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Chapter 1087: Going Back to The Fa Lan Empire!


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“Lin Feng, we can talk and negotiate. No need to be so violent and aggressive,” Chang Hao finally replied helplessly. He couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. Outside of the four great sects and clans, who could? 

He was actually dumbstruck. Back then, during the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects, Lin Feng only had the strength of the Supreme God layer, and Chang Hao had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. He hadn’t even paid attention to Lin Feng back then. 

Now, Lin Feng had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, while Chang Hao only had the strength of the second. Lin Feng had surpassed him and could now consider him a weakling. 

Therefore, Chang Hao didn’t dare provoke Lin Feng. He hoped they’d find a compromise. 

“If I were in a bad mood, I would have destroyed your clan already, just like I did Yuan Hall,” replied Lin Feng, smiling icily. He was already being kind enough. When he had gone to Yuan Hall, he hadn’t wasted his time talking to them. He had destroyed them without hesitation. 

Chang Hao could consider himself lucky that Lin Feng hadn’t destroyed the Ancient Beast Clan. Otherwise, Chang Hao wouldn’t have been standing there anymore. 

When Chang Hao heard Lin Feng’s ice-cold words, his heart twitched. It felt like he was being stabbed. 

He was covered in cold sweat, and didn’t know what to say. Lin Feng was already angry, and he had already been magnanimous. Otherwise, he would have destroyed them already!

“Lin Feng, I want to break through. You can leave with the beast king, but you should help me break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer!” Jia Li Ya spoke up. She had to talk since she couldn’t rely on Chang Hao. 

She had to find a solution; she couldn’t let Lin Feng go berserk or nobody would be able to stop him. With the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, she was the most qualified to talk to Lin Feng and negotiate. She had also helped when saving Qing Xin Yue, so they were allies. She hoped Lin Feng would remember that and act as such. 

Jia Li Ya looked at Lin Feng imploringly. Chang Hao also stared at Lin Feng and waited for his answer. 

When Lin Feng heard Jia Li Ya, he smiled, but his smile seemed to indicate he had had enough patience. 

“Am I negotiating with you? Do I need to negotiate?” Lin Feng smiled mockingly. 

When Lin Feng said that, Jia Li Ya’s expression fell. She knew that asking for conditions was now impossible. 

“Jia Li Ya, Chang Hao, I don’t feel like talking too much. Release Hu Ba and I’ll leave. If you do, I will not retaliate and we’ll leave the matter at that. If you don’t, your clan will turn into a second Yuan Hall.

“You have one minute to think. In one minute, I’ll release Hu Ba myself!”

Lin Feng was patient. If they didn’t release Hu Ba, he would do so himself, but he would also destroy the Ancient Beast Clan. 


Lin Feng didn’t care; no matter what they decided, it wouldn’t change his life. The disciples of the Ancient Beast Clan also knew that. 

The disciples knew that Lin Feng had destroyed Yuan Hall and that it had been a bloodbath. They were all worried about their own safety now. 

Chang Hao and Jia Li Ya looked at the thousands of disciples. They both looked glum while all the disciples looked at them imploringly. They all wanted Chang Hao and Jia Li Ya to release Hu Ba. They didn’t want to die because of Hu Ba. 

Jia Li Ya and Chang Hao were angry. Could it be that they had to submit to Lin Feng? What about the Ancient Beast Clan’s face? If they didn’t submit, Lin Feng was going to destroy them like Yuan Hall… 

What was more important? Face or their existence? If they wanted to survive, they had to forget about face this time… 

“One minute has passed. I need to leave,” Lin Feng said indifferently breaking the silence. Chang Hao and Jia Li Ya realized one minute had passed too quickly. 

Lin Feng had been patient enough. He had to rescue Hu Ba and leave. He flashed ahead and threw a punch, aiming to destroy the cage. 

When Jia Li Ya saw that, her expression hardened. She flashed in front of Lin Feng. She reached the cage first because she was right beside it. 

She also threw a punch at Lin Feng. She couldn’t let Lin Feng rescue Hu Ba himself. That would be a terrible humiliation. 

“It seems like you are ready to see your clan get annihilated!” Lin Feng said, smiling icily when he saw Jia Li Ya had decided to attack. It was already over for them. 

“Lin Feng, you are extremely aggressive. You should talk to us first!” shouted Jia Li Ya angrily. She could have eaten Hu Ba and broken through two cultivation layers, and would have had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer! 

But Lin Feng had shown up and ruined her plan. She wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he was too strong. 

She didn’t want to lose face, though. She wanted to talk and obtain something in return. 

When Lin Feng heard her, he smiled even more mockingly. “You think I need to negotiate with you?” he scoffed indifferently. He didn’t need to negotiate because he was strong enough!

Asking someone who was much, much stronger to negotiate was ridiculous, especially when the one asking to negotiate was the one who had made a mistake and on top of that had threatened the other one with a punch. 

Lin Feng threw a punch. His energies rolled in waves. Even if Jia Li Ya and Chang Hao joined hands to attack Lin Feng, they wouldn’t stand a single chance!

Jia Li Ya sensed the terrifying energies pierce through her fists. She felt desperate. She was blown away and crashed against a gigantic pillar. 

Lin Feng flashed and landed next to the cage. He looked at Hu Ba, his adoptive son, and felt even angrier. 

“Father!” said Hu Ba. Even though he looked like a grown up, he was more like a child. He was also naive, kind, and innocent like a child, because in fact, he hadn’t really reached adulthood yet. Beasts needed hundreds of years to become adults. 

Hu Ba looked like an adult, but it was just to fool his enemies. 

“Father is going to save you, son. Wait and watch,” Lin Feng smiled. He then put his hand inside the cage through the bars and pinched Hu Ba’s cheek. He took his hand back and condensed a terrifying energy weighing hundreds of millions of jin. The cage was surely going to break with that kind of energy. 


Everybody looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide. His energies sparked and bombarded the cage. 


The cage broke into a million pieces flying in all directions. 

Hu Ba’s hands and legs were also tied up with chains, and he couldn’t move. Lin Feng grabbed them and ripped them apart. It was like ripping a leaf apart. 

Clang, clang, clang... Lin Feng also destroyed the chains used to bind Hu Ba’s legs. 

Finally, Hu Ba and Lin Feng were reunited. They hadn’t seen each other for at least seven years… 

“Look, son! Father is going to avenge you!” Lin Feng said. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with murder. He wanted to destroy the Ancient Beast Clan. 

Lin Feng turned around, but Hu Ba grabbed his arm. Lin Feng stopped and looked at him. 

“Daddy, they are also beasts like me. They are members of the beast kingdom. I don’t want them to die.”

“They weren’t kind to me but I can’t be mean to them. Daddy, spare their lives,” said Hu Ba imploringly. He didn’t want his own kind. 

Lin Feng looked pensive for a few minutes, but then he nodded agreement. 

“Alright, let’s go to the Fa Lan Empire!” Lin Feng said. He took Hu Ba and rose up in the air, heading south. The Fa Lan Empire and Ao Lai City were neighboring territories. 

He had only one day left, so he had to get back as soon as possible if he didn’t want to miss the departure for the World of Battles. 


Very quickly, Hu Ba and Lin Feng disappeared from the sky of the Ancient Beast Clan’s territory. Everybody watched them disappear into the horizon. 

Chang Hao was still dumbstruck. Jia Li Ya clenched her fists. If Lin Feng had used more strength against her, he would have destroyed her hands. 

“Damn it! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jia Li Ya raised her head to the skies and shouted ferociously. 

She had missed a once in a lifetime opportunity! 

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