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Chapter 1188: Piece of Trash of Li Yu!



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“A hammer and a Bright Ground Fire Lotus, that’s four hundred sixty million, Leader Song.” 

The old man first looked at Song Chou Jiu and then at the hefty fellow. He wrote a receipt. 

The hefty fellow looked at Song Chou Jiu and the others, especially at Zong Hu. He smiled mockingly but remained silent. He waved and said, “Give them the money.” 

“Understood,” said the four big men with him. They all took out rings and gave them to the old man in his magnificent robe. The old man was a Godly Ancestor and the vice Great Leader of Jing City. They couldn’t afford to offend him. 

After paying up, the hefty fellow and the four big men left, not saying anything. But the humiliation was real, especially for Song Chou Jiu and Zong Hu. 

He didn’t pay attention to Qing Huang Tian, because she was a phoenix and her Qi was hidden, so she seemed to be an ordinary woman. If she had shown she was a Godly Ancestor, the hefty fellow wouldn’t have dared look at her so disdainfully. 

Lin Feng watched the hefty fellow leave. His Qi was much weaker than Qing Huang Tian’s, but he was stronger than Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling, who Lin Feng had killed. He was probably an ordinary Godly Ancestor. 

Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t be sure… 

He glanced at Zong Hu, who looked worried and anxious. He was also pale. The hand in which he was holding his hammer in was trembling. Lin Feng understood there was something wrong. Otherwise, Zong Hu wouldn’t have reacted like that. He even looked dispirited. 

“Let’s go,” said Song Chou Jiu. He knew what the issue was, and that Zong Hu was in a bad mood. He tapped Zong Hu’s shoulder and then walked away in the direction of their rooms. 


Lin Feng followed them. When they arrived, he went to Zong Hu’s room. 

Zong Hu had closed the door. He looked absent-minded and preoccupied. His hammer was on the table. It was so heavy the table almost collapsed under its weight. 

“Zong Hu, come, I’ll teach you about strength,” Lin Feng said. Zong Hu had been waiting eagerly for Lin Feng to teach him. 

He raised his eyebrows, smiled emptily and replied, “I’m not going.” 

“Oh? Are you really not coming?” 

“No. I’m not going. You can go,” said Zong Hu, shaking his head and getting ready to rest. There was definitely something wrong. 

Lin Feng shook his head. He could see there was something off, but he couldn’t force the other to speak. “Alright. Have a good rest. We’ll talk about it another time,” Lin Feng said. He closed the door, turned around and bumped into Ming Shou. 

Ming Shou’s eyes were sharp, like the eyes of a hawk. It didn’t really match with his brawny build. 

“Brother Asura, there’s a reason why Zong Hu is like that.” 

“Tell me about it?” 

“Alright, come with me,” Ming Shou nodded. He opened the door of his room and went inside with Lin Feng. He glanced outside and closed the door. When he turned around, Lin Feng was already seated. He didn’t need to wait for Ming Shou to tell him to sit down. 

Ming Shou smiled. He liked people like Lin Feng. He was simple like them, similar to people of Man Yu, but a bit different since he wasn’t born and raised in Man Yu. 

“The representative of Li Yu we saw today is the one who expelled Zong Hu from Li Yu,” Ming Shou explained honestly. 

Lin Feng waited for Ming Shou to continue speaking. 

“Before coming to Man Yu, Zong Hu was a member of Li Yu, but after his birth, everybody in Li Yu called him a piece of trash. His nickname in Li Yu became ‘The Smallest Strength of Li Yu;”. 

“Smallest strength of Li Yu? What does it mean?” Lin Feng frowned. 

“At birth, the strength and talent of the people of Li Yu are tested with a heavy strength. The strongest ones have a very high social status in Li Yu. That’s the difference between them and other territories. 

“Back when Zong Hu was born, his strength was evaluated at three hundred jin. You might think it’s not bad for a newborn, but ordinary children in Li Yu usually have a strength of at least one thousand jin. Those who are weaker than that are called pieces of trash. 

“That’s how Zong Hu became a piece of trash in Li Yu. With his three hundred jin, he broke the previous record for a piece of trash. Even the crappiest pieces of trash had never had less than seven hundred jin before him. 

“When he was ten, Zong Hu’s strength was already at a hundred thousand jin. But for someone from Li Yu, it was still shitty. He was still a piece of trash. Therefore, he gave up. When he was a hundred years old, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and was forced to leave. 

“The one who forced him to leave is the one who was here today, the representative of Li Yu. Back then, he humiliated and crushed Zong Hu. Zong Hu escaped and went to Shi Yu. He lived there for a few thousand years and one day he met Hu Shan. Hu Shan brought him to Man Yu. 

“Ten years ago, Leader Song wasn’t the leader yet. Zong Hu started forgetting about the past, but who have thought he’d bump into him today? 

“Poor him. But there’s nothing we can do,” Ming Shou sighed. 

“Brother Asura, that’s why Zong Hu really wanted you to teach him about strength. He’s angry. He wants to prove he’s not a piece of trash. He wants to show he’s a strong cultivator from Li Yu, too!” finished Ming Shou. 

Lin Feng understood. In the end, he left Ming Shou’s room and disappeared in the corridors without leaving a trace. 

Ming Shou had mixed feelings. He was thoughtful for a few seconds, and then he closed the door. 


Lin Feng left the palace. On the street, he thought of Zong Hu’s case but for the time being, he couldn’t do anything for him. He decided to set aside Zong Hu’s matter for the time being, because he had other very important things to do. 

It was almost nighttime, and the scheme had to be developed! 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling was dead. But World Dragon University’s director Godly Ancestor Jie Long had come back to life. He was one of the reasons for the ambush, so Lin Feng wouldn’t forgive him. He wouldn’t let the World Dragon Clan’s Godly Ancestor off! 

Wait and you’ll see, Spiritual Warriors Clan, World Dragon Clan, if I don’t destroy you someday, then my name is not Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng smiled darkly and disappeared into the darkness of the night. 


When Asura left, Qian Jin Cai Yue appeared. She was convinced there was something unusual behind Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling’s death. What was Asura doing? 

This time, she was paying careful attention to Asura. During the day, she didn’t say anything so that Asura wouldn’t pay attention to her. 

Asura had gone out; what was he going to do? 

Qian Jin Cai Yue wanted to see what he was going to do. 

But after only a few steps, an old man in black clothes suddenly appeared in front of her, glaring at her icily. 

“Godly Ancestor Ju Ying?” 

“Miss Cai Yue, go back!” 

“You’re trying to stop me?” 

“You may see it that way.” 


“You don’t need to know.” 


Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on behind him. He had heard that the representative of World Dragon University were at an inn, so he rushed over there. 

The Dragon Clan Inn was the name of the place. It was written on a metallic plate hanging at the front of the place. Lin Feng grinned. As expected, they were from the World Dragon Clan, so they chose that inn! 

Unfortunately, they were going to die tonight! 

Lin Feng opened the door and entered the inn. 

“Sir, give me a room, a high-level one,” Lin Feng said, taking out a hundred godly coins. The owner smiled. 

“Where is the representative of World Dragon University?” 

“Fourth floor, Young Master. May I help you with anything?” asked the owner. He was an old man and smiled in a flattering way. The main goal of the inn was to make money. 

“Give me a room next to theirs,” Lin Feng said calmly. The owner didn’t think much about it, so he gave a key to Lin Feng. Lin Feng went to the fourth floor and to avoid being recognized, took off his Asura mask and put on a plaited bamboo hat. 

Hee looked for his room and entered it. 

Next to him was the room of the representative of World Dragon University. Of course, it was also where Godly Ancestor Jie Long stayed. He could sense the Qi of a Godly Ancestor emerging from it. Just like Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling, he was extremely weak. They had all just returned to life, so their cultivation wasn’t stable. 

It was a great opportunity to take revenge! 

His brother, Xing Yun, had been killed. Lin Feng was determined to avenge him, but he wasn’t in a rush. 

He opened the window and looked at the dark sky. Some stars twinkled but there was no moon. 

Nighttime was the perfect time to kill people! 

In the next room, Godly Ancestor Jie Long had the feeling something was going to happen. The night before, Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling had been killed. He himself had also just come back to life and still felt extremely weak. 

Was Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling’s death a coincidence? 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long was convinced there was something wrong, and clenched his fists. He knew he should have asked the Godly Ancestor of the World Dragon Clan to come along to protect him. 

Lin Feng!

Suddenly, he didn’t know why, but he thought of Lin Feng. 

He hoped he wouldn’t be facing danger tonight…


That wasn’t Lin Feng’s plan, however. 

Lin Feng came out of his room half an hour later. Most people were resting, so nobody saw him. 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long had brought some disciples with him, so Lin Feng was going to kill them first!


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