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Chapter 1186: Dazzling Flower!



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“Next precious item! The Dazzling Flower!” said the old man. Everybody in the World of Battles understood what “Dazzling Flower” meant. Even Qing Huang Tian’s eyes twinkled. 

“The Dazzling Flower is being sold at auction? Jing City’s auctions are really amazing!” Song Chou Jiu sighed. The Dazzling Flower was one of the most valuable treasures of the World of Battles, and now someone was going to obtain one. How incredible! That person would probably become an overlord someday. 

During the previous hundred thousand years, two people had become overlords thanks to the Dazzling Flower. They were extremely famous, had incredible reputations, and people revered them. 

Rainy Zhaoge, Luo Zhao Sheng! A hundred thousand years ago, he had obtained the Dazzling Flower by accident and thanks to the protection of the flower, he became an overlord. He was forty-ninth on the List of the World of Battles. It was how the Dazzling Flower became known as an extraordinarily powerful treasure. 

Gui Hun Yue Du Sheng, Bai Mu Xiao! Fifty thousand years before, he had also obtained the Dazzling Flower somewhere. An enemy had been chasing him for a while. In the end, after cultivating with the Dazzling Flower in a forbidden area, he came back out extremely powerful, and he destroyed his enemy’s whole clan. He became an overlord, and was now thirty-sixth on the List of the World of Battles. 

They were the reason why the Dazzling Flower was so famous. There wasn’t only one Dazzling Flower. Nobody knew how many there were, but those who obtained one were protected by it. 

So when a Dazzling Flower appeared, people were astonished. Many people decided that no matter what the price was, they were ready to spend almost all the money they had to obtain it, because the Dazzling Flower could make them become an overlord in the future. They would just have to survive until then!

But obtaining a Dazzling Flower at auction was extremely dangerous. First, one had to be the highest bidder. Then, one had to be qualified to be protected by it. After receiving its protection, one had to survive long enough. Luo Zhao Sheng and Bai Mu Xiao were completely different; they had secretly obtained the Dazzling Flower’s protection, so nobody knew about it until they were strong enough! 

But this time, the new owner would be in permanent danger because everybody would know about it. Only extremely strong cultivators or disciples of extremely influential groups would be safe if they obtained it. 

When Lin Feng heard Qing Huang Tian’s explanation, he was astonished. Less than a hundred years to become an overlord? The World of Battles was an extremely mysterious and strange world, as expected! Lin Feng had never heard of such a treasure before. 

“The Dazzling Flower is of great significance, so I cannot take it out. Only when the highest bidder has been determined will I bring it to them. But rest assured, there will be no incident.” 

“Leader Jing Rui is the forty-fourth overlord of the List of the World of Battles. He doesn’t need to play little tricks, right?” said the old man in his colorful robe, looking around. 

There were people in the first, second, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighteenth, nineteenth, twenty-third, twenty-fifth, twenty-seventh, and thirty-fifth pavilions. Most people thought that those in the first and second pavilions were the people of Sword Mountain and the Tai Qing Sect. That meant the people in the fifth and sixth pavilions had to be from other big and powerful influential groups. They might be from the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Regarding the empty pavilions, they were there because some people weren’t qualified to be in a pavilion. Empty pavilions were also used as buffer zones sometimes, spaces between the pavilions of two groups who were enemies. 

Everybody looked at the stage. They had never seen a Dazzling Flower. 

“The starting price of the Dazzling Flower is five hundred million!” 

Five hundred million! 

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed. He really wanted to obtain the Dazzling Flower, but so many influential groups also wanted to have it. Lin Feng, as an unknown cultivator in that world, couldn’t obtain it. Song Chou Jiu couldn’t obtain it, either. In the Region of the Eight Corners, Man Yu was the weakest area, not to mention that he was just one of the three leaders of Man Yu. 

He couldn’t obtain the Dazzling Flower. 

But if he couldn’t obtain the Dazzling Flower, why not mess with the others? The people in the twenty-fifth pavilion would probably bid on it. Time for revenge! He could now force the price to skyrocket so that the others would buy it at the highest price possible! 

Many people had remained reserved during the Dazzling Flower’s auction. Apart from the leader of the Bai Clan, everybody had their heads lowered. They knew they couldn’t obtain the Dazzling Flower, so they didn’t dare bid. 

“Five hundred and thirty million!” said the leader of the Bai Clan, the first one to bid. He wasn’t afraid of those influential groups… or at least, he didn’t need to fear them in Jing City. He really wanted the Dazzling Flower too, so he had to do his best. 

“Five hundred and fifty million,” bid someone as soon as the leader of the Bai Clan finished talking. That voice came from the sixth pavilion. Their jade light was dazzling. 

“Six hundred million,” called out the seventh pavilion. 

“Six hundred and fifty million,” raised the eighteenth pavilion. 

“Six hundred and sixty million,” called out the sixth pavilion. 

“Seven hundred million!” proclaimed the twenty-third pavilion. 

“Eight hundred million!” thundered the twenty-fifth pavilion. Lin Feng and the others paid careful attention to the bidding. Suddenly, Lin Feng grinned. Since he was there, why not enjoy himself a little? 

“One billion,” Lin Feng said, pressing the button on the table to activate the jade light of the pavilion. Everybody was astonished! 

“Who are they? One billion?” 

“That’s crazy aggressive. It must be an influential group from the Region of the Eight Corners.” 

“Forget it. We can’t get it. Let’s just wait and see who will be the lucky one,” muttered someone. People in the great hall were smiling fatalistically and shaking their heads. One billion was too much. Their whole wealth combined didn’t reach a billion! 

The representative of the twenty-fifth pavilion turned around, his eyes gleaming icily. Some people dared challenge them? Was the representative in the thirtieth pavilion sick of living? 

“One billion and thirty million!” shouted the representative in the twenty-fifth pavilion. He wanted to see what kind of influential group those in the thirtieth pavilion were from. 

“One billion and fifty million,” Lin Feng said. Song Chou Jiu winced. He didn’t understand Lin Feng. 

“Asura, you… want it?” asked Song Chou Jiu. His heart was pounding. Even if they could obtain the Dazzling Flower, they wouldn’t be able to keep it for long. They would lose the money, the item, and get destroyed. Why bother? 

Asura smiled at Song Chou Jiu and shook his head. He looked at the twenty-fifth pavilion and gradually, Ming Shou started understanding what Lin Feng was trying to do. He smiled. 

Song Chou Jiu also understood, but he still thought it was too risky. Why offend the members of the twenty-fifth pavilion? Once outside, they would still be able to get their revenge!

But he also admired Lin Feng. He was similar to people in Man Yu. It was one of the reasons why Zong Hu and the others had acknowledged him. 

“One billion and eighty million!” shouted the representative of the twenty-fifth pavilion, grinding his teeth angrily. 

When Lin Feng heard how furious he was, he stayed calm and countered, “Two billion!” 


“What are they trying to do? Provocation?” 

“I don’t know. What’s going on?” 

Many people were astonished. Two billion?! That was a lot of money. Would the representative of the twenty-fifth pavilion continue bidding? 

Everybody looked in the direction of the twenty-fifth pavilion. 

In the pavilion, the cheeks of Gan Yu’s representative were extremely red and burning. He ground his teeth, and his eyes gleamed icily. Who dared provoke Gan Yu? 

“Third brother, you can’t continue bidding. O… Otherwise, what about the following items?” said a three-meter-tall man next to Gan Yu’s representative. The others had raised the price on purpose! 

The representative of Gan Yu was furious. He knew that they had done it on purpose. He couldn’t give up on the Dazzling Flower though! He had always dreamt of bumping into one someday in his life. 

“Last time. I have to take this risk.” he said in a low voice. Then he pressed the jade button, he closed his eyes and shouted, “Three billion!”

He raised a straight billion this time. Everybody swallowed, and looked in the direction of the thirtieth pavilion without even realizing it. What were they going to do now? 

Nobody said anything for a long time. The crowd guessed that they had just raised the price on purpose. 

Lin Feng had his arms crossed in front of his chest and just grinned mockingly. He had reached his goal. He had gotten revenge. 

Got them!

“Hehe, brother, you’re cruel! I admire you!” said Zong Hu, smiling and shaking his hammer. Lin Feng just smiled casually. 

The representative of Gan Yu took a deep breath. He was furious, and felt he was going to burst. He wanted to destroy the other bidder as violently as possible!

“Hehe, dear friends from the thirtieth pavilion! You’ll see when we meet!” he shouted furiously. His terrifying strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer invaded the pavilion. 

Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu felt some pressure. Zong Hu and the three others paled. Qing Huang Tian was the only one whose expression didn’t change. 

“Sister Qing, injure him!” shouted Lin Feng in a low voice. It was bold, but Lin Feng didn’t care. They wanted to play that little game? Not with him! 

“Alright,” Qing Huang Tian nodded. She suddenly released a terrifyingly cold Qi. Her Qi of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer emerged from the pavilion. Everybody’s eyes went wide.

Someone shouted in agony. The representative of Gan Yu was injured. His face was extremely pale. 

There was a slashing, and blood gushed. His expression stiffened. 

A… A Godly Ancestor! 

“My friend, next time, think before acting. If you can’t compete with us, then don’t provoke us. And remember there are always stronger people than you in this world. Many!” Lin Feng replied, smiling icily. He didn’t give him face at all, everyone heard him.

When the representative of Gan Yu heard that, he coughed blood and nearly fainted. 

“Uncle, what do we do?” asked the representative of Gan Yu. He looked at an old man behind him wearing a purple robe. 

The old man was expressionless. “Just endure!”

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