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Chapter 1075: Killing Tian Cang!

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“You think I’m afraid? I have the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer!” proclaimed Tian Cang confidently. 

Tian Feng Zi was standing aside, but he had a bad feeling. He didn’t know whether Tian Cang’s self-confident was a good thing or not. 

Lin Feng ignored Tian Cang’s smug smile, and just threw a punch. Their fists collided and they were both pushed back. Lin Feng was pushed back a few steps to where he was standing just before. He immediately ran back towards Tian Cang and threw a kick. 

Tian Cang’s expression didn’t change. He raised his sword and slashed out mercilessly. His sole purpose was to kill Lin Feng. Even in ordinary times, he usually tried to destroy his opponents because he was extremely proud and arrogant. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. His foot ended up kicking the sword. The sword emitted a metallic sound and trembled, Tian Cang almost lost his grip on it. Tian Cang started to worry. 

Lin Feng continued attacking. This time, he threw another aggressive punch containing Genesis Spiritual strength and demon Qi. 

Tian Cang was now worried and angry. He didn’t believe that a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer could compete with a cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer for so long. 

He couldn’t let this continue for too long, or his focus would decrease and he would be tired. If he made a mistake, Lin Feng would be able to take advantage of it. He ground his teeth, shouted furiously, and cut at Lin Feng’s legs. 

Lin Feng didn’t fear that attack, he just smiled icily, called out the Sword of Remote Times, and blocked Tian Cang’s sword attack. 

Kling clang clang… Kling clang clang… 

The two blades collided. The Sword of Remote Times was forced back, but Lin Feng still held it firmly. Tian Cang’s sword fell from his hand. He wanted to catch it, but it crashed against his hand and fell down. 

Tian Cang felt badly humilated! He flashed again and caught it this time. He promptly spun around and charged Lin Feng like a mad bull. 

Lin Feng guessed that this attack was one of Tian Cang’s trump cards. It was a terrifying attack. Lin Feng had to be extremely careful. 

Lin Feng landed on the ground and bounced on his left foot. Then he rose back up in midair and raised his left hand. He slashed out with the Sword of Remote Times, looking like an unstoppable beast. Nobody could stop that slash! 

Kling clang clang… Their blades collided stridently again. 

The sword lights disappeared. The swords were still clashing directly.


At most, Lin Feng can win the battle, but killing Tian Cang seems impossible… 

Tian Feng Zi looked relieved; he could just watch and enjoy the show. It was a duel between two young geniuses after all. It was a splendid fight. 

Lin Feng noticed that Tian Feng Zi’s expression had changed, and he grinned disdainfully. It was the perfect time to kill Tian Cang. Tian Feng Zi was relieved, so he wasn’t as alert, and if Lin Feng killed Tian Cang, Tian Feng Zi wouldn’t have time to react. 

Lin Feng extended the Sword of Remote Times and started rotating. Tian Cang’s eyes went wide. He had the impression he was hallucinating, he didn’t understand what was going on. Lin Feng was too fast, but the Sword of Remote Times was definitely moving towards him, too, too fast… 

Tian Cang didn’t have time to react, so he just put his sword in front of his chest to protect himself. 



The crowd heard the sound of flesh being torn twice. Blood splashed. Tian Feng Zi’s eyes were wide open. He couldn’t believe it, and knew he had messed up. 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MY HANDS!!!” screamed Tian Cang. He gaped at his two hands. Lin Feng had cut them off. Only the tip of the bones stuck out, and blood kept flowing. It was extremely painful. He nearly fell unconscious from the pain. 

“Hehe! So you see? It’s painful, eh?” Lin Feng sneered. He enjoyed seeing Tian Cang look so miserable and pitiful. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with hatred. He still remembered the horrible smell from Zhe Tian’s rotting wounds a few days ago. 

It was all Tian Cang’s fault. Lin Feng had said it: he would give Tian Cang back a hundred times what he had done to Zhe Tian. 

“Tian Cang! I told you, you severely injured my son so what I will do to you is a hundred times worse than what you did to him. I just cut your hands, is it painful?” Lin Feng taunted him freely. 

Lin Zhe Tian rejoiced. He looked like an overjoyed demon. 

Tian Cang stared at his hands on the ground. He had the feeling the world was collapsing around him. He had never asked for anything unreasonable in life, he just wanted Lin Feng to die RIGHT. NOW! 

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” shouted Tian Cang furiously and ferociously. His face was extremely pale, but his eyes were filled with murder. 

“You’re angry, eh? Hehe!” Lin Feng said when he saw Tian Cang looking so desperate. It made Lin Feng smile even more coldly. 

“That’s only one percent of what you did to my son. You didn’t believe I was going to make you suffer a hundred times more than what you made him suffer; do you believe me now?!

“You don’t look so arrogant and confident anymore. Aren’t you fucking awesome and strong with the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer? Eh?

“Did you think I had never killed cultivators of the sixth Great Supreme God layer in my life? Three days ago, I killed nineteen Great Supreme Gods. Some of them were elite elders of the fifth and sixth Great Supreme God layers. You think I am scared of you because you have the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer?!

“You’re the only one to blame. You went too far! If you had done things differently, we wouldn’t be here today.

“You’re angry, heh? You dared harm my son, so now you’re going to die!” Lin Feng rose and raised the Sword of Remote Times again. 

“Aren’t wounds painful?” Lin Feng said, pretending to be sad for him. He sliced open a fifty centimeter long wound on Tian Cang’s torso. It also as deep as a thumb. He looked miserable. 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You fucking want to die!” shouted Tian Cang furiously. This time, he felt real pain, like Lin Zhe Tian had. 

“Is it painful? Can it get more painful though?” Lin Feng smiled. Then he cut Tian Cang’s legs. Blood gushed out. 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! JUST KILL ME!” shouted Tian Cang furiously. The pain was unbearable. He had the impression he was going to collapse from the pain. 

Tian Feng Zi took a deep breath. He couldn’t let Lin Feng continue torturing Tian Cang. He was really going to kill Tian Cang! 

“Lin Feng, don’t you think you’re too heartless and cruel?” shouted Tian Feng Zi frantically. His eyes were filled with murder. His deadly energies rolled all over the territory of the Tian Ji Sect. 

Lin Feng really was cruel and violent. However, he didn’t regret anything. 

“Heartless and cruel? So what? Look at Tian Cang, I’ve destroyed him! Even if I spare his life, will you forgive me for what I did today?” Lin Feng shot back mockingly. He shook his head and sneered, “You won’t forgive me. Since you won’t, why would I need to stop?

“Tian Cang, it’s all your fault! You wanted to kill my son, so I’m going to kill you!” Lin Feng declared. He raised the Sword of Remote Times, his face distorted with hatred and fury, his eyes all bloodshot.

“Lin Feng, try and dare!” shouted Tian Feng Zi furiously. 

“I will!” shouted Lin Feng just as loudly. He stabbed Tian Cang. Blood splashed as his sword pierced through Tian Cang’s whole body, sticking out of his back. 

“You… I…” Tian Cang’s eyes were wide open. He wanted to say something more, but his Qi disappeared. 


Tian Cang crashed to the ground, his body lifeless. The Sword of Remote Times was still piercing through him. 

“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath. He felt much better now that he had killed Tian Cang. Tian Feng Zi might try to kill him now, but Lin Feng couldn’t care less.

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