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Chapter 1184: Offering a Hammer to Zong Hu!



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“You are all pieces of trash. You didn’t even manage to kill him?” 

In the thirty-fifth pavilion, Lang Zhe shouted scathingly, but no matter how loud his voice was, nobody could hear him outside of the pavilion. Godly awareness couldn’t penetrate the walls, nor could Qi. 

Lang Zhe looked at the three remaining people in front of him. They were covered in scars and wounds, looking miserable. One could well imagine what they had gone through the previous night. He hadn’t thought Asura would be so strong. He had dispatched fifteen people, and only three had come back! 

Asura had killed Bai Lang, not to mention Ni Hou. Now he had lost twelve more servants because of Asura. He would never forget that. He hated Asura more and more. 

“Master, I… I didn’t see Asura!” said one of the three remaining assistants. He was extremely pale and his heart was pounding, but he had no choice but to tell the truth. 

“What?” Lang Zhe pulled a long face and clenched his fists. The three remaining people were terrified. What if he released his anger on them? 

“Master, we really didn’t see Asura. Two people we didn’t know attacked us!” reply the servant. 

The atmosphere in the pavilion went silent…


The vice town’s Great Leader was a Godly Ancestor wearing a brightly-colored and beautiful robe. He was in charge of managing the auctions this time. 

“Everybody, it’s Jing City’s most important day today! I had never thought there would be such a day in Jing City. It’s a wonderful opportunity Leader Jing Rui wanted to give to everybody. 

“The leader said that this time, nobody needs to worry. No matter what you sell or buy, we will see you off so nobody will attack you on the way out of the city. The leader will not let anyone cause trouble.” 

What he meant by that was nobody would attack you until you reach the border of the city, but after that, you were responsible for your own self. 

“First, I’d like to say thank you to all the influential groups and their representatives for coming, and especially to the Tai Qing Sect and Sword Mountain’s representatives. Thank you for giving Leader Jing Rui face.

“The Leader and I decided something. We’re going to give your two great influential groups one extremely valuable treasure each. You don’t need to spend a single godly coin for them. The Leader also said that when you go back to the Tai Qing Sect and Sword Mountain, you should greet your leaders for us,” finished the man. 

People were astonished, including Lin Feng. Jing Rui was really generous. He had agreed to give the two influential groups extremely precious treasures? But if one thought carefully, it was understandable. If those two influential groups participated in the auctions, the others would have no chance to obtain treasures. 

Jing Rui was thoughtful. He had anticipated that the two influential groups might not dare participate in the auctions without scruples. Now, they didn’t need to worry anymore. 

“Sword Mountain is very grateful.” 

“The Tai Qing Sect is thankful too!” 

Two voices spoke, but nobody knew where they came from. 

Now, the auctions could start! 

“Everybody, the first item is the Ground Destroying Hammer. It’s thirty-thousand jin, five meters long, and a Half-Godly Ancestor weapon. It has the strength of the very top of the Great Supreme God layer. An independent cultivator made it a century ago. 

“Its price is thirty million godly coins!” declared the old man, smiling and stroking his beard. 

Four disciples from Jing City brought a hammer up on the stage. It was made of gold and decorated with lightning patterns. It looked like a thunder god’s hammer, quite fearsome.

Zong Hu looked bewitched. He stretched out his hand. He wanted the hammer! 

He had always hoped he would find a weapon suitable for him someday. If he obtained a hammer like that, he would be able to die content!

Zong Hu looked at Song Chou Jiu, but Song Chou Jiu looked quite serious. He didn’t want to disappoint his servants, but if he bought that one for Zong Hu, then Hu Shan, Ming Shou and Ti Yuan, who all needed weapons, wouldn’t obtain anything. If he bought the hammer, they would have only one billion godly coins left. 

Pleasing one servant wasn’t too complicated, but four? If one of them wasn’t happy, he could stop working for him. He couldn’t risk losing all four.

In the end, Song Chou Jiu didn’t say anything. He couldn’t bid. 

Zong Hu looked annoyed, but he didn’t dare infuriate Song Chou Jiu. He knew what Song Chou Jiu’s goal was. 

Ming Shou looked at Song Chou Jiu approvingly. He also thought they shouldn’t try and obtain that hammer. 

Lin Feng saw that Zong Hu looked disappointed. He thought Zong Hu was a good guy. That hammer probably wasn’t going to be sold at a very high price, so if they managed to obtain it, it would be great. 

“Forty million godly coins,” said someone, raising a plate. 

“Forty-five million,” countered someone else. 

“Fifty million.” 

“Fifty-five million.”

When someone shouted fifty-five million, many people groaned in annoyance. A Half-Godly Ancestor weapon wasn’t worth one hundred million, but it was worth a few score millions. 

Many people started thinking carefully. They didn’t want to get the hammer if it was too expensive, as it would influence the rest of the auctions. They needed to keep money for later, for better items!

“Fifty-five million, who will give me sixty, anyone for sixty? Sixty somewhere?” shouted the old man, but nobody said anything. The old man wasn’t disappointed. Jing City was a huge city and a few tens of millions of godly coins weren’t much for them. They didn’t need them urgently. 

“Fifty-five million, going once!” 

“Fifty-five million, going twice!” 


When the old man was about to say “gone”, the thirtieth pavilion’s crystal lit up, an emerald green light drew everybody’s attention. The old man’s expression suddenly changed. 

“Brother, you…” Zong Hu was astonished when he saw Lin Feng put his jade stone onto the table. Why did Asura want to buy that hammer? 

Lin Feng smiled and remained silent. Then he shouted, “Sixty million!”

“Sixty million?” Someone was spending sixty million godly coins for that hammer? Many people in the great hall were dumbstruck and confused. 

The one who had said fifty-five million was also astonished, but he remained silent. The people in the pavilion were probably from an extremely powerful influential group, so he didn’t want to anger them. Therefore, he didn’t intend to bid any higher. 

The old man glanced at the thirtieth pavilion, then smiled and asked, “Sixty million there, anyone for sixty-five? Will you give me sixty-five?

“Sixty million, going once! Sixty million, going twice!

“Sixty million, going… going… gone! Congratulations, Prince. Someone bring the hammer to that pavilion,” the old man smiled. 

The four disciples brought the hammer to the thirtieth pavilion, and knocked at the door. 

“Zong Hu, go and open the door,” Lin Feng  ordered Zong Hu. Zong Hu was overjoyed. He quickly ran to the door. 

He opened the door and saw the hammer. Zong Hu burst into wholehearted laughter as he took the hammer and raised it. The four disciples of Jing City paled and looked worried. They hoped he wasn’t about to destroy anything, but at the same time they didn’t dare say anything. 

Amazingly, people from Man Yu from the Region of the Eight Corners were inside this pavilion? 

“Leave now,” Lin Feng said. The four disciples closed the door and left through the secret passage again. 

Zong Hu was holding his five-meter hammer. He was half its size, so that hammer seemed like a perfect weapon for him. 

“Brother, this hammer…?” Zong Hu smiled happily. He wanted to ask what to do with the hammer. 

Lin Feng pretended and rolled his eyes, then asked, “Hu Shan, do you like this hammer?” 

“Ah? Haha. Yes. Indeed, Brother Asura! I love that hammer!” When Hu Shan heard Lin Feng, he was astonished at first, but reacted quickly. He naturally wanted the hammer if Lin Feng gave it to him. 

“Alright, it’s yours,” Lin Feng smiled, stretching out his hand. 

Hu Shan smiled and got ready to take it from Zong Hu. Zong Hu’s expression plummeted. He stared at the hammer, then at Lin Feng in desperation, his eyes suddenly became teary. “Brother, why are you doing this to me?” 

“Uh? What did I do?” 

“I like this hammer.” 

“So I should give it to you because you like it?” 

“Ah, otherwise what!?” 

“You’re really shameless.” 

“Wrong. I am extremely shameless! I want the hammer. I don’t care about face and shame.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“I’m sure.”

“Alright, keep it then.” 


Initially, Lin Feng was just joking. He had naturally bought the hammer for Zong Hu. Even Hu Shan knew that, so he had messed around with Zong Hu too. They both just wanted to tease Zong Hu. 

But Lin Feng had spent a lot of money to buy that hammer for Zong Hu, so the four disciples looked at Lin Feng with new eyes, especially Zong Hu. He was extremely touched. Brother Song couldn’t buy it, so Lin Feng had bought it. He was really generous! 

Zong Hu had a lot more affection for Lin Feng now. 

Song Chou Jiu didn’t say anything, but he looked at Lin Feng in a meaningful way. He would not forget Lin Feng’s acts of kindness. He was extremely grateful! 

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