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Chapter 1084: Leaving Without Worries!

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“I’m not going to the Continent of the Nine Clouds but I want to bring Protector Kong, Protector Bei and Patriarch Nan Gong back to life.”

Lin Feng left Emperor Yu’s palace in the evening. He didn’t feel like leaving. Emperor Yu had retrieved his memories, so he recognized everybody again. All he had done to find Emperor Yu’s memories had been worth it. 

Now, Lin Feng needed to bring Protector Kong, Protector Bei, Mister Tian Ji, Nan Gong, and the others back. He owed those people. 

Lin Feng used the method Ancestor Kong had given to him. With the strength of the Great Supreme God layer. It was easy; he just had to find the place the people were at the last time, then he had to use space and time strength, make it flow and rotate, and then use Ancestor Kong’s method. 

As long as they lived in the world, he could bring them back to life! 

However, it was a slow process and it required lots of pure Qi. Lin Feng had no choice but to use his spirit world and absorb life strength from it, which he then transformed into pure Qi. Otherwise, he would be exhausted after a few hours. 


Eight hours later, it was noon and Lin Feng still wasn’t done. 

He took a deep breath. He was standing at the top of Tiantai’s highest tower. It was tens of thousands of meters high. He could see a great distance from there. If he wasn’t mistaken, many people had returned to life back in the Continent of the Nine Clouds now. 

Protector Kong, Protector Bei, and Nan Gong Ling were probably there, alive again. But they had lost their memory. Even though they had come back to life, they couldn’t remember anything because so much time had passed since they had died, so their memories had dispersed. 

But even if they didn’t remember Lin Feng, he was happy because they were alive again. 

Lin Feng turned around, then he started bringing Xue Ran and Tian Di back. One of them was one of his benefactors, and the other one was one of his enemies… but before his death, he had enlightened Lin Feng about what was true and not. 

Lin Feng thought bringing them back to life was worth it because they were both real heroes. 

Ye Chen and Fu Chen were standing behind Lin Feng, waiting for their teacher to be done. They needed to talk to Lin Feng, so they waited quietly, not daring to disturb him.

Lin Feng didn’t know his two disciples wanted to talk to him as he couldn’t afford to be distracted. What he was doing was too important and he didn’t pay attention to anything else. He just focused on bringing Xue Ran and Tian Di back. 

Bringing them back wasn’t as difficult as the Masters in the Continent of the Nine Clouds back because they hadn’t been dead for such a long time, only a few years. After coming back to life, they would still remember some things. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had to keep control over his pure Qi and natural strength, as if he failed during the process, he would never be able to bring the two back. 

Lin Feng felt grateful to Xue Ran. Xue Ran was at the same level as Emperor Yu and Yan Di in Lin Feng’s heart. He had sacrificed himself and his forbidden strength for Lin Feng. Lin Feng had always felt guilty because of that. 

Xue Ran had sacrificed his own life for Lin Feng. He had to return! 

After bringing Xue Ran back, Lin Feng decided not to see him because he didn’t want to cry. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. After readying Ancestor Kong’s resurrection skill, he used his godly awareness to find the valley where Xue Ran had died. He found it, and then also found the place where Tian Di had died. 

Lin Feng clenched his hands, now surrounded by flickering golden lights. The atmosphere grew tenser and tenser. Ye Chen and Fu Chen swallowed, not even daring to breathe because they were afraid it would disturb Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng’s space and time strength crossed the Continent of the Gods. He had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, which made him the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods. Nobody could compete with him here.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng fused space and time strength and pure Qi together, then used the skill Ancestor Kong had taught him. This was the most dangerous part of the procedure; if he failed, Xue Ran would never be able to return. 

Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, and remained focused. Failure wasn’t an option! He was ready to do anything for Xue Ran, who had always taken care of him as a real teacher. 

Lin Feng didn’t dare act hastily. He didn’t release too much space and time strength and pure Qi at once, either. 

Four hours passed. Lin Feng knew he didn’t have much time, but he didn’t act hastily even if it meant having less time to get to the World of Battles. 

Six hours passed, and it was dark outside again. Lin Feng did all he could to bring Xue Ran and Tian Di back. They were about to resurrect! 

“Ye Chen, Fu Chen, move away!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He flashed into midair, dazzling golden lights surrounding him. 

Ye Chen and Fu Chen flashed tens of thousands of meters away from the kwoon of Tiantai, giving their teacher space. 

Lin Feng opened his arms and two golden skeletons appeared in his hands, made of Genesis Spiritual strength. They were special bodies Xue Ran and Tian Di would have after coming back to life. 

They weren’t Genesis Spiritual Bodies, but they were deeply connected to it. They were better than Forbidden Bodies! 

Tshh, tshh…

The golden bodies Lin Feng held in his hands flew away and fused together with two bodies gradually appearing in midair.

Slowly, the two bodies became more distinct, growing real flesh and muscles. 

After some time, the two bodies weren’t golden anymore, and looked normal. 

Xue Ran was on the left. He looked much younger than before his death. Before dying, he was an old man, now he was a middle-aged man. He had no beard anymore, and he looked much more energetic and livelier. 

The one on the right was Tian Di. Tian Di looked more righteous and livelier, too. He didn’t look so sinister anymore. 

They died, and had now changed as they came back to life! 

Xue Ran and Tian Di were reborn and stronger than before. Before dying, they hadn’t even broken through to the Supreme God layer. Now, they had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer already! 

But they were still far from being as strong as Xue Ran the Demon Emperor or Yan Shan Ming. Tian Di was of the same generation as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was getting ready to go to the World of Battles, while Lin Feng had made great efforts to bring Tian Di back to life. He didn’t want him to be remembered for the person he wasn’t. 

“Ye Chen, Fu Chen, I’m off. They’ll need a while before coming back to their senses. Wait here,” Lin Feng said. Then he left. Ye Chen and Fu Chen wanted to call out to him, but they remained silent in the end. Having seen him working made them realize one thing: they were way too weak to go to the Country of Eternity! 

They needed more years of improvement. If they went to the Country of Eternity, people would only humiliate and bully them! 

Ye Chen and Fu Chen watched their teacher’s silhouette disappear. 

Lin Feng landed in a calm courtyard. Tang You You, Qiu Yue Xin, Duan Xin Ye, Little Heng and Little Nian were there. Lin Feng put them all in his spirit world and then left with Lin Qiong Sheng. 

Emperor Yu, Hou Qing Lin and the others arrived outside and waited for Lin Feng. 

Li Chuan and Ling Xue were also standing there. They had buried the Azure Dragon, and Li Chuan was forgetting about his grief. 

“Little Lin Feng, when will see each other again? Hehe!” said Emperor Yu sadly. He knew Lin Feng and he belonged to different worlds now, so he just hoped Lin Feng would succeed and be happy in the future. 

“I’m not worthy of being your disciple, teacher, forgive me,” Lin Feng said, kneeling down in front of Emperor Yu and lowering his head guiltily. 

“Rise! Hurry!” shouted Emperor Yu, almost yelping in surprise. He pulled Lin Feng back up. He couldn’t see Lin Feng like that. Lin Feng had done nothing wrong, he had nothing to be sorry about! 

“Go, I hope that next time we meet, we’ll have time to drink some tea together!”

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