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Chapter 1083: Second Task, Done!

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“Are you sure you want to do that?” asked Lin Feng indifferently to Li Chuan. He wasn’t surprised because he had thought Li Chuan would say that already. Even if his teacher had treated him wrongly, he didn’t want to let him down. 

“I’m sure,” Li Chuan nodded. He would feel like a shameless bastard if he betrayed his teacher. 

Ling Xue pulled a long face and looked nervous. She was afraid Lin Feng would kill Li Chuan, but all she could do was clench her fists and wait. She wasn’t strong enough to intervene. 

“Lin Feng, it’s all my fault. If you are righteous and wise, you won’t blame Li Chuan. You shouldn’t have involved him in all this in the first please. Please don’t blame him,” said the Azure Dragon resolutely. His expression had fallen miserably. He didn’t want Li Chuan to be punished because of him. That kind of disciple was extraordinary. 

When Lin Feng heard that, he did feel magnanimous. The Azure Dragon wasn’t bad to Li Chuan. Even if he had used him, he had also made him the leader of Tiantai. 

He wanted to control Tiantai, but he also hoped his disciple would have a high position. The Azure Dragon’s only problem had been that Li Chuan didn’t want to do anything against Lin Feng. 

“Alright, I agree. Don’t worry,” Lin Feng said nodding calmly. Lin Feng hadn’t intended to kill Li Chuan from the beginning. 

Lin Feng came to the conclusion that Li Chuan was actually trustworthy; he didn’t betray his teacher even in the worst conditions. Lin Feng didn’t need to kill him for that. However, he couldn’t let the Azure Dragon off or Tiantai would be in danger. 

Lin Feng took out his Sword of Remote Times and beheaded the Azure Dragon. Lin Feng wasn’t merciful to people who plotted against him. 

There was a smile on the Azure Dragon’s dead face. He had lost, but in the end, his death hadn’t been so tragic. He had controlled Tiantai for a short while, he had accomplished things in life. That was enough. 

Therefore, he had just closed his eyes and smiled before dying. However, Lin Feng was furious when he saw that. He thought the Azure Dragon just wanted to make fun of him and humiliate him, even in death. 

It came down to saying, Even if you killed me, so what? At least, I had some fun, Tiantai was partly mine, and I even had your wives, fellow disciples and children under control

When Lin Feng saw that, he was happy he had killed the Azure Dragon. He hadn’t gone too far. However, he had killed him too quickly. He should have tortured him and made him suffer before killing him, at the very least dismembering him.

But no matter what, the Azure Dragon was dead, and he would not come back to life because he wasn’t a Great Supreme God and didn’t have a soul jewel. Lin Feng would never bring him back, of course! 

Li Chuan looked sad and dispirited. He knew that the Azure Dragon had too nice a death for what he had done. Lin Feng could have tortured him, and it would have been normal and understandable. 

“Lin Feng, I’d like to bury my teacher,” said Li Chuan, standing up and taking the Azure Dragon’s corpse in his arms. 

“You can go,” Lin Feng said, nodding and taking a deep breath. The Azure Dragon was dead and his disciple wanted to offer him a nice burial. He had been influential in both Tiantai and the Great Huang Dynasty, after all. 

Li Chuan walked away with the Azure Dragon’s corpse in his arms. Ling Xue followed Li Chuan. She wanted to stay with him to make sure he wouldn’t make a stupid mistake. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at his two disciples, Ye Chen and Fu Chen, “You two, go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds right now and call all your uncles. Tell them to come back!”

Lin Feng looked quite grave. Without his fellow disciples’ help, managing Tiantai would be too difficult. 

“Understood, teacher,” said Fu Chen and Ye Chen nodding. Then they turned around and left. 

“No need, silly boy, we’re back!” However, as Ye Chen and Fu Chen were about to leave, eight people appeared in the great palace. When Lin Feng heard that voice, he was extremely happy. 

“Brothers! You’re back!” Lin Feng said looking at Hou Qing Lin standing at the front, and Tian Chi, Lang Xie, Mu Bei, Wu Yong, Ruo Xie, and Mo Qing Tian. 

“Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan and Ku Can stayed in the Continent of the Nine Clouds to protect it. We came back for you,” said Hou Qing Lin sternly. When he had heard Lin Feng was back, they had come back as quickly as possible. 

“Thank you for your hard work, Brother,” Lin Feng said nodding. He knew that his fellow disciples were strong and talented. One of the reasons why the Azure Dragon hadn’t killed Ye Chen and Fu Chen was that he was afraid of Lin Feng’s fellow disciples. If Tiantai hadn’t existed in the Continent of the Nine Clouds as well, the Azure Dragon could have succeeded in his evil plan. 

“Little Lin Feng, you must have lots of things to do this time, right?” asked Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie was more and more talented. He was covered by a dazzling Buddha aura. When people saw him, they felt like kneeling down and kowtowing in front of him. 

“I have three things to do. First, I have to take You You and the others with me. Second thing, I need to bring Xue Ran and some other people back to life. The third thing I have to do is help our teacher retrieve his memories,” Lin Feng said solemnly. Apart from the first thing, none of them were easy. 

When Hou Qing Lin and the others heard Lin Feng, they were surprised, especially when they heard Lin Feng wanted to bring Xue Ran and some other people back to life. In their eyes, bringing someone back to life was impossible. 

But Lin Feng sounded confident, so they believed he was now strong enough to do that. Besides, Lin Feng never said things if he wasn’t sure he could do them. 

And now it was the right time to do it! 

“Little Lin Feng, can you have our teacher retrieve his memories first?” asked Hou Qing Lin and the others. They really hoped Emperor Yu would remember them soon. Without him, everything was different. 

“Alright, we can go now then,” Lin Feng agreed. He glanced at Ye Chen and Fu Chen. They understood what he meant, so they led the way to Emperor Yu’s residence. 


Very quickly, Lin Feng and his fellow disciples arrived where Emperor Yu lived. 

It was calm and silent there. Nobody disturbed him. There were two chairs chairs in the middle of the palace. Ye Chen and Fu Chen’s Qi was on them. 

“We never let the Azure Dragon disturb our teacher’s teacher, so we stayed here. The Azure Dragon was polite and didn’t disturb him,” said Ye Chen gravely. 

Lin Feng nodded silently. He was happy to have such thoughtful disciples. 

He entered the palace. The temperature dropped a little. It was cold and dark in there. Emperor Yu was seated. He looked dead. What was he thinking? 

Emperor Yu lowered his head. He didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng and the others. Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie and the others looked sad when they saw their teacher like that. 

“Little Lin Feng, did you avenge our teacher?” asked Hou Qing Lin, clenching his fists angrily. 

Lin Feng nodded and said gravely, “I did. I killed the one who did it.”

“Good. Good,” said Hou Qing Lin when he heard that. He was relieved. He moved away to give Lin Feng space. 

Lin Feng walked closer to Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu’s eyes looked empty and lifeless. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath as he took out Emperor Yu’s memories from his ring. Lun Bi Ba had stolen them back then. 

Emperor Yu would soon retrieve his memories and strength. Everybody’s heart started beating faster. 

Lin Feng slapped Emperor Yu’s forehead and then the memories flowed from the ring into Emperor Yu’s brain. Lin Feng used Genesis Spiritual strength. It penetrated into Emperor Yu’s body to guide the memories to the brain more efficiently. 

Time passed slowly. Nobody said anything. Everybody just stared at Emperor Yu. 

Emperor Yu looked around, seeming confused. Then he raised his head, stood up and looked at everybody. 

He asked skeptically, “Stinky little boys, why are you looking at me?”

Everybody started crying their eyes out when they heard that, including Lin Feng!

Second task, DONE! 

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