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Chapter 1080: The Azure Dragon’s Punishment!

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“Lin Feng, don’t be angry. Listen to me,” said Li Chuan, pulling a long face. “Those elders are strong and helpful. They can make Tiantai stronger. That’s why I chose them. I just didn’t really pay attention to their personality,” explained Li Chuan. He felt guilty and humiliated. 

When Lin Feng heard that, his expression didn’t change. He looked at Ling Xue, the snow elf, Meng Qing’s adopted daughter. These days, it seemed like Li Chuan and she were lovers. 

“Ling Xue, what’s your relationship to Li Chuan?” asked Lin Feng. 

When Ling Xue heard that, she blushed and lowered her head, and replied in a low sweet voice, “I… He…”

“Lin Feng, Ling Xue is my wife now,” interrupted Li Chuan. 

Lin Feng nodded indifferently and smiled, “Good to have a family.”

“Alright, call the officials I chose back then. I need to announce something,” Lin Feng said firmly. 

Li Chuan was worried as he glanced at the other elders. The elders also felt the pressure. They understood Lin Feng hadn’t just come back to have a look this time. 

Some great changes might occur in Tiantai! 

Ling Xue and Li Chuan were unhappy, but they had to tell Lin Feng the truth. 

“Leave,” Ling Xue told Li Chuan and the elders. 

Li Chuan wanted to say something, but Ling Xue looked determined, so he nodded and left with the other elders. 

Ling Xue turned around and walked up to Lin Feng, speaking in a low voice. 

“Father, Tiantai is in trouble,” said Ling Xue. Then she started crying. Her Qi became ice-cold, but Lin Feng was used to such temperatures. 

Lin Feng looked grim. He had guessed right; there was a problem. 

Lin Feng looked at Ling Xue. Ling Xue was Meng Qing’s adopted daughter; she was a snow elf, so she called him father. 

“What happened?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. Nothing major could happen to Tiantai, or his fellow disciples would have noticed it. Regarding the new elders, nobody could have chosen them willingly. 

Back then when he had left, he couldn’t choose great elders. Where were these new elders from? 

And where were his fellow disciples? And his disciples, Fu Chen and Ye Chen? 

Lin Feng was surprised that Li Chuan had become the manager of Tiantai. He didn’t mind that he had become the manager, but it was strange because nobody had talked to him about it. 

Ling Xue took a deep breath. Lin Feng was the only one who was qualified to know the story. She had to tell him, or Tiantai would continue being under pressure. 

“It’s the Azure Dragon, he intervened and imposed himself on us. He said Tiantai had to listen to his orders from now on,” reported Ling Xue glumly. 

“The Azure Dragon? You mean Li Chuan’s teacher?” asked Lin Feng. 

Ling Xue nodded, “Yes, his teacher. Li Chuan had no choice but to become the manager of Tiantai. He had no choice and on top of that, he has no privileges. The Azure Dragon gives him orders.

“Regarding Ye Chen and Fu Chen, they can’t defeat the Azure Dragon, so they had to obey him as well. Ye Chen and Fu Chen are just in charge of protecting your relatives and friends. The rest are in the Azure Dragon’s hands.

“We had no choice, otherwise, the Azure Dragon would… He would have…” Ling Xue paled. She didn’t dare finish her sentence. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned and asked, “Speak!”

“He said he would steal your children and raise them as his disciples. Ye Chen and Fu Chen refused, and the Great Huang Dynasty helped, so he agreed to give up on that idea.

“But your wives and children are imprisoned. Ye Chen and Fu Chen are the only ones who can see them. Li Chuan and I are not allowed to go and see them.

“The Vermilion Bird and the Tortoise left and went to Tiantai in the Continent of the Nine Clouds where your fellow disciples are. Ruo Xie invited them.

“The White Tiger is now in the southern forest and never shows up. He doesn’t want to deal with these issues.

“The Azure Dragon now has everything under control. We can’t compete with him.

“If you hadn’t come back now, I can’t imagine what would have happened in the future,” Ling Xue finished, paling even more. 

Lin Feng couldn’t forgive the Azure Dragon for imprisoning his wives and children. That was a major issue. 

Lin Feng knew that Ling Xue had probably tried to taken advantage of her position, but at a very small scale, so it didn’t matter. The Azure Dragon was the biggest issue. 

The Azure Dragon had despised Lin Feng, and now he was even more arrogant! 

“Little Xue, bring me to my wives and children,” Lin Feng ordered, clenching his fists and taking a deep breath. 

Lin Heng and Lin Nian, as well as Tang You You, Duan Xin Ye, and Qiu Yue Xin were all imprisoned! 

Now that Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Feng were back, the Azure Dragon was going to die! 

“Alright, good,” said Ling Xue. The Azure Dragon had caused trouble, a huge mistake!


“Qiong Sheng, let’s go and save your mother,” Lin Feng said when he came out. 

Lin Qiong Sheng started, and then anger quickly fell over him. He knew there was something wrong. 

Ling Xue was panicking when she saw Lin Qiong Sheng; she didn’t know him, but she knew he was extremely strong. He could kill her by simply glancing at her! 

She quickly led the way. 

After Lin Feng left Tiantai for the Country of Eternity, the Azure Dragon had built up everything in Tiantai to his own liking. It had been a great opportunity, and he had seized it! 

Very quickly, Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Feng arrived behind the palace and saw the prison. 

A calm and silent courtyard separated the prison from Tiantai’s main territory, so it was far from daily problems. 

“There’s a seal and there are guards,” said Ling Xue. She was very scared of the Azure Dragon. The Azure Dragon had started establishing himself in Tiantai the very day after Lin Feng and the others had left for Gods Country. 

Lin Feng looked at the seal. It had only one layer. It was nothing for a Great Supreme God, but to people like Ling Xue, it was extremely powerful. 

“Qiong Sheng, kill the guards!” Lin Feng frowned. The strongest guard had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor layer. 

Lin Qiong Sheng could sense his mother’s Qi. He was furious as he flashed towards the guards. 

“Who are you?” shouted the guards. Their expressions fell, but only death awaited them. 

Slash! Blood splashed six times. All the guards died instantly. 

Lin Qiong Sheng looked at the sealed area, shouted furiously, and punched the seal. 

Ling Xue was astonished. Breaking the seal was as easy for Lin Qiong Sheng as breaking glass! 

She had hope for Tiantai again! 

When the seal broke, the Azure Dragon, who was somewhere in Tiantai, suddenly looked glum. He looked at the courtyard and his expression fell. 

As Lin Feng was about to enter the courtyard, the Azure Dragon sensed a godly awareness. He looked at it icily, but a gigantic soul hand grabbed him. 

The hand threw him away, and he crashed to the ground. 

Blood splashed. The Azure Dragon coughed up blood and paled. His Qi became extremely weak. He only had the strength of the level one high-level Supreme God layer… 

Lin Feng grabbed him and threw him to the ground violently again. He was even more badly injured. Only death awaited the Azure Dragon!

Ling Xue looked on in amazement. Lin Feng was too strong! 

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