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Chapter 1076: The Four Great Battle Ancestors!

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“Lin Feng, you really want to die!” shouted Tian Feng Zi, outraged. His heart was trembling. 

“Tian Feng Zi, I don’t care what you think and I never have. When I decided to kill Tian Cang, I already didn’t care about what you thought.

“No matter how strong you are, I don’t care about you. Do you understand? You and I will end up fighting, sooner or later. When I break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, I will come and fight against you.

“Hehe, you and I both know that our duel will be tragic, so I preferred killing him now. At least, I can keep face in case you kill me later. I kill your disciple, you lost face. You couldn’t even intervene. I am the winner. How do you feel?” Lin Feng taunted him provocatively. 

Lin Feng had thought of everything. After breaking through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he would kill Tian Feng Zi. Right now, he could have some fun and humiliate him. He also wanted to show him what it felt like to lose someone one cherished, how painful it was. 

“Stop talking and die!” shouted Tian Feng Zi furiously. He raised his fists and threw punches. His Qi of the top of the Great Supreme God layer surged around him. The sky went dark. Everybody in the Tian Ji Sect was terrified when they saw the sky. 

Suddenly, the ground started trembling. Fist shadows appeared in the sky, thousands of zhang in size. Everybody was terrified, not just  the disciples of the Tian Ji Sect, but also the people of Tian Dong City. 

The Qi was terrifying. Tian Feng Zi wanted to kill Lin Feng and avenge Tian Cang! 

Lin Feng watched him grimly. His heart started pounding, oppressed by the terrifying Qi. Who could remain calm in front of a cultivator of the top of the Great Supreme God layer? Lin Feng only had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer; he could kill cultivators of the sixth level, but not the eighth!

But Lin Feng remained fearless. He didn’t intend to flinch. 

“Before dying, I will flay your skin! Hahaha!” Lin Feng suddenly burst into frantic laughter. His body turned golden and dazzling as he activated his Genesis Spiritual Body. He released an incredibly resistant energy, Genesis Spiritual strength!

Even if he died, he couldn’t let Tian Feng Zi have it easy. He had to strike back too! 

Lin Feng decided to use the maximum power of his Genesis Spiritual Body and Genesis Spiritual strength. He didn’t hide his trump cards at that moment, because he was about to give it his all. This time, he was going to use his real strength!

Demon Qi also emerged from Lin Feng’s seven apertures. His eyes were bloodshot. 

Lin Feng was also holding the Sword of Remote Times, his most powerful weapon. Zu Ti was definitely going to do all he could to help Lin Feng. 

It was going to be a battle to death. Lin Feng was probably going to die, but he couldn’t let Tian Feng Zi kill him easily! 

“Brother! Let’s help our father!” Lin Qiong Sheng said to his brother without hesitation. 

Lin Zhe Tian blinked, but he quickly looked serious and nodded agreement.

The two brothers swiftly released Qi towards Lin Feng; it penetrated into him. Lin Feng sensed two sorts of Qi flow into his body and meridians. His Genesis Spiritual strength and Genesis Spiritual Body suddenly became more powerful. 

It was because of their blood, they had the same blood. Lin Feng was touched; his two boys were all grown up now! 

When Tian Feng Zi saw that, he looked grim. Lin Qiong Sheng was his direct disciple; he used to love him as a disciple, and now his disciple had betrayed him. Tian Feng Zi was furious. 

“Hmph! Even if you help him, do you think he stands a chance? Lin Feng, you’re definitely going to die today!” Tian Feng Zi swore. He raised his hands, and two gigantic hundred-zhang hand shadows appeared, a few meters away from Lin Feng. After reaching him, Lin Feng would be destroyed. He would crush Lin Feng to mush!

But Lin Feng looked serious, not scared at all. He looked noble and valiant; fighting against a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer was something extraordinary, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let this kind of opportunity slip by. Even if he was going to die, in the worst case, he would be able to come back to life in a few months. 

After coming back to life, he would become stronger thanks to the experience acquired during this fight! 

“Imperial Imprint Formula!” shouted Lin Feng, raising his hands. He condensed his Genesis Spiritual strength into a gigantic imperial imprint. Lin Feng then flashed backwards. He was now hundreds of meters away from the hand shadows. The imperial imprint grew bigger and bigger until it reached a hundred zhang in size, and collided against the many hand shadows. 

Boom boom boom… There were several explosions. It looked terrifying, and felt like the world had started collapsing. Everything around them collapsed and turned to ashes. The sky was dark and black clouds were rolling in the heavens. 


The disciples and elders of the Tian Ji Sect weren’t the only ones present. There were also many people from different influential groups. When they saw Tian Feng Zi was fighting against Lin Feng, a young man, they were astonished. 

They all recognized Lin Feng and Tian Feng Zi. They all admired both Lin Feng and Tian Feng Zi. They were idols to many people… but this duel wasn’t fair. 

Lin Feng used all his strength to attack the hand shadows. His imperial imprints moved forwards with an indomitable will. However, the terrifying energies injured him. Lin Feng had the impression his meridians were going to explode. 

He coughed blood and paled. 

“Father!” shouted Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian at the same time. 

They flashed to catch Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng looked hundreds of years older than usual. His mouth was bleeding and he was extremely pale. 

“It’s my fault, father! It’s all my fault!” shouted Lin Zhe Tian guiltily. He ground his teeth. He hated himself for not being strong enough. How could he let his father face such a great danger?! 

He felt useless, powerless, like a piece of trash! 

“Zhe Tian, in the past I told you, no matter what, you are not allowed to be dispirited! Pull yourself together, even your entire world collapses around you! Stand your ground when facing adversity!” shouted Lin Feng angry when he saw Lin Zhe Tian looking hopeless again. Everybody heard Lin Feng, even hundreds of li away.

Lin Zhe Tian was astonished. Lin Feng looked so grave and solemn Lin Zhe Tian didn’t dare look sad again. He tried to look determined. 

“Little boy, if you ever dare look dispirited in front of me again, I will not spare you. Are you a real man or a sissy?

“Eh? You’re Lin Feng’s boy, right? You’re a man of the Lin Clan, so act like one! You’re not a coward, you’re not a piece of trash! Never give up!

“Remember what I said! It applies to all my boys! No matter what, stay strong and fearless!” Lin Feng shouted fearlessly. 

“He’s a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. He’s the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, one of the four great sects and clans… but do I fear him? Huh?! Did I flinch?!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, pointing at Tian Feng Zi. Tian Feng Zi was pissed off once again. 

“No! Never! I will never flinch! Even if I die, I won’t submit to him! He’s nothing to me! It took him hundreds of thousands of years to break through to the top of the Great Supreme God layer! You think it’s a great achievement?

“If I had practiced cultivation for hundreds of thousands of years, I would be able to kill you in one millisecond, Tian Feng Zi!” Lin Feng smiled scornfully. 

But Tian Feng Zi was even more furious. He had thought Lin Feng would fear him but no, and nothing worked to scare Lin Feng. 

“Hmph! Since it’s that way, die!” spit Tian Feng Zi coldly. Lin Feng had no strength to fight. He was also badly injured. 

Tian Feng Zi smiled and threw a punch. Would Lin Feng continue insulting him right before dying? 

“No! No!” shouted Lin Qiong Sheng. He was devastated. He flashed in front of Lin Feng as fast as he could. 

Tian Feng Zi looked grim and ferocious. He just waited for Lin Feng to die now. 


“Enough! Tian Feng Zi! You’re a mere cultivator of the top of the Great Supreme God layer, and you violated the rules of the Competition of the World of Battles; don’t you think you went too far?” shouted some voices furiously. Those voices spread for thousands of li around Tian Dong City. When they heard them, Fu Hao and Yan Lun rapidly flew towards the Tian Ji Sect. 

Those voices were extremely similar!

The Four Great Battle Ancestors!

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