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Chapter 1086: You Choose: I Either Destroy You, or You Release Him! 


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“Dear guest, we’re not working today,” said the only man in the restaurant when Lin Feng entered. His expression was wary, but he remained polite. 

He hoped Lin Feng would leave without causing trouble. However, when Lin Feng heard him, his expression didn’t change and he said indifferently, “Go and tell Chang Hao I’m waiting for him here.”

Lin Feng sat down at the bar and helped himself to bottle of beer. He started downing glasses. 

The man’s expression fell when he heard the name. This person had dared call the leader of the Ancient Beast Clan by his name, Chang Hao! Therefore, the owner of the restaurant understood Lin Feng was a terrifying cultivator! 

Only strong people dared do things like that. However, a big event was happening in the Ancient Beast Clan, he couldn’t possibly come and see a guest? 

So, the man didn’t leave. He just remained wary. 

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently and nodded. He downed another glass and put it back on the table. 

“Let’s go. Bring me to Chang Hao,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t have much time to lose. If Chang Hao couldn’t come, then Lin Feng had to go to him. 

Lin Feng didn’t give the man any opportunity. The man knew Lin Feng was too powerful. He might even be much stronger than Chang Hao. 

The man didn’t dare resist anymore. He couldn’t contradict Lin Feng, and had to lead the way. He didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he was too weak and had a low social status, so he couldn’t do much. 

Even if a catastrophe happened in the Ancient Beast Clan, he had no choice because if he didn’t lead the way, Lin Feng would kill him! 

Lin Feng grabbed the man by the collar and flew away. 


Half an hour later, they arrived in the central part of the city’s south. A group of buildings drew Lin Feng’s attention; it was also where the man was directing Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng and the man landed. The buildings were all hundreds of meters high. Some pavilions were even thousands of meters high. They were also extremely wide. 

Buildings were bigger in the Ancient Beast Clan because beasts lived here. 

“Bring me to Chang Hao,” Lin Feng said indifferently. He was still holding the man by the collar. The man just smiled helplessly and told Lin Feng where to go. 

Lin Feng didn’t let go of the man the whole way. Many people in the Ancient Beast Clan saw that and got ready to attack, b Lin Feng’s Qi was terrifying. When his energies rolled around him, the disciples didn’t dare do anything. Everybody cared about their own life first. 

When they arrived in the central area of the Ancient Beast Clan, Lin Feng didn’t need the man to lead the way anymore, because the disciples and elders had gathered there around a ten thousand meter public square. 

There was an iron cage in the middle of that area. It was five meters long, three meters wide and four meters high. In the cage was someone who looked almost exactly the same as him, but was wearing different clothes, so they were less striking. 

It wasn’t Lin Feng. It was Hu Ba, the king of beasts, Lin Feng’s adoptive son. 

Today, the Ancient Beast Clan was going to use him for their ritual sacrifice!

Everybody had come to watch. The sole purpose of the Ancient Beast Clan was to make the strongest disciple of the Ancient Beast Clan become stronger. 

Hu Ba was the most important element of the sacrificial ritual. Without him, it wasn’t possible. 

When Lin Feng saw Hu Ba, he was actually almost relieved. He wasn’t wounded, and his Qi was stable. The Ancient Beast Clan hadn’t tortured him. But at the same time, it was understandable because they needed him at his best, so they couldn’t torture him. 

No matter what, Lin Feng couldn’t forgive the Ancient Beast Clan for what they had done to Hu Ba. He had to do what a father would do. 

Lin Feng would never forget what he had gone through with Hu Ba back when Hu Ba had called him “father”. Hu Ba was now grown up and things hadn’t changed. Lin Feng still felt responsible as a father. 

Lin Feng couldn’t let the Ancient Beast Clan humiliate his son! 

Lin Feng didn’t need to say anything because Chang Hao saw him. When he saw Lin Feng, he suddenly looked very unhappy. He had had doubts that Lin Feng and Hu Ba were somehow related because they looked so similar. 

Now, Lin Feng was there and Chang Hao understood that not only were Lin Feng and Hu Ba related, but they also had a strong connection. 

That wasn’t good news. It was the day of their sacrificial ritual. They wanted to help Jia Li Ya become stronger, and break through two cultivation layers at once. That way, Jia Li Ya would have the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer! 

For that to happen, Jia Li Ya had to eat Hu Ba. However, with Lin Feng there, it didn’t seem possible anymore. 

Not only wasn’t the ritual possible anymore, they also had to think of their own safety. Lin Feng was fierce and brutal, everybody knew that! 

Chang Hao didn’t know what to do. He looked at Jia Li Ya. Jia Li Ya had already surpassed him. Jia Li Ya had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer already. Jia Li Ya was already the strongest cultivator of the Ancient Beast Clan. 

But now Lin Feng was there, and he was definitely there to cause trouble. 

Hu Ba was caged, but still saw his father. When he saw Lin Feng, he smiled. Indeed, that was his father, and he was there to save him. His father hadn’t forgotten him!

“Fa, father!” shouted Hu Ba. Hearing that, Lin Feng felt like he had been stabbed. He felt so guilty. 

Even though Hu Ba was an adult, his voice hadn’t changed. He still sounded like a child. Hearing Hu Ba call him father was heart-wrenching. 

“Hu Ba, your father will save you! Trust me!” shouted Lin Feng loudly, so that everybody could hear him. 

“Yes, I trust you, father!” answered Hu Ba, smiling broadly. He had never had doubts regarding Lin Feng’s strength.

Chang Hao felt extremely unhappy, but he knew there wasn’t much he could do. He tried to take his courage in both hands and shouted, “Lin Feng, today is the sacrificial ceremony of the Ancient Beast Clan. You better not ruin it!”

“You choose: I can either destroy your clan or you release him!” Lin Feng said icily. The disciples’ expressions all collapsed when they heard that. 

Chang Hao looked even glummer and shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, don’t go too far!”

“You choose: I can either destroy your clan or you release him!” repeated Lin Feng grimily. 

Chang Hao started suffocating to the extent that he put his hands on his throat. 

The atmosphere became ice-cold. 

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