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Chapter 1081: Meeting Again!


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“Qiong Sheng, seal his pure Qi,” Lin Feng said icily glancing at the Azure Dragon. The Azure Dragon used to be a Dhammapala, one of the four Dhammapalas of the Great Huang Dynasty. He had changed a lot. 

Nowadays, in Lin Feng’s eyes, he was just a piece of trash. 

Lin Feng definitely wasn’t going to leave the matter at that. Lin Qiong Sheng stretched out his hand and pressed on the Azure Dragon’s shoulder blade to destroy his meridians. 

From now on, he was a piece of trash. He couldn’t use pure Qi anymore, so he was just an ordinary person. He couldn’t even transform into a dragon anymore. How miserable! 

The Azure Dragon hadn’t said anything yet. He knew he couldn’t say anything and he also knew that no matter what, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off. He had lost. 

If he had had a few more years, he might have been able to do something against Lin Feng, but it was too soon. 

In the courtyard, Tang You You, Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin heard Lin Feng and they also sensed a terrifying Qi. They were used to powerful Qi because the Azure Dragon had come several times to steal Little Heng and Little Nian. 

But Ye Chen and Fu Chen hadn’t let him. They hated the Azure Dragon so they had to scheme in secret against him, especially when the Azure Dragon had sent servants who had told the children fake stories about Lin Feng and how evil he was. 

Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye had realized how bad the situation was so they had also warned the children. They had also told their children that their father was extremely strong and that the Azure Dragon was evil. 

Little Heng and Little Nian were already three years old. They could speak and their sense of judgement wasn’t bad. They also progressed quickly. They were now fifty centimeters tall, so they were taller than most children of their age. 

Tang You You brought Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye out as well as the children. 

Lin Feng and Lin Qiong Sheng raised their heads and saw the three women. Lin Feng looked at Tang You You, who looked much, much older than before. She had many wrinkles. Her hair was white. 

Tang You You was still wearing a red skirt, but she didn’t look as beautiful as back in the days when she was the little princess of the Tang Clan. How sad. 

Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye had both experienced Empress Xi’s emotionless Dao, so their Qi was cold, colder than Ling Xue’s. 

Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye were still very beautiful. They hadn’t changed. On the contrary, because they had children, they had to run around a lot so they looked fitter. 

The three women looked at Lin Feng. They felt overwhelmed with emotions. They wanted to speak but words didn’t come out so they just started crying. 

Tang You You was the first one who cried because not only did she see Lin Feng but she also saw her son, she hadn’t seen him in about ten years. Lin Qiong Sheng, after having come from the Continent of the Nine Clouds to the Continent of the Gods, she hadn’t seen him again. She missed him so much. 

Now, Lin Qiong Sheng was standing in front of her again. Her baby was back. 

“Mom!” said Lin Qiong Sheng sobbing. Then he ran to Tang You You and knelt down in front of her, then he hugged her legs. He couldn’t control himself anymore, tears of guilt started flowing down his cheeks. 

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” shouted Lin Qiong Sheng. Tang You You was surprised. She lowered her head, feeling an unutterable sadness. Her eyes were also filled with tears. 

But she didn’t know why, suddenly she felt furious and slapped him violently. 


Lin Qiong Sheng knew why his mother was furious. Even if Tang You You wanted to slap him ten times, he was willing to accept that. 

Lin Feng looked at them and sighed. Lin Qiong Sheng was not worthy of being You You’s son sometimes. He hadn’t come to see her in ten years. Meng Qing and Lin Zhe Tian hadn’t met for three years only. 

Tang You You could see that Lin Feng’s wives saw their children more often than she did. That’s why she was angry. 

She had given birth to him, giving birth was painful, and one didn’t give birth to be abandoned by one’s own children! 

Tang You You came back to her senses, she knelt down and looked at Lin Qiong Sheng worriedly. Lin Qiong Sheng’s cheek was red. 

“Is it painful?” Tang You You cried. 

Lin Qiong Sheng shook his head. He said, “No. I’m alright, mother.”

“I’m in pain though. My heart hurts,” said Tang You You, putting her hand on her chest. 

“Stop, mother. Let’s forget about it. Father and I came back to pick you up. Our entire family will never be separated again from now on,” said Lin Qiong Sheng trying to cheer his mother up. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath and walked to Tang You You. He took her in his arms and smiled wryly, “You You, you’ve been working hard for so many years.”

“What are you talking about? You’re the one traveling and doing all the hard work. It must be difficult to inseminate different women everywhere in the universe after all,” said Tang You You mockingly. Lin Feng reddened. You You hadn’t changed. “I’m sure we’ll meet many new women we don’t know this time.”

Qiu Yue Xin blushed and smiled. Then she walked closer with Little Nian in her arms and looked at Lin Feng icily. 

Duan Xin Ye smiled. She looked resplendent as she carried Little Heng. She walked closer. They started chatting and laughing. 

Tang You You also took Lin Qiong Sheng in her arms like a baby. She was angry he hadn’t come back in a long time, but she was also proud of him. 

“Hey, strange uncle, you made mommy Tang cry, when my father comes back, he’ll destroy and kill you!” said Little Heng at that moment. Lin Feng’s smile stiffened. 

Little Heng looked adorable. He looked strong for his age, too, and his Qi was sharp like a sword. 

He looked dynamic and cute at the same time. Lin Feng could see the baby wasn’t happy. After growing up, he would become aggressive and violent like his father. 

Little Heng was only three years old, but had the strength of the Celestial Emperor layer already. Even though it was not comparable to Lin Zu, who had the strength of the Supreme God layer when he had just been born, it was still not bad. Lin Heng would be a talented cultivator. 

Lin Feng was convinced that in twenty years, his children would all be extremely strong. The Lin Clan was gradually coming back to life. 

Little Heng pointed to Lin Feng angrily. He released the strength of the Celestial Emperor layer towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng restricted his own strength to the Celestial Emperor layer and as expected, his son was extremely strong. 

“Oh, your father is that strong? Can he beat me?” asked Lin Feng, pretending he didn’t know. He crouched down and looked at his children. 

Lin Qiong Sheng looked at his three siblings. They all looked outstanding. 

When Little Heng heard that, he shouted furiously and clenched his fists, “My father is the strongest cultivator in the world. My mother told me! If anyone bullies his wives, he destroys them!”

“You’re a bad person! You’re bullying Mother Tang! She will tell my father and he will kill you!” declared Little Heng. He was cute, but he looked both scared and determined at that moment. 

Lin Feng was proud of his son. 

“Stinky little boy, I am your father! Haha!” Lin Feng said, taking Little Heng in his arms. They had the same blood. Lin Feng felt sad that he hadn’t spent much time with Little Heng and Little Nian. 

“Tss! I knew that! Otherwise, Mother Tang would have destroyed you!” said Little Heng bursting into laughter. 

Lin Feng was speechless and didn’t know what to say… 

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