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Chapter 1074: Not Giving Face!

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“He had a fifty-centimeter-long wound as deep as a thumb. A little bit deeper and he would have died. The pain was unbearable. When I arrived, his wounds already stank, they were infected.

“Tian Cang, I don’t know why you hate my son, but I’m going to tell you one thing: when someone hurts my children, I hurt them back a hundred times worse. I will make you suffer a hundred times more than you made him suffer.

“Today, I came here because I feel sorry for my boy’s mother and I feel guilty that I wasn’t there when you did that to him. I would feel even more guilty if I didn’t kill you, though. Tian Cang, no matter who you are, no matter who your teacher is, no matter whether you’re going to the World of Battles or not, today, I’ll take your life,” Lin Feng said stonily. There was quiet fury in every word. 

When Tian Cang heard that, he was astonished. He looked at Zhe Tian skeptically. He hadn’t known Lin Zhe Tian was Lin Feng’s son. He had nearly killed Lin Feng’s son? 

Tian Cang was extremely worried now. Everybody knew how strong Lin Feng was. Tian Cang didn’t underestimate him. 

He couldn’t believe he had nearly killed Lin Feng’s son, Lin Zhe Tian’s brother!

“Lin Feng, the Competition for the World of Battles is over. You should go back to the Ancient Human Clan. You have nothing to do in the Tian Ji Sect,” Tian Feng Zi interrupted when he realized how dangerous the situation was. Lin Feng was crazy and his son had nearly been killed. He wasn’t going to leave the matter at that, and he was probably ready to risk his life to avenge his son! 

Tian Feng Zi couldn’t allow that. Tian Cang was going to go to the World of Battles, so he had to make Lin Feng leave. 

But he underestimated Lin Feng’s determination. Lin Feng was more stubborn than he had thought. Tian Feng Zi had also overestimated his own persuasion skills. 

Lin Feng glanced at Tian Feng Zi and said indifferently, “As long as Tian Cang is still alive, I’m not leaving.”

Determined! Resolute! Firm! Lin Feng didn’t fear Tian Feng Zi, even if the latter was threatening him. Tian Feng Zi looked at Lin Feng glumly. He understood that solving the issue wasn’t going to be easy… 

“Everybody can leave,” Tian Feng Zi said to the other disciples. All the disciples left, even if they weren’t willing to. 

Very quickly, all the other disciples were gone. Only a few Supreme Elders, Tian Feng Zi’s fellow disciples, Sha Chou, and some other people were left. Lin Feng, Lin Zhe Tian, and Lin Qiong Sheng faced them. The father and his two sons were there facing their enemies. 

Tian Cang and Tian Chen were on Tian Feng Zi’s side. The teacher and his two disciples were proudly glaring at Lin Feng coldly. 

In such circumstances, only strength could speak! 

The atmosphere became oppressive. Lin Feng said to his two sons, “Move back!”

“Father, you…” began Lin Qiong Sheng worriedly. He wanted to speak, but Lin Feng just glanced at him angrily, so Lin Qiong Sheng stopped talking and moved back. 

Lin Zhe Tian didn’t say anything, just watching Tian Cang furiously. If he could, he would have killed Tian Cang himself. He didn’t want to rely on his father, but his father wanted to avenge him so he couldn’t do much, especially since Lin Feng was a doting father. 

Lin Feng didn’t mind if other people bullied him if they were much stronger than him, but he couldn’t let anyone bully his children, no matter how strong they were. He had never slapped or spanked his children, how could he let other people hit them? 

Impossible! He had to settle accounts!

“Alright, don’t look at me. I won’t change my mind. Come, Tian Cang,” Lin Feng said indifferently. He didn’t care about Tian Feng Zi and Tian Cang’s expressions. They were angry? Good for them! But now it was time to fight. Tian Feng Zi could threaten him as much as he wanted, Lin Feng wasn’t going to flinch, even if Tian Feng Zi had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. 

Lin Feng was resolute and determined. Nobody could scare him!

Tian Cang looked at Lin Feng darkly. He grinned icily, then flashed and landed a hundred meters away from Lin Feng. They stared at each other, their gazes equally ready to kill. 

“Lin Feng, I suggest you think carefully. Tian Cang is extremely important for the Tian Ji…”

“Tian Feng Zi, Zhe Tian is the apple of my eye. No matter what you say today, I will not change my mind. Even if Fu Hao or some Godly Ancestor from the World of Battles told me to stop, I wouldn’t!

“Therefore, I suggest you shut up and stop pestering me. I hate it when people waste my time. And yes, I know I am not giving you face at all!”

Tian Feng Zi wanted to threaten Lin Feng some more, but Lin Feng interrupted him. Tian Feng Zi was apoplectic. 

Lin Feng didn’t give him any face or respect him. When people didn’t respect him or didn’t give him face, he usually killed them! 

“If you dare touch Tian Cang, let alone kill him, I’ll kill you!” swore Tian Feng Zi, making that decision.

When he said that, the atmosphere became extremely tense. Nobody dared speak anymore. Tian Feng Zi was already extremely angry. He hoped Lin Feng would retreat. 

Tian Cang and Tian Chen looked at Lin Feng to see if his expression would change. They both grinned confidently. 

“Father, let’s leave,” said Lin Zhe Tian. He didn’t feel like leaving like that, but he didn’t want his father to die. 

“Yes, father, we could just…” Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian spoke at the same time, but Lin Feng interrupted them. 

Lin Feng looked grim and determined. He didn’t care about Tian Feng Zi’s threats. On the contrary, he just smiled resplendently and said, “Really?”

He didn’t seem nervous. He just smiled mockingly. 

Tian Feng Zi frowned. His threats were useless? But in the end, he still warned Lin Feng, “Try and you’ll see!”

“Alright, good for you if you’ve made up your mind,” Lin Feng nodded. Then he stopped looking at Tian Feng Zi. Lin Feng started understanding what was really going on. 

“Tian Cang, attack,” Lin Feng prodded the other. He didn’t care about Tian Feng Zi’s threat. 

“Lin Feng, are you sure you don’t want to give me face?” demanded Tian Feng Zi angrily. 

“Why would I give you face? Are we friends? You killed the four former leaders of Tian Dao Yuan, so we are enemies! Hehe! Why would I give you face?

“Because you’re the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect? Because you have the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer? Because you are strong enough to kill me? You think I’m going to spare Tian Cang’s life because of that?

“Why would I give you face?” Lin Feng spat back. 

Tian Feng Zi felt extremely humiliated. He couldn’t believe what was going on. He took a deep breath and ground his teeth, then he shouted furiously, “Tian Cang, kill him! Kill him!”

“Don’t worry, teacher!” responded Tian Cang, smiling calmly. He wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng. 

He had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng was only a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer! There was a difference of two cultivation layers between them! The gap was gigantic. Therefore, Tian Cang was convinced he could definitely win and even kill Lin Feng. 

He was confident because he was strong! 

Tian Cang clenched his fists. Blue lights emerged from his right fist, and a sword appeared. Energies rolled in waves around the sword. The energies were extremely sharp. 

When Lin Feng sensed that sharp Qi, he understood it was the weapon Tian Cang had used to injure Lin Zhe Tian. Tian Cang had almost killed his son with it! 

“Tian Cang, as long as you’re alive, I won’t leave!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He flashed and charged Tian Cang. His speed couldn’t be described with words. Tian Cang threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. 

A fierce fight was starting! 

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