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Chapter 1187: The Bright and Beautiful Landscape Picture, a Failure at the Auctions!



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“You better behave. You’re in Jing City here. If you dare cause trouble again, you’ll be expelled, no matter who you are!” shouted the old man in bright and beautiful clothes at that moment. If he didn’t intervene, a huge battle could burst out and the auctions would sink into chaos. Now they knew there was a Godly Ancestor in the thirtieth pavilion. It wasn’t a joke. If a Godly Ancestor got infuriated here, everybody could get injured!

The old man had to be firm, and show Jing City was powerful and kept things under control. Leader Jing Rui was forty-fourth on the List of the World of Battles. He was qualified to threaten others, even Sword Mountain and the Tai Qing Sect! 

Influential groups who had overlords gave each other face. Even overlords had to respect rules, so one could well imagine that ordinary influential groups also had to abide by the rules! 

That was also why the uncle of the representative of Gan Yu told him all he could do was endure. He wasn’t allowed to get mad. He was angry, but he couldn’t take measures in Jing City. He had to wait outside the city.

“The auctions continue now!” stated the old man. The threads of Qi from the two pavilions disappeared, and the atmosphere returned to normal. 

“Four billion!” The jade light of the fifth pavilion lit up. The Dazzling Flower was indeed worth all that money. Raising a little bit wasn’t an issue. A few billions for a Dazzling Flower were worth it; with a Dazzling Flower, one could become an overlord! 

“Five billion!” a voice rose from the twenty-fifth pavilion. Everybody felt great pressure in the twenty-fifth pavilion. 

Even if they failed, they had to try and get it! 

“Six billion,” said the leader of the Bai Clan. He was very rich. Apart from Jing Rui, nobody here was richer than the leader of the Bai Clan. 

Since he wanted the Dazzling Flower, why would he give up? 

He instantly drew many people’s attention. Many people wondered whether he knew he was taking a huge risk. Wasn’t he afraid that the other influential groups would destroy the Bai Clan? 

But that was his problem. The crowd was just curious, and didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes. 

The auction continued. 

“Six billion and thirty million!” announced someone from the fifth pavilion. He sounded like a middle-aged man. 

“Six billion and fifty million!” said the representative of the twenty-fifth pavilion. He didn’t want to give up. 

“Seven billion!” countered the leader of the Bai Clan. 

“Eight billion!” declared someone from the seventh pavilion. Everybody was ready to pay a high price for a Dazzling Flower. 

Eight billion! Eight billion was huge! Most influential groups had to give up at that point, because they didn’t have that much. Lin Feng and the representative of Gan Yu couldn’t bid anymore, even if they had enough money. 

Lin Feng would rely on his own efforts to become an overlord someday. He didn’t need to resort to trickery to progress. Even if it took him a long time, he wouldn’t use something to boost his cultivation anyway. 

What he thought about the Dazzling Flower could, at most, be described as mere curiosity. 

After that, nobody bid any higher. Even if some people had money, they preferred being reasonable. Why waste money and take the risk to miss some great items after this one? 

In the end, the representative of the seventh pavilion obtained the Dazzling Flower. A disciple of Jing City brought the Dazzling Flower to the seventh pavilion. 


In the seventh pavilion, everybody was silent, as if they were admiring the Dazzling Flower. Unfortunately, the other influential groups wouldn’t have the chance and the honor to enjoy the Dazzling Flower. 

“The next item is the last one. After this one, we’ll adjourn for the rest of the day. Everybody can take advantage of the break to go and visit Jing City. We’ll continue the auctions tomorrow.” 

“Please, bring out the fourth item, the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes,” waved the old man in bright and beautiful clothes. Four disciples brought out a ten-meter-long, six-meter-wide watercolor painting. 

The old man in his elegant robe pointed to the watercolor painting. It was a beautiful landscape, painting a sunset, so the sky was rosy. There were lakes and rivers, the sun’s reflection on the water was quite beautiful. There were mountains on the horizon tens of thousands of meters high, and some small paths winding through bamboo forests. 

There was a pavilion at the top of a mountain, with four chairs. One of them was empty, the others were occupied by different people. There was a middle-aged man wearing shabby clothes. Another one was an elegant prince holding a fan in his hand. The last person was an old man with long hair hanging to his shoulders. 

Looking at them made people feel sad for some reason. It was like the painting contained demon strength. When looking at it, most people felt like they were drowning in it. 

Qing Huang Tian didn’t have a very powerful feeling when she looked at it, but some people were shaken. Some people even fell asleep, as if their souls had been sucked out! 

Lin Feng studied the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, and understood it wasn’t just a painting. It seemed there was another world inside of it. Lin Feng controlled space and time strength, but it was just a small perception he had at the moment. It didn’t seem real. 

It was even more complicated for others to feel anything. 

“Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes! Starting price, five hundred million,” said the old man in the colored robe. His voice reverberated everywhere in the hall. 

“What? How come its starting price is five hundred million? How is that possible?” 

“It must be a mistake, or a joke. How could it be worth five hundred million? It’s just a watercolor painting.” 

“I don’t understand. The representatives of the most powerful influential groups might know something we don’t?” Many attendees were astonished and speechless. 

They didn’t know much about the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, or what it could be used for. Only three people knew about the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, but unfortunately, in Jing City, nobody else. 

Because people didn’t know anything about it, they didn’t know how much it was worth, either. What if they bid too much and obtained something useless? It would be a pity! 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at Lin Feng to see his reaction. If Lin Feng was interested, then Song Chou Jiu would buy it for him without hesitation. If Lin Feng wasn’t interested, then he would just keep silent. 

Lin Feng looked at the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting calmly. His expression didn’t change, so Song Chou Jiu came to the conclusion that Lin Feng wasn’t interested. 

Time passed, but the atmosphere was cold and silent in the great hall. Nobody bid. Many people even got ready to leave and take a rest. The representatives of the powerful influential groups in the pavilion didn’t feel like bidding anymore, either.

The representative of the twenty-fifth pavilion looked in the direction of the thirtieth where Lin Feng was. He was thinking that if the thirtieth pavilion bid, then he would raise. “Hmph! Hmph! I’ll destroy you!” 

After a long time, Lin Feng still looked unmoved. 

In the end, the old man sadly announced that the item failed to be sold at auction, so it would go back into Jing Rui’s hands. 

“Alright, since nobody wants the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, I announce the end of the auctions. Everybody can go take a rest, and we’ll continue tomorrow.” 

Creeeakkk... Everybody pushed their chairs while standing up, then left for the city center. They didn’t want to waste time. 

The representatives in their pavilions went through the secret passages. That way, nobody could see who came out of which pavilion. Those who had obtained something also had to wait to pay. 

Song Chou Jiu and the others walked to the cashier. The representative of the seventh pavilion also walked over. 

Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu saw the representative of the seventh pavilion another huge man, even bigger than Zong Hu. He was with four other huge men. Each big man had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. 

The big man had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer. Nobody could see what kind of Godly Ancestor he was. Few people knew how to differentiate Godly Ancestor strength in the World of Battles. 

“Be careful. He’s the manager of Li Yu. He’s a Godly Ancestor and extremely strong,” said Song Chou Jiu. Lin Feng nodded and looked at Zong Hu. Zong Hu looked strange at the moment. 

“What’s wrong, Zong Hu?” 

“I… I’m alright,” said Zong Hu, forcing a smile but when he saw the big man, he pulled a long face. 

Lin Feng suddenly remembered the story Song Chou Jiu had told him about Zong Hu. He had told him Zong Hu was from Li Yu originally, and that he had moved to Man Yu later on to become one of his servants. 

Since he came from Li Yu, it meant he may have been forced to. 

He might also know that hefty fellow! 

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