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Chapter 1183: Shaking the City!



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Zhan Yu Ying did her best to conceal Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling’s death so that nobody would talk about it. She even told everybody in the inn not to talk about it, but some people still did and in the end more and more people learned about it. 

As one could well imagine, the death of a Godly Ancestor was something astonishing, especially the leader of Spiritual Warriors University. The auctions of Jing City hadn’t even started! Most influential groups stopped their assistants from going out after that. 

They did so because they didn’t want their own people to get killed before the beginning of the auctions. There had been ferocious killings at night, but during the day, people didn’t kill each other so openly. The killers didn’t seem so reckless. 

In town, when Jing Rui heard that Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling had been killed, he immediately thought of Lin Feng. Only Lin Feng and some people from the University of Stars and Clouds hated Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling so much that they wanted him dead. But the old ancestor of the University of Stars and Clouds was dead already, and the disciples of the University of Stars and Clouds weren’t strong enough to kill Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling. 

So the only option was Lin Feng… but Lin Feng had disappeared for a while already. Had he come back to Jing City for Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling? That was neither realistic nor wise…

Besides, Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to kill Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling either. He was only a Great Supreme God. How could he kill a Godly Ancestor? 

The whole situation was a mystery. But as the leader of the city, Jing Rui went to see the ninth elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan in the inn. He wanted to cheer her up, and at the same time he also wanted to tell her not to let her servants out. 

The auctions were going to start soon. People from everywhere had come to Jing City to obtain precious treasures. Most of the people had heard of the possibility that there could be a Godly Tao Skill there this time. 

Many people wanted Godly Tao Skills. It was difficult to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer without a Godly Tao Skill!

Early in the morning, Lin Feng was still resting. He had done great that night, but he was still worried because he hadn’t managed to kill all of Lang Zhe’s servants. Some of them had managed to escape. Had they seen him when he had killed Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling? 

If there were witnesses, it wouldn’t be good for him… 

Lin Feng left his room, following Song Chou Jiu and the others to the auction house. The auction house was now in the back of the palace where Jing Rui lived, proving how important it was. 

At noon, all the influential groups had gathered. The disciples of Jing City organized and prepared everything. Nobody caused trouble, probably because people had been stunned by what had happened on the night before. 

Some people even thought that the town’s Great Leader had done it to scare strong cultivators from abroad, like an initial show of strength! 

However, some people dared say that out loud and openly, and were killed by the disciples of Jing City, so nobody dared say that anymore. People who started rumors and caused trouble were punished severely!

The back of the palace was extremely spacious. The pavilions were all hundreds of meters high. In the middle was a gigantic building. A broad flight of stairs led to the entrance door. All the influential groups had to register to get inside, or they weren’t allowed to go to the first floor where the auctions would take place. 

The town’s Great Leader managed the registration process personally. That way, nobody would be angry and nobody would complain. Jing Rui’s social status was extraordinary, after all. Jing City was under Ni Huang’s jurisdiction, so not giving Jing Rui face came down to not giving Ni Huang face. 

When Lin Feng arrived, the auction was going to start soon. The list of influential groups and representatives who had registered was full of people. Lin Feng glanced around and noticed people from about ten different influential groups. 

Zhan Yu Ying, the ninth elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan; and Godly Ancestor Jie Long, the leader of World Dragon University, the one who had come back to life for the second time, like Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling.

Apart from those two, Lin Feng also hated the Demon Clan. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and the Ancient Demon King were both members of the Demon Clan, so Lin Feng couldn’t let them off. 

Sword Mountain! 

Lin Feng looked at the list. Sword Mountain was one of the overlord influential groups, so when Lin Feng saw their name, he was astonished. The leader of Sword Mountain, Godly Ancestor Bei Jian, was thirty-ninth on the List of the World of Battles. The old ancestor of Sword Mountain was Godly Ancestor Zhu Jian!

Some overlords had come to Jing City! What kind of treasure was going to be sold at the auctions?! Why did such strong cultivators come to the auctions this time? Who would dare try and bid more than those extremely strong people? 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. 

Tai Qing Sect! 

The Tai Qing Sect, fortieth on the List of the World of Battles were there too! Lin Feng was astonished. Zi Jing Xiao and Qing Tong had both gone to the Tai Qing Sect; how were they doing? 

The Tai Qing Sect had sent a representative, a Godly Ancestor. 

Lin Feng didn’t finish reading the list. Since the first names he had seen were names of extremely powerful influential groups and people, he thought that the others wouldn’t be as strong. Most groups on the list were influential groups from the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Lin Feng waited for Song Chou Jiu and the others as they registered and went to the first floor. 

The first floor looked incredible. Everything was made of pure gold. Each piece of furniture was made hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Qi in the room was powerful, and the people looked solemn or scared there. 

The first floor was thousands of square meters. At the top of the second floor, close to the third floor, were many small closed and blue-curtained pavilions one couldn’t see inside. One couldn’t even check the Qi of those inside. 

They had been created especially for the auction house. Only extremely strong people could use them. The influential groups from near Jing City could only go to the great halls and sit down there. 

When Song Chou Jiu arrived on the first floor, he didn’t go through the great hall. He followed some disciple from the city as they crossed a secret passage and arrived in a pavilion. It was the thirtieth pavilion, one of the last ones. 

Song Chou Jiu didn’t get angry. Being able to use a pavilion was already a great honor. If he had come solely as one of the three Great Leaders of Man Yu, he wouldn’t have been able to get a pavilion. If he had been the Great Leader of Man Yu, he would have!

But Man Yu was too chaotic these days, and there was no Great Leader now… 

Lin Feng, Qian Jin Cai Yue, and Qing Huang Tian naturally followed him. The pavilion wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t small, either, about forty square meters. There were two chairs made of gold and a table with hot tea on it, its smell filling the air.

Zong Hu, Hu Shan, and people from Man Yu in general didn’t drink tea, only alcohol. Only Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu drank tea as humans. Qing Huang Tian and Qian Jin Cai Yue were phoenixes, so they didn’t drink tea, either. 

Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu initially wanted to leave the two chairs to the two women, but they didn’t sit, so Song Chou Jiu and Lin Feng sat down. Qing Huang Tian stood next to Lin Feng like a maidservant. Cai Yue stood at the window, and looked out through the space between the curtains and the walls to the side. 

She was one of the first ones to learn about what had happened that night, so she was convinced Lin Feng was back. Who hated Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling more than Lin Feng? She suddenly had hope again. 

“Hehe, master, come and teach me how to be strong!” 

Qi filled the air. Zong Hu stood next to Lin Feng. He was two meters fifty, while Lin Feng was much shorter and seated on his chair, so the scene was amusing. Lin Feng looked tiny in comparison. 

But Zong Hu looked determined and resolute, clenching his fists in excitement. He hoped Lin Feng would agree. 

“You really want to study?” Lin Feng laughed. 

“I gave you money, you didn’t try and trick us, right? You’re really going to teach me how to become strong?” 


“Hmph! If you dared lie to me, I, I will…” 

“What will you do? Kill me? Hit me? Torture me? Are you strong enough to do those things?” 

“…I… You… Stop joking around!” 

“I’m not joking around. I can’t teach you anything here. When we go back, I will make you much stronger,” Lin Feng smiled calmly. He suddenly thought that Zong Hu was cute and rather childish. 

“Alright, I’ll wait,” said Zong Hu. He wasn’t sure he completely believed Lin Feng, but the auctions were going to start, so he didn’t dare cause trouble. He didn’t want Song Chou Jiu to get angry. 

Song Chou Jiu wanted to use his godly awareness to inspect the area, but realized it couldn’t penetrate the walls of the pavilion, startling him.

“Brother Song, the builders of these pavilions used special skills and materials to prevent godly awareness from piercing them. Nobody’s godly awareness can pierce through, except Sister Qing’s.” Lin Feng said, glancing at Qing Huang Tian. Qing Huang Tian nodded. She was a Godly Ancestor, so her godly awareness could naturally spread out. 

Song Chou Jiu was disappointed, but he also realized that bringing Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian along had been a great decision. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to see through the walls. He could have opened the curtains to see outside, but then using a pavilion would have been pointless!

“Sister Qing, later, when the auctions start, could you please use your godly awareness to tell us what’s going on outside?” 

“Yes, don’t worry, Leader Song.” 


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