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Chapter 1181: The Leader Receives People!



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Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian went back to Song Chou Jiu and the others. Song Chou Jiu asked what had taken them so long. Lin Feng thought of an excuse, but in the end still told him about what had just happened, especially the man in black clothes. When Lin Feng finished speaking, Song Chou Jiu was slightly alarmed. 

He knew Lin Feng was very strong, and someone had still managed to escape from him? Who was he? 

The Bai Clan? A slave? 

As if Song Chou Jiu had thought of something, his expression slightly changed, but he didn’t say anything else. He looked at Qing Huang Tian and sighed. She could have easily killed all those people, but she was so innocent and understood so little about the outside world, so she didn’t know how to react and adapt to different situations. 

Where was that woman from? Where had Asura found her? What kind of relationship did they have? Song Chou Jiu was lost in thought as he continued walking and thinking…

The government of Jing City was in the city’s center. It was lively there with many shops and wide roads. There were slaves in cages everywhere and people shouting prices. 

People said people from Man Yu were cruel and bloodthirsty, but Lin Feng thought people from Jing City could also be disgusting, despicable, and evil. He couldn’t just make things change, though. 

When they entered the city, Qing Huang Tian remained discreet. She was afraid some people would harass her again. Even if she could kill them easily, she preferred avoiding trouble. 

Lin Feng got closer to her, to help keep her calm. Qing Huang Tian looked at Lin Feng. He smiled widely, which made her feel much better. She wasn’t nervous anymore as she followed him. 

They stopped soon. There were beautiful buildings in front of them, surrounded by trees and with many disciples standing in the public square in front of the buildings. They looked ferocious and brutal, and were all carrying weapons. 

The leader of the group, Jing Rui, was standing in the center alone. When Lin Feng arrived, he was surprised. 

Luckily, Lin Feng had put the Godly Battle Sword in his spirit world so they couldn’t detect it. That could have caused trouble. If Jing Rui detected the Qi of the Godly Battle Sword, he would know Lin Feng’s real identity and then Godly Ancestor Tu Jin’s plan would be ruined. 

Lin Feng was currently wearing a mask and with Song Chou Jiu and the others, so Jing Rui couldn’t recognize Lin Feng. 

“Haha! Jing Rui! Long time no see! Haha!” said Song Chou Jiu, stretching out his hands and smiling in welcome. 

Jing Rui smiled and hugged Song Chou Jiu. They had been friends for tens of thousands of years already. 

“How are you doing, Song Jiu?” 

“I’m alright. I’m doing better than when I was in Jing City, at least! Hehe,” replied Song Chou Jiu, smiling modestly. Lin Feng noticed his change of expression. 

Jing Rui didn’t pay attention to what he said and smiled, “When Man Yu becomes one united territory, I’ll come and congratulate you personally.” 

“You’re kind, but if the two other leaders heard you, they would join hands to kill me!” 

“(sigh) Song Jiu is afraid of other people?” 

“At least, I prefer being discreet!” 

“Alright, you’re discreet, I understand. Let’s go in; I prepared some rooms for you. People from other influential groups don’t have the same advantages as you. Haha!” said Jing Rui laughing loudly and clapping Song Chou Jiu’s shoulders. 

Song Chou Jiu bowed hand over fist respectfully and they followed. Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian got ready to follow them. When Jing Rui saw them up close, he seemed dumbstruck, especially when he looked at Qing Huang Tian. 

Spiritual Godly Ancestor? 

Since when Song Chou Jiu had such powerful people on his sides? Besides, she didn’t look like one of Song Chou Jiu’s servants. She seemed to be with the masked man? 

What Lin Feng feared happened. Jing Rui called out to them. “Brother, slowly, please.” 

Song Chou Jiu was already so far. When Jing Rui called Asura and Qing Huang Tian, he stopped and looked at Jing Rui. 

“What’s wrong, Jing Rui?” 

“Song Jiu, who are those two people?” asked Jing Rui curiously. When Godly Ancestors came to Jing City, it was usually considered something huge! Especially a Spiritual Godly Ancestor! 

He had to be responsible and protect his territory, especially since there had been a bloodbath between different universities recently! 

“Haha! Sorry! I forgot to introduce you to Brother Asura and Miss Qing Huang Tian!” 

“Your friends?” 

“Yes. Indeed. They are new friends of mine,” Song Chou Jiu smiled. He didn’t understand Jing Rui’s question had a deeper meaning. Song Chou Jiu trusted Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian; Jing Rui didn’t, especially that Godly Ancestor. 

“Come with me,” said Jing Rui, grabbing Song Chou Jiu’s arm. They walked two hundred meters away from Lin Feng. He isolated the world around them to prevent Lin Feng from listening. Lin Feng could only smile wryly. 

“Song Jiu, I need to warn you. You shouldn’t bring people we don’t know to this city. What if a catastrophe happens because of them?” Jing Rui asked gravely. His legs were shaking. 

Song Chou Jiu’s expression suddenly changed, but he looked angry and said indifferently, “Jing Rui, we’ve been friends for a very, very long time. You trust me, right?” 

“Yes, of course, I trust you. I don’t trust them.” 

“But I trust them. Brother Asura stood out for me and offended Lang Zhe. He even killed Ni Hou and Bai Lang. I am infinitely thankful, but he doesn’t want me to pay him back. Miss Qing Huang Tian is a Godly Ancestor, so she wouldn’t plot against Great Supreme Gods. Jing Rui, you’re being paranoid.” 

“I just wanted to help,” said Jing Rui sighed. He knew Song Chou Jiu had a bad temper, and he was also stubborn. 

Jing Rui raised his hands to tell the disciples they could go back. He didn’t pay any attention to Lin Feng anymore. 

Lin Feng smiled helplessly, and took Qing Huang Tian away. Song Chou Jiu looked after Asura and Qing Huang Tian as they went walking. But… they didn’t have a map of the city? 


Time passed slowly. About ten hours were left before the beginning of the auctions. It was already dark outside. It wasn’t like the evening in Man Yu, where the sky was the same color as blood both mornings and evenings. 

People from many different influential groups had arrived in Jing City. This time, Spiritual Warriors University sent their ninth elder, a woman named Zhan Yu Ying, a Godly Ancestor. The leader of the Spiritual Warriors Clan had come with her, Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling. 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling had been killed by the Ice Spirit before. But he feared death so much that he had found a way to form another soul jewel to come back to life one more time. 

World Dragon University sent their leader, Godly Ancestor Jie Long. The other clans and sects hadn’t arrived yet, or maybe they just hadn’t announced their arrival and were hiding first. Some very important people would show up at the auctions, apart from World Dragon University, who didn’t care about precious items. 

The representatives of Li Yu and Gan Yu had also arrived in Jing City, but they stayed in an inn in the normal area of the city, not in the governmental palaces. 

The representatives of Xue Yu also arrived. Many disciples from Jing City looked at them with hatred, and even started causing trouble for them. They had no choice but to endure. It wasn’t their fault their leader and Jing City were enemies… 

One million li separated Jing City and Xue Yu, but they were sworn enemies. They profoundly hated each other, although nobody really knew why. 

That night, Qian Jin Cai Yue arrived in the governmental area, and found Lin Feng and the others. She wasn’t in a good mood. She had asked everybody in Jing City about Lin Feng, but he had thoroughly vanished. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue was growing more and more dispirited and disappointed. Would she never see Lin Feng again? Never ever? She was extremely sad. She thought of her upcoming wedding. She didn’t like Asura at all, and she hated Ni Huang even more. 

Lin Feng stood at the top of the pavilion and looked at the stars and the crescent moon. The air was cool and fresh. The moonlight illuminated the city; the roofs of the buildings looked like silver under the moonlight. 

He had just heard the members of the Spiritual Warriors Clan were staying outside of the governmental area in an inn. It was a great opportunity. 

Hatred! Vengeance! They had to pay! 

The night wasn’t going to be a calm one! 

“Spiritual Warriors Clan, get ready!” Lin Feng smiled ferociously. He clenched his fists and disappeared. 

A short time later, ten people in black clothes appeared at the top of the pavilion and watched Lin Feng leave. The ten men looked glum. 

“Our leader said we had to kill Asura.” 

“He killed Bai Lang, Ni Hou, and humiliated our leader. His crimes are not forgivable!” 

“Let’s go follow him. We have to kill him!” 

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who was getting ready. A dozen tall and sturdy men in black clothes were following him to kill him. They stayed far away from Lin Feng so he wouldn’t detect their presence. 

A massacre was about to start! 

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