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Chapter 1185: Bright Ground Fire Lotus!



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“Thirtieth pavilion, please pay at the end of the auctions. Next item now!” said the old man. He didn’t want to waste time. The auctions were divided into different rounds, and each round lasted for a day. 

If they didn’t hurry, people would get bored, so they couldn’t waste time. When people were bored they usually started fighting, and the situation would be out of control. 

A disciple of Jing City brought out a fire-red container. Suddenly, the temperature of the whole great hall shot up. It was very hot already before, but now it was thousands of degrees higher. Many people started sweating. 

Lin Feng’s Jia Yan’s Eye started reacting, and became golden. It was like his Jia Yan’s Eye wanted to attack. Lin Feng used Buddhist strength to oppress the strength of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. The Jia Yan’s Eye was formerly blood-red, but since it had been refined by the Fire Spirit’s fire in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, it had turned into a fire eye. 

The fire of the Jia Yan’s Eye was the fire from the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, it had the exact same nature. Now it had started pulsating, as if something was attracting its attention. It was probably the precious item which had just been brought onto the stage. 

Lin Feng asked Qing Huang Tian to show him what the item looked like, so everybody in the pavilion could see it. 

“Bright Ground Fire Lotus. Thirty thousand years ago, the ancestor of a clan picked it up on Fire Lotus Mountain. When they bloom, three lotus flowers are formed. Each flower contains an infinite amount of explosive strength. It can make everybody explode in a radius of a hundred li. They can also be used to resist Godly Ancestors,” proclaimed the old man. There were three fire thumb-sized lotus flowers pulsating in the container. It felt like their fire could refine the whole universe and make every living being’s heart burn. 

Many people swallowed. If someone evil obtained that lotus, it would be a catastrophe. They would be able to slaughter so many people! Apart from the owner, everybody in a radius of a hundred li would turn to ashes!

Many people were astonished when they saw the Bright Ground Fire Lotus. Nobody had ever seen how explosive and terrifying it was before. And now it was finally being sold at Jing City’s auctions. 

Many people were also amazed that it could also be used to resist Godly Ancestors. 

“The starting price of the Bright Ground Fire Lotus is one hundred million godly coins,” said the old man. As soon as he finished his sentence, someone shouted, “A hundred and thirty million!” from the fifth pavilion. The jade stone of the pavilion was lit up. The people in the fifth pavilion were probably from an extremely powerful influential group…

“A hundred and fifty million!” countered a man in white clothes in the great hall, raising his plate. He was willing to challenge the influential groups in the pavilions for such an incredible item. 

“Hey, isn’t that the leader of the Bai Clan? He’s also participating in the auctions?” 

“Yes. He’s audacious! He dares compete with the influential groups of the pavilions! He’s going to get crushed at some point!” 

“He’s a Godly Ancestor. Even if those influential groups are very strong, it doesn’t mean their representatives are Godly Ancestors, so he’s not afraid.” 

“You speak as if you were stronger than a Godly Ancestor.”

“And you only have the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, how can you talk about Godly Ancestors? You’re nothing in comparison to a Godly Ancestor.” 


Some people started arguing in the great hall. However, they quickly stopped talking again, but not willingly. Two lights flashed and blood gushed. The two men’s bodies collapsed on the ground, bathed in their own blood. 

An old man took his two daggers back indifferently. “Continue!” he shouted. Nobody dared act insolently again. The old man was the vice town’s Great Leader, a powerful Godly Ancestor. 

“One hundred and sixty million!” called out someone from the seventh pavilion. Their jade stone was also lit. 

“One hundred and eighty million!” declared the leader of the Bai Clan. Many people stared at him. Lin Feng also looked at the middle-aged man in white clothes. Then he realized that man looked like the Young Master of the Bai Clan he had killed. Was it that man’s son? 

If that was the case, then the men in black clothes worked as slaves for the Bai Clan? What kind of clan was it? How come they had such powerful slaves? 

Lin Feng couldn’t forget about the past; he had to get rid of such enemies. 

“Two hundred million.”

As he was thinking, someone else spoke. This time, it was Song Chou Jiu. He pushed a button on the table, the jade stone of their pavilion lit up. 

The thirtieth pavilion had also bid! 

The old man knew who was in the thirtieth pavilion. Leader Jing Rui had told him to take care of the people of the thirtieth and sixth pavilions. He took that very seriously. 

“Two hundred million, highest price of the auctions so far,” said the old, man smiling and glancing around. 

But nobody’s jade stone flashed or anything. Since it was that way… 

“Since nobody else is bidding…” 

“Two hundred and thirty million!” someone interrupted came from the fifth pavilion. 

What were they trying to do? Humiliate the people of the thirtieth pavilion? 

The old man’s expression didn’t change; he just smiled and asked, “Anyone else?” 

“Two hundred and forty million,” said Song Chou Jiu, their jade stone lighting up again. Hearts started pounding. 

“Two hundred fifty million!” called someone in the twentieth pavilion. 

“Two hundred and sixty million!” bid Song Chou Jiu. 

“Two hundred and eighty million!” exclaimed someone in the twentieth pavilion. 

“Three hundred million!” shouted Song Chou Jiu, clenching his fists. He really wanted the Bright Ground Fire Lotus. 

Many people were completely astonished. Three hundred million for the Bright Ground Fire Lotus? Who needed it so much? 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at the twenty-fifth pavilion. He didn’t know who was inside, and he didn’t care, he wanted the lotus!

“Three hundred million, anyone else?” asked the old man with a huge smile. The more expensive the item, the better it was for Jing City! 

“Three hundred and fifty million!” said someone indifferently from the twenty-fifth pavilion. The atmosphere became explosive. 

“Are they serious?!” shouted Zong Hu angrily, shaking his hammer. He really wanted to go out of the pavilion and see who was in the twenty-fifth one. 

“Yes, they’re going too far!” shouted Ti Yuan furiously. His muscles kept twitching. If anyone else had seen that, they would have been startled. 

Song Chou Jiu pulled a long face. Why were the people of the twenty-fifth pavilion provoking them? Who were they? 

Was it Lang Zhe’s group? Impossible. Lang Zhe couldn’t know where they were, just like they didn’t know where Lang Zhe and his group were. Jing Rui couldn’t possibly betray any participant. 

Three hundred and fifty million? Was that price worth it? He felt skeptical and hesitated.

Qing Huang Tian looked at him and said telepathically, “Use the money I gave you as you wish, as long as Asura also benefits from the auctions. He also needs the Bright Ground Fire Lotus.” 

She could feel the fire Qi emerge from Lin Feng’s body. Even though she didn’t know what kind of fire it was, she had noticed that Lin Feng’s fire had been activated. 

She really hoped Lin Feng could obtain the fire lotus. 

Qing Huang Tian had given him three billion godly coins. As long as he gave something to Asura, he wouldn’t need to feel guilty. If he managed to obtain the Bright Ground Fire Lotus, he would be able to share it with Lin Feng, since the lotus had three flowers. He could take one, Lin Feng could have one and he could leave the third flower in Man Yu. 

Thinking about that, he decided to continue bidding. “Four hundred million!”

The great hall was silent, rather dumbstruck.

Song Chou Jiu looked at the twenty-fifth pavilion, who had stopped bidding. He calmed down. Had they been bidding just so that he would spend lots of godly coins? 

Had he been fooled? 

Lin Feng frowned. He was angry too. Had the people of the twenty-fifth pavilion been fooling around with them as well? He remembered he had done that once himself, but those people were even better than him at it. 

Twenty-fifth pavilion? Lin Feng remembered that number. 


Some disciples quickly brought the Bright Ground Fire Lotus to Song Chou Jiu. He studied it gleefully. 

Lin Feng also looked at the lotus in admiration. Even though he wanted it, he didn’t say anything. 

“Brother Asura, there are three flowers, you and I take one each, and we can leave the third one in Man Yu. It could be used by someone else in the future.” 


“Sister Qing and Miss Cai Yue helped buy it, so don’t worry about accepting it.” 


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