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Chapter 1077: The Ice Spirit Displays Her Majestic Strength!

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Four middle-aged men appeared in the sky of the Tian Ji Sect. Those four people were mounted on an ancient beast. The beast looked awesome. It had sharp claws and teeth, white markings, and its eyes looked like two dazzling lamps. It looked extremely powerful, but nobody could see its cultivation level. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what the beast was called or what kind of beast it was, but it looked like a tiger… 

When the four middle-aged men showed up, the atmosphere became tense across the entire continent. Energies boiled everywhere in the sky. People’s hearts were racing. Lin Feng also noticed there was something different. 

To the Tian Ji Sect in general and Tian Feng Zi especially, it was daunting! 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors! They were the cultivators in charge of the passage between the World of Battles and the Country of Eternity. They were four sworn brothers, young geniuses from ancient times. They had become pillars of the world. 

They were also extremely aggressive! 

Tian Feng Zi’s heart started pounding when he saw them. He was very unhappy. Lin Feng had killed Tian Cang, and now he was going to get away with it?! He couldn’t avenge Tian Cang? 

He was furious. He was going to tell them what he thought. He didn’t care about the Four Great Battle Ancestors; if they were fair, they would understand him! 

“Brothers, I need to tell you something,” began Tian Feng Zi icily. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors glanced at Tian Feng Zi and one of them said indifferently, “No need. We just enforce the rules. You have nothing to say.”

“But, Tian Cang…” Tian Feng Zi’s face fell. He clenched his fists and got ready to fight a desperate battle, but the Four Great Battle Ancestors didn’t care. 

“Lin Feng, go back to the Ancient Human Clan to get your talisman. The passage to the World of Battles is going to open soon,” the Four Great Battle Ancestors told Lin Feng. They stretched out their hands and a multicolored cloud appeared under Lin Feng, Lin Qiong Sheng, and Lin Zhe Tian’s feet. 

It was a real cloud, a celestial cloud. Lin Feng and his sons had the impression they were floating on a cloud in a fairyland. 

Lin Feng realized that the cloud was moving at an astonishing speed. It crossed thousands of li in the blink of an eye. It could cross the whole continent in about a minute! 

It was astonishing. Such an item was extremely useful for cultivation, but not just anyone could use it; it didn’t even exist in the Country of Eternity. 

The cloud brought Lin Feng and his two sons to the Four Great Battle Ancestors. 

When he got closer to them, Lin Feng’s heart started to race. The Four Great Battle Ancestors were impressive. They had an incredible golden skin and looked young and heroic. 

“Let’s go,” said the Four Great Battle Ancestors indifferently. They raised their hands again and then the cloud shot away from the Tian Ji Sect. 

Tian Feng Zi couldn’t accept that. He couldn’t let Lin Feng get away! But what could he do? 

“Celestial Fury!”

Tian Feng Zi’s voice resonated hundreds of thousands of li away, and his eyes started bleeding. Blood-red lights emerged from his hands. It looked like the sky had been killed. It started raining blood towards Lin Feng. 

Celestial Fury! Tian Feng Zi had used this attack only once before in his life. He had never dared again, because after using that attack, he would become extremely weak. He would lose half of his strength! 

But he didn’t regret using it on Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng watched the bloodstorm moving towards him like a rocket. He was too weak to stop the attack; he could only hope the Four Great Battle Ancestors would help once again. 

However, the Four Great Battle Ancestors looked unmoved, as if they didn’t intend to help Lin Feng. When he saw that, he was angry. At the same time, he knew he couldn’t rely on people he didn’t know to save his life. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors didn’t intervene at first, but just as they were going to, they sensed a dangerous Qi. They recognized it, a familiar power that could freeze everything. 

“Tian Feng Zi, you’ve really become ridiculous with time! You even bully weaklings now!” shouted Lin Feng. He was suddenly surrounded by a layer of ice. The atmosphere itself froze around him. 

The world around him turned into a world of ice. Lin Feng flashed off the cloud and flew towards Tian Feng Zi. 

Tian Feng Zi suddenly felt incredible pressure. The ice Qi was destroying his determination, but it didn’t matter what was going on, he couldn’t flinch. He had to remained focused. He couldn’t lose face! 

“Celestial Fury!” shouted Tian Feng Zi furiously. He raised his arms to the sky, and the bloodstorm shot towards. Lin Feng glanced at the bloodstorm, but this time he sneered scornfully. 

“Celestial Ice and Earthly Snow!” shouted “Lin Feng” proudly. He opened his arms and a ray of icy light moved towards the bloodstorm. When the crowd saw it, they were astonished. How strange! 

The ice light turned into a ten-thousand-zhang long river of ice. It surrounded the bloodstorm and gradually froze it. 

“You… You’re not Lin Feng?” exclaimed Tian Feng Zi. He realized something strange was going on…

“You just realized? Moron,” Lin Feng replied, smiling coldly. He raised his right hand and grabbed a mountain behind him, then lifted it and threw it at Tian Feng Zi. 

It weighed ten billion jin. 

“Ice Spirit, no!” shouted someone suddenly. Fu Hao and Yan Lun showed up. Fu Hao’s expression fell. Tian Feng Zi was going to die, crushed under that mountain! 

“Nature and man, five chances, fierce battle!” shouted Fu Hao quickly. Five light beams of different colors appeared. They were ten thousand zhang long, looking like dragons, as they surrounded the mountain. But they still couldn’t stop it, it was too heavy; the mountain was still falling! 

“Yan Lun, hurry up!” shouted Fu Hao furiously. He was extremely worried. The four great sects and clans had to survive, or the Country of Eternity would face a disaster. 

Therefore, in case of danger, the leaders still supported each other. 

Yan Lun grunted icily, made some circles with his hands and a thousand-zhang fire circle appeared, turning into a world of flames. The ice of the Ice Spirit started melting. 

When the Ice Spirit saw all that, he sniffed in irritation and shouted icily, “Do whatever you wish, but solve the issue! If anyone dares harm Lin Feng, I will punish them!”

Then he put the mountain down as Tian Feng Zi ran away as fast as he could. 

In the end, the Ice Spirit threw the mountain away. The ground quaked and a gigantic cloud of dust rose to the sky. Some phreatic tables were pierced, and water started gushing from the ground. A thousand meter crater appeared. 

The mountain disappeared into the ground and then fell into the ocean of flames below.


Lin Feng didn’t feel dizzy anymore, and could control his body again. Everything had changed in front of him. 

Lin Feng glanced at his two sons, who were looking at him curiously. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He realized the Ice Spirit had probably taken control of his body to save him, and if Fu Hao and the others hadn’t shown up, Tian Feng Zi would have died. 

A calamity could have happened because of him!

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