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Chapter 1082: Two Smart Babies!


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“Stinky little boy! You’re lucky I’m not spanking you!” Lin Feng said, pretending to be angry at the little boy. 

Little Heng wasn’t scared and didn’t look worried at all. 

Lin Feng saw his son’s reaction and thought that he would definitely become an extraordinary cultivator as well. He was even convinced that all his children would surpass him someday, including Zhe Tian and Qiong Sheng. 

“How come you’re not afraid?” asked Lin Feng. 

The little boy smiled disdainfully, “You’re my dad, why would I be afraid of you? Besides, have I done anything wrong? Mommy told me that when children didn’t do anything wrong, they should never say they were wrong. That’s what a real man does!” said Little Heng. That little boy was extremely smart. 

Duan Xin Ye looked at Little Heng in satisfaction. Lin Feng was also happy so she was relieved. She hadn’t wasted her time educating her child. 

Qiu Yue Xin smiled too. She wasn’t jealous. When Little Nian saw her mother’s expression, she ran to Lin Feng and flashed into his arms. 

Lin Feng looked at his daughter. 

“Daddy, do you like me?” asked Little Nian. She looked adorable. Little Nian was already outstanding because her parents were outstanding. She was only three years old, but she would definitely be extremely beautiful. 

Lin Feng was already thinking what kind of man would be lucky enough to marry Little Nian in twenty years… 

“Of course I like. Why wouldn’t I?” asked Lin Feng, nodding resolutely. He didn’t understand why she asked. 

When Little Nian heard that, she smiled strangely and stretched out her arms, “If you like me, then hug me!”

“Ah?” Lin Feng laughed wryly. His daughter was smart. “Ah, good little girl. Haha!” Lin Feng laughed wholeheartedly. Then he crouched down and took Little Nian in his right arm while he was holding Little Heng in his left. 

Lin Feng had a really beautiful life. 

Lin Qiong Sheng watched his sister and brother with admiration. He remembered the first time he had seen Lin Feng long ago. The first time he had met Lin Feng, he wasn’t anywhere near as relaxed. On the contrary, he had been quite wary. He had been afraid Lin Feng would hurt him. 

Different generations, different people. A few hundred years later, the generation of his brother and sister would take over. 

Lin Qiong Sheng could already imagine how successful and powerful his sister and brother would become. They might even surpass him and Lin Zhe Tian! 

“Do you want to come with me? I’ll take you home,” Lin Feng said to the two babies. His eyes were filled with excitement. 

When the two babies heard that, they both tried to kiss Lin Feng on the cheek but at the same time, they pushed each other to prevent the other kissing from doing so, as if he had only one cheek. Lin Feng was speechless. 

“I’ll go wherever you go, daddy,” said Little Heng, pushing Little Nian and kissing his father on the cheek before she could. Then he looked at Little Nian in anger. 

Little Nian looked at Little Heng mockingly. Then she said, “I’m like a jacket for you daddy and you must wear a jacket at all times!” said Little Nian. She looked adorable. 

Lin Feng looked at Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin. Their babies were resourceful and smart! 

Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye smiled silently. They knew that their children strongly resembled their father already. 


After a few hours of happy family time, Lin Feng put the kids on the ground, and they ran back to their mothers. 

“This time, I’m not leaving you. I’ll put you in my world,” Lin Feng said to his wives. 

Tang You You smiled indifferently. Her child didn’t mind either. Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye were extremely happy. They would be able to stay with their children all the time and they would be safe there. 

“Pack. We’re leaving tomorrow morning,” Lin Feng said. He turned around and walked away from the courtyard. 

He had many things to do. He had to do everything in one day, otherwise, he would miss the departure for the World of Battles. 

When he left the courtyard, he grabbed the Azure Dragon with one hand and walked to the front palace of Tiantai where the meeting hall was. 

Ling Xue was already there. Li Chuan was also in the meeting hall. Ye Chen and Fu Chen had come back already. They thought something dangerous had happened, but when they came back, Li Chuan told them that their teacher was back. 

Ye Chen and Fu Chen were moved, but Ye Chen didn’t show it, while Fu Chen looked overjoyed. They had different personalities, but they were both outstanding. 

When Lin Feng arrived in the meeting hall, everybody remained silent and the atmosphere became kind of tense. All the elders were standing in front of the great hall. There were hundreds of people. Lin Feng didn’t know most of them. 

When they saw Lin Feng was holding the Azure Dragon in one hand, the expressions of the elders he didn’t know changed drastically. 

“Leader Lin, why did you do that? That is not very appropriate!” shouted an elder audaciously. He stood up immediately. The Azure Dragon’s cultivation had been crippled, after all. 

Lin Feng stood in the center of the great hall. When he heard the elder, he frowned and said indifferently, “Mind your own business!”

“You! Hehe! Leader Lin, don’t you know you’re making all the elders feel bitterly disappointed?! We can’t continue helping Tiantai with someone like you. Would you continue working for Tiantai with someone like you?” When the elder heard Lin Feng, he was furious. He wanted to infuriate all the other elders too so that they would all put pressure on Lin Feng. 

But Li Chuan and the others looked at Lin Feng and waited for him to talk. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he understood the old man was trying to threaten him. 

But Lin Feng smiled indifferently and said, “I don’t need you to support Tiantai.”

“Why? I need an explanation!” shouted the old man angrily, clenching his fists. 

“Give you an explanation? Hehe. Because dead people can’t support Tiantai, right?” Lin Feng said, smiling disdainfully. Then he raised his hand and a gigantic hand shadow enveloped the whole room. 

All the elders Lin Feng didn’t know were inside. All the old men’s expressions changed drastically. They felt powerless. 

“How dare you!” shouted the old man furiously. He was extremely nervous. 

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He didn’t care about those old grouches. 

After that, the atmosphere became calm and silent. All the elders Lin Feng didn’t know had disappeared. 

“Alright, I’m done with this. Now I have other things to do,” Lin Feng said rolling up his sleeves. He looked exhausted. He didn’t feel guilty for killing those hundreds of elders. Li Chuan and Ling Xue realized that Lin Feng had already become so strong that he could kill the people of the Continent of the Gods as if they were ants! 

He had become terrifying. Even Li Chuan and Ling Xue were scared. 

Ye Chen and Fu Chen knew their teacher was aggressive, and they admired him for it. 

“Li Chuan, what should we do with him?” asked Lin Feng pointing to the Azure Dragon. The atmosphere became tense again. 

Li Chuan’s expression changed drastically. He was afraid Lin Feng would ask him that because the Azure Dragon was his teacher, but Lin Feng couldn’t tolerate what the Azure Dragon had done. 

Now, he had to make a decision; who would he continue following, Lin Feng or the Azure Dragon? 

“Choose my teacher,” said Ling Xue to Li Chuan telepathically. If Li Chuan chose the Azure Dragon, that would be extremely reckless. 

However, Li Chuan shook his head and took a deep breath. Then he knelt down in front of the Azure Dragon and looked at Lin Feng. 

The Azure Dragon was astonished and looked at Li Chuan with a heavy heart. He regretted everything he had done. 

“Lin Feng, I can’t betray my teacher. Without my teacher, I wouldn’t be who I am today. If I betrayed him today, I would never forgive myself.

“Little Xue, I am sorry. I know you did everything you did for my own good. My teacher has made a huge mistake, but as a disciple, I have to stay with him even in such circumstances!”

The Azure Dragon lowered his head. He felt so ashamed he didn’t dare look at his disciple. His disciple had treated him with kindness and respect and he had merely used him in return. 

He had been a real bastard! 

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