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Chapter 1085: Saving Hu Ba!

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“Father, we need to leave as quickly as possible, otherwise, we won’t make to the Fa Lan Empire in time!”

Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Feng had already left the Continent of the Gods. At that moment, they were in the sky of the Country of Eternity. They had already crossed the borderland village of San City. 

Lin Qiong Sheng was worried. They had spent too much time in the Continent of the Gods and only two days were left before the departure for the World of Battles. 

If they didn’t fly faster, they would be late!

Lin Feng looked at the sky. There were stars. When they had left the Continent of the Gods, there had been stars, too, but they weren’t the same ones. 

They had spent twenty-four hours crossing the passage between the Continent of the Gods and the Country of Eternity. Only two days were left now before the departure and if they flew fast enough, one day would suffice to fly back to the Fa Lan Empire. So Lin Feng decided he had enough time to do one last thing. 

He decided to save his adoptive son, Hu Ba! 

The elf Hu Ba had disappeared from the Continent of the Gods. Lin Feng was worried about him. Back then, Ancestor Kong had mentioned something which had set Lin Feng thinking. He was now sure that Hu Ba was in danger. 

He was going to leave for the World of Battles, so he had to save Hu Ba first! 

“Qiong Sheng, go to the Fa Lan Empire. I have something to do,” Lin Feng said grimly. He flew towards Ao Lai City. 

Ao Lai City was also one of the places where Lin Feng had never been. Two ancient clans were there, the Ancient Beast Clan and the Ancient Xuan Clan. Lin Feng didn’t have good relations with them. Some small tensions had even arisen between him and them. 

There had been misunderstandings between Lin Feng and Garuḍa. In the end, they had solved the issue but even now, Lin Feng still couldn’t forgive the Ancient Beast Clan because they had made a huge mistake, imprisoning Hu Ba! 

Hu Ba had been in the Country of Eternity for a long time. A short time after he had arrived, the Ancient Beast Clan had imprisoned him. 

How could anyone treat the King of Beasts like that? Hu Ba had royal Qi and Lin Feng had birthed him in his spirit world. Hu Ba had inherited many qualities from Lin Feng. 

Therefore, the Ancient Beast Clan had cast greedy eyes on Hu Ba and imprisoned him in the end. They had only one purpose; if a young genius arose in the clan, then they would give them Hu Ba to eat! 

Eating a bestial king had many advantages, allowing cultivators to progress much faster. Therefore, the Ancient Beast Clan had cast greedy eyes on him. They didn’t know Hu Ba and Lin Feng were related. If they had, they would never have done that. 

Lin Feng had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan and Yuan Hall, after all. The Ancient Beast Clan was much weaker than Yuan Hall. Lin Feng could easily destroy them! 

But Lin Feng didn’t want to resort to drastic measures. He just wanted them to release Hu Ba and to find a nice place for him. He was about to go to the World of Battles, so he didn’t want to cause trouble. 


To reach Ao Lai City from San City, Lin Feng just needed to cross Ze Country and the Lun Bi Empire. 

Lin Feng couldn’t fly too fast since he had used lots of pure Qi to save Xue Ran, Nan Gong Ling, and the others. 

Early in the morning, the sky was rosy. It was beautiful to look at the reverberation of the sun on water. The water looked like blood. 

Lin Feng arrived in Ao Lai City shortly after that. 

Ao Lai City was much simpler than Tian Dong City, a bit like Jin Lun City. The buildings weren’t too sophisticated. 

Lin Feng was surprised because the city looked like a postwar city. No wonder beasts lived here; humans couldn’t live in such conditions. 

It was a strange landscape. 

But Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the view. Hu Ba was imprisoned here. Saving him was the last thing he wanted to do before leaving Gods Country. 

After he arrived in Ao Lai City, finding the Ancient Beast Clan wasn’t easy, but Lin Feng was ready to spend time looking for it. 

Lin Feng raised his arms and released his strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer across an area of hundreds of thousands of li wide. Many people panicked when they sensed his Qi and saw Lin Feng in the sky. 

The Ancient Beast Clan and the Ancient Xuan Clan wouldn’t feel safe after seeing that Qi, so someone would come out. 

Lin Feng’s method worked quite well. 

Half an hour later, Lin Feng frowned. He looked to the north of Ao Lai City. A few different threads of Qi had emerged. They belonged to cultivators of the high-level Supreme God layer, but there was no Great Supreme God. That wasn’t unusual, as nobody in those groups apart from the leaders had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng waited for those people to get closer. After a few minutes, he saw a few people in front of him. They were carrying sword and wearing cyan clothes. 

People from the Ancient Xuan Clan! 

“What brings you here, Master?” The men felt oppressed so they acted submissively. They didn’t want to offend a terrifying cultivator. 

Lin Feng said indifferently, “Are you disciples of the Ancient Xuan Clan?”

“Yes, Master,” replied the man respectfully. The leader had already warned them when they had left. He had told them the visitor was extremely strong and that nobody in Ao Lai City could compete with him. 

Therefore, they were extremely respectful. They knew Lin Feng could destroy the entire city. 

Usually, Ao Lai City was a very peaceful and calm city. Nobody caused trouble, and deaths were rare. They had peaceful lives here. Its inhabitants didn’t envy the first empire or the first city of the Country of Eternity. 

They were hoping Lin Feng wouldn’t cause trouble. 

“I am looking for the Ancient Beast Clan, not the Ancient Xuan Clan. You can go back. Greet your leader, Xuan Tie Chen, from me. Tell him that I, Lin Feng, will pay him a visit when I have time. Tell him I’m sorry for not spending some time with him this time, I’m too busy,” Lin Feng said, smiling politely. 

When the man heard that, his expression changed drastically and his heart started pounding. 

“Lin, Lin, Lin Feng?” All the men were dumbstruck and terrified. Lin Feng didn’t have the best reputation. 

“Yes, you can leave now,” Lin Feng said smiling dismissively and nodding. He wasn’t really friends with Xuan Tie Chen, he had met him just once during the Great Competition of the West. Lin Feng didn’t want to involve them in his issue with the Ancient Beast Clan. 

When the disciples of the Ancient Xuan Clan heard that, they were delighted. Lin Feng wasn’t looking for them. 

“So, we can leave, Master Lin Feng?” asked the man carefully. 

“If you know the Ancient Beast Clan’s location, you can also tell me where they are,” Lin Feng smiled. 

The leader of the group hesitated, but then he pointed to the south and said in a low voice, “Master, five hundred li south, there’s a hotel and restaurant, it’s the only passage to the Ancient Beast Clan.”

“Alright, thank you. You can leave,” Lin Feng said, patting the man’s shoulder. The man paled in terror; he had thought Lin Feng was going to hit him. 

Lin Feng smiled silently and flew away south. 

The man took a deep breath. He was covered in cold sweat. “Let’s go and report to the leader!”

He wasn’t reassured. He was still extremely worried, so he wanted to report to Xuan Tie Chen, who would then decide what to do. 

When they left, Lin Feng was already at the door of the hotel and restaurant. 

It looked strange and Lin Feng could sense some bestial Qi about. There was no human Qi there. 

Lin Feng entered the restaurant. There was only one person inside. 

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