak and show he wasn’t going to change his mind. 

When Tian Feng Zi heard that, he smiled broadly. However, everybody understood he was extremely angry. 

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you win,” said Tian Feng Zi, smiling icily. He wished he could destroy Lin Feng on the spot. 

“No need to flatter me. Actually, I came here to cause trouble,” Lin Feng replied, smiling back just as coldly. 

He looked at Tian Cang and Tian Chen. They were both wearing blue robes. They looked handsome and smart, but their eyes were filled with murder and hatred. 

They were actually twins. If one didn’t look carefully, it was difficult to differentiate them. 

Tian Cang glared at Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with flames of fury. 

“Zhe Tian, go,” Lin Feng said indifferently after a moment. He pushed Zhe Tian in front of him. 

Lin Zhe Tian ground his teeth and slowly walked forwards. 

“Take off your tunic,” Lin Feng said indifferently. Lin Feng sounded neither furious nor happy. 

Lin Zhe Tian nodded, and took off and pulled his robe down. His upper body was covered with scars. The wounds were closed, but the scars were still there. 

When Tian Cang saw that, he recalled lacerating Zhe Tian’s body. He had even intended to cut him in two at first. 

“Tian Cang, do you recognize those scars?” Lin Feng asked, a smile that totally wasn’t on his face. 

Tian Cang jeered, “So you came to avenge him?”

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