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Chapter 1088: Strange Earthquake!


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“If you hadn’t stopped me, I would have destroyed the Ancient Beast Clan,” Lin Feng told Hu Ba. He was angry, and didn’t feel like sparing the lives of the Ancient Beast Clan’s members. 

But he had done it for Hu Ba. It didn’t mean that he would never destroy them. He didn’t want the Ancient Beast Clan to exist forever in the Country of Eternity. He would see to that after coming back from the World of Battles someday. 

When Hu Ba heard Lin Feng, he lowered his head and smiled. He knew that Lin Feng was angry. The best thing was to remain silent in such circumstances and wait for Lin Feng to calm down. 

Lin Feng sighed when he saw Hu Ba didn’t speak, and they continued flying towards the Fa Lan Empire. 


At the same time in the Fa Lan Empire…

The main stage in the imperial city was also the highest stage. It was often called the Imperial Stage, because usually only members of the royal family could stand on it. It was also the highest stage in the Country of Eternity. 

It was divided into two floors. The first floor was only fifty thousand meters high. Big ceremonies and competitions usually took place there. The second floor was two hundred thousand meters above sea level and was the highest monument in the Country of Eternity. The royal family of the Fa Lan Empire was proud of it. 

Up on the Imperial Stage, Fa Chun, the leader of the Fa Lan Empire, wasn’t there because he wasn’t qualified to be on it. He had also been warned that people who weren’t from the four great sects and clans couldn’t go up on it, including the disciples and elders of the Fa Lan Empire. 

Therefore, nobody dared go up there. The people of the Fa Lan Empire didn’t understand what those people were doing there. Why were they standing at the top of the highest stage? 

There were four distinct groups at the top of the stage. Qing Ling Chao was there. Next to him was a man wearing azure clothes. His clothes were extremely clean and he looked elegant. His eyebrows were sharp and made him look heroic. 

The four other groups were naturally from the four great sects and clans. On the side of Zhao Hall were Zhao Zu, Bai Nü, Prince Ghost, Zhao Yun Xiao, and Zhao Qi. Prince Ghost and Bai Nü had qualified to go to the World of Battles, and they were going to take Zhao Yun Xiao and Zhao Qi with them as servants. 

Bai Nü only took two servants; one of them was her husband, and the other one was a hero of the Zhao Hall. 

On the side of the Tian Ji Sect was the patriarch, Tian Feng Zi, as well as Tian Chen and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was going to take his disciple Zhen Mo to the World of Battles. Zhen Mo had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer these days. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had the strength of the sixth. He had already become extremely strong, but he looked the same as before, proud and cold, saying nothing. He looked as if people owed him.

Tian Feng Zi also stayed silent. The Tian Ji Sect and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor merely had a relationship. The Tian Ji Sect had used him, and Xuan Yuan had replaced a genius of the Tian Ji Sect. 

After going to the World of Battles, they wouldn’t really maintain formal relations, but the members of the Tian Ji Sect who were going to go to the Tian Ji Sect would be considered high officials in the sect, dazzling heroes. That was the reason why sects and clans asked people to help them in the Competition for the World of Battles, so that they could be sure some of their own members would also go there. 

On the side of the Ancient Human Clan, everybody had already arrived, apart from Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu was alone; he wasn’t going to bring anyone to the World of Battles. Gong Nü and Qing Tong were qualified to go, and Qing Tong was the son of Fu Hao, the man who wore azure clothes all the time. 

Lin Qiong Sheng had already arrived from San City. He was standing next to Lin Zhe Tian and Yan Di. Behind him were Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming. Yi Ren Lei was there, too, as well as Zi Jing Xiao, You, and Kun. They were all going to follow Lin Feng to the World of Battles. 

Lin Feng hadn’t replied recently though, so they were worried. Fu Hao was really calm, against all expectations. When he learned Lin Feng had gone to the Ancient Beast Clan, he hadn’t felt worried at all. He knew Lin Feng was more than strong enough to oppress the Ancient Beast Clan. 

On the side of the Ancient Yan Clan were Yan Lun and the ancestor. The two Godly Ancestors were there, so the members of the other sects and clans treated them respectfully, including Fu Hao. The Ancient Human Clan had only one Godly Ancestor, while the Ancient Yan Clan had two. 

But the Ancient Yan Clan was still lower than the Ancient Human Clan in the rankings. The reason was for that concerned what was going on in the World of Battles. The Ancient Human Clan wasn’t just a famous and powerful group in the Country of Eternity; they also had lots of heroic geniuses in the World of Battles, and such had been the case for millions of years. 

In the World of Battles, the sects and clans were competing fiercely, too! Some of them also existed in the Country of Eternity, some others only existed in the World of Battles and had been created there. 

Yan Cang Tian stood behind the two Godly Ancestors. Behind him stood Yan Shan Ming. Yan Shan Ming was the only member of the Ancient Yan Clan who could go to the World of Battles with Yan Cang Tian. 

Yan Cang Tian had his hands clasped behind his back as he studied the members of the Ancient Human Clan. Lin Feng wasn’t there. Yan Cang Tian had wanted to fight against Lin Feng since the Competition for the World of Battles, but they hadn’t had an opportunity yet. Now, they were going to go to the World of Battles, and Yan Cang Tian had been waiting for Lin Feng for an entire day. He was sure they were going to have an opportunity soon, though. 

Lin Feng had destroyed his re-education camp and killed many elders of the Ancient Yan Clan. The only way to solve the issue was a fight! 

“Why haven’t we left yet?” asked Tian Feng Zi when he saw everybody was there, but the Four Great Battle Ancestors weren’t there yet. He pulled a long face and looked at Fu Hao. 

Fu Hao glanced at Tian Feng Zi, but didn’t say anything. Qing Ling Chao looked at Tian Feng Zi and said disdainfully, “We’re waiting for Lin Feng, of course!”

“Waiting for Lin Feng? Who is he to delay everybody’s departure? He’s so annoying!” shouted Tian Feng Z,i furiously clenching his fists. 

Qing Ling Chao grinned scornfully and sneered, “Lin Feng nearly killed you and you dare question his qualifications?”

When Tian Feng Zi heard him, his cheeks reddened, and his glare burned. It felt like he was going to burst from anger. Qing Ling Chao was right though; if Fu Hao and Yan Lun hadn’t shown up, Lin Feng would really have killed him! 

Well, more precisely, one should say, Lin Feng under the Ice Spirit’s control had nearly killed Tian Feng Zi, but so what? The Ice Spirit would break through to the Godly Ancestor layer sooner or later!

Tian Feng Zi took a deep breath and controlled his anger. After these people’s departure, he would still be the strongest cultivator in the Country of Eternity. Both Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian were going to the World of Battles. He even thought that Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian would just be cannon fodder up there. 


A few hours passed quickly. If the Four Great Battle Ancestors showed up, it would be time to leave for the World of Battles. 

Lin Feng was holding Hu Ba’s hand. They had already arrived on the territory of the Fa Lan Empire, and were flying straight to the imperial city. Nobody knew the Fa Lan Empire’s territory better than Lin Feng. 

It was kind of cold that evening. The moon was silver. At the top of the Imperial Stage, nothing had changed. Everybody was still waiting for the Four Great Battle Ancestors to show up. 

Lin Feng hadn’t arrived. The four ancestors weren’t there yet, either. Only two hours at most were left before departure. If they didn’t arrive in the World of Battles before midnight, then it would be too late. 

“What’s going on now? Where are the Four Great Battle Ancestors?” asked Tian Feng Zi glumly. 

Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming looked at Tian Feng Zi icily. They both hated him. They had been stuck in a grave for hundreds of thousands of years because of him. If Lin Feng had never shown up, they might have been stuck in there forever. 

The Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan were irreconcilable. It had started hundreds of thousands of years before, and had never changed. No matter what, they would be enemies forever. There was no room for negotiation whatsoever. 

That was true even after Lin Qiong Sheng had left the Tian Ji Sect. Lin Feng didn’t have any scruples at all. He didn’t care about Lin Qiong Sheng giving the Tian Ji Sect face or not. 

Boom boom!…

Suddenly, the ground started shaking violently. It felt like a 100-magnitude earthquake, and the world was collapsing. Some people even lost their balance. 

Flames. Suddenly, there were flames everywhere, and temperature increased drastically. The people on the stage couldn’t stand on the stage anymore, and rose even higher into the sky. 

“The Fire Spirit has come out!” Fu Hao frowned. Energies were condensing and about to explode. 

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