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Chapter 1189: Shaking the City Again! 



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Four members of World Dragon University were drinking and eating in a room. They didn’t feel anything wrong. After the Great Competition of the Universities, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun’s death and Lin Feng’s disappearance, they were extremely relaxed. They felt they didn’t need to worry anymore. 

The auctions were going to start again tomorrow; they would go back with precious items and be done with their mission. 

“Haha! Brothers! Drink! It’s been such a long time since we had so much fun!” a skinny man in black clothes grinned darkly. He raised his cup and downed it. 

“Haha! Indeed! Since Lin Feng disappeared, we’ve rarely felt so relaxed.” 

“Therefore, everybody drink and enjoy yourself! Haha!” 

The four men were having a great time. When Lin Feng heard them from outside their room, he grinned mockingly. 

They were going to die, and they wouldn’t even realize it before. 

Lin Feng took off his plaited bamboo hat and put on his Asura mask. He knocked at the door, interrupting the four people’s fun. 

They all frowned angrily. Who dared disturb them? One of them went to the door and opened it furiously, but Lin Feng clenched his fist and threw a punch at the speed of light. The man dropped instantly. 

Bam! Dust arose around him. At the same time, Lin Feng continued moving like a ghost and appeared in front of the three people. They were so terrified they dropped their cups after seeing their friend lying on the ground, lifeless. They could barely comprehend what was going on, especially since they were drunk. 

Before they reacted, Lin Feng had killed two more of them. The last one begged Lin Feng to spare his life, but Lin Feng’s palm blew him out of the window. The energy in Lin Feng’s palm had the strength of several hundred million jin; the man’s face cracked and blood splashed. He crashed to the ground and would never get back up. 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long felt there was something wrong, especially when the four disciples of the World Dragon Clan suddenly stopped talking. He found himself covered in cold sweat. 

“Who dares cause trouble here?” he shouted, throwing a punch. The whole room collapsed, and everything appeared before his eyes. He saw three disciples lying on the ground, dead. Another one was lying on the ground outside, looking miserable. 

Then he saw a man wearing a plaited bamboo hat. He stared at him glumly. 

“Who are you? How dare you kill the disciples of World Dragon University?” demanded Godly Ancestor Jie Long, clenching his fists. He got ready to fight, gritting his teeth. On the inside, he was a bit nervous because he knew something was going to happen to night. 

“Hehe. I am not just here to kill the disciples of World Dragon University. I am also here to kill their director!” Lin Feng replied, smiling icily. He attacked without wasting any more time. Delays might bring more unexpected troubles. 

Other people staying at the inn abruptly woke up. They all came out and saw what was happening in alarm.

Lin Feng had almost destroyed the inn. His Qi rolled around him, ignoring the people who came to watch. He appeared in front of Godly Ancestor Jie Long and an explosive golden Qi rose all around him. 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long’s expression fell. He was suffocating from the pressure. 

He could have avoided this attack before, but since he had come back to life, his strength had decreased. It had nearly dropped to the top of the Great Supreme God layer. But in fact, even if he had the Qi of the Godly Ancestor layer right now, he was only about as strong as a Great Supreme God. 

Therefore, he couldn’t dodge when Lin Feng used his Imperial Imprint attack. He clenched his jaw and used his full strength to protect himself. If at least he managed not to get injured, it would be good enough! 

But he could keep dreaming. Lin Feng had fused his Imperial Imprint Formula and Buddhist strength together, so his Imprint was much more powerful than before. Even the phoenix with four feathers couldn’t have stopped this attack! 

Anyone could see Lin Feng wanted to kill Godly Ancestor Jie Long with that attack. He rolled over in the air and crashed through the inn. The walls shattered and the inn collapsed instantly. In the blink of an eye, the inn was leveled to the ground. 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long coughed blood, all pale. If he died this time, he would die forever!

But no! He couldn’t die! He was a proud and arrogant World Dragon! How could he die?! 

Everybody heard a dragon roar. Godly Ancestor Jie Long rose up in the air and turned into a dragon. He had a wingspan of thousands of meters, with pitch-black scales. He was much, much bigger than Lin Feng and looked awesome. 

Leader Jing Rui also heard about this. The one who had killed Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling the night before was back. This time he wanted to kill Godly Ancestor Jie Long! As the town’s Great Leader, Jing Rui sent three Great Godly Ancestors, including the vice town’s Great Leader, to the scene. 

He was curious to see who dared kill people on his territory. How audacious! 

The gigantic dragon in the sky was fearsome and majestic, like the master of the skies. However, Lin Feng didn’t feel like he was looking at a dragon, but rather a long snake. Since he had decided to kill him, he wasn’t going to flinch. 

He couldn’t use the Godly Battle Sword, because Leader Jing Rui would detect it. Apart from the Godly Battle Sword, he had a Buddhist mala, a Buddhist ancestral weapon. He took out the mala and wielded it without hesitation. 

Two different Buddhist lights appeared in the sky. They looked like pillars of the universe, tens of millions of meters high. The pillars surrounded them and isolated the space around them. They were now in an isolated Buddhist World. 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long was stuck inside. No matter how hard he struggled, no matter how much dragon strength he used, nothing worked!

“I want you to die!” Lin Feng declared calmly. His Buddhist lights dimmed. Twelve beams of light oppressed the dragon. Even a powerful dragon couldn’t resist a hundred million jins of pressure. 

Even though the Buddhist lights were pale, Buddhist strength was extremely powerful. Otherwise, how could it resist Genesis Spiritual strength? 

Many people were dumbstruck on seeing this. A dragon was suddenly being destroyed bit by bit by twelve beams of light? 

Godly Ancestor Jie Long kept crying out in pain. He didn’t sound like a dragon anymore, more like a pig whose throat was being slit. 

Lin Feng was merciless. He wielded his mala and the Buddhist lights continued oppressing the dragon. Godly Ancestor Jie Long had come back to life several times before, but now he would die forever! 

Suddenly, Lin Feng flashed onto the dragon’s head. Jie Long fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. The buildings all around were leveled to the ground by the impact and burned to ashes, stirring up a huge cloud of dust. Lin Feng was still standing on the head of the dragon and holding his mala. He looked terrifying. 

“I am Lin Feng, old grouch!” whispered Lin Feng. 

Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling used the very last thread of strength he had to open his eyes, but this time he would never close them again. Like Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling, Godly Ancestor Jie Long was dead and hadn’t died content. 

It was the second night and Lin Feng had killed another Godly Ancestor! He had continued with his revenge! 

He sensed several threads of Qi of the Godly Ancestor layer around him. He knew Jing Rui had probably sent people; he was the town’s Great Leader after all. Lin Feng was really worried, as he couldn’t let anyone find out about his real identity. 

He threw Godly Ancestor Jie Long’s corpse into his ring. It was a Godly Ancestor’s body, it could be extremely useful. He couldn’t afford to waste it. 

Many people were speechless when they saw that. Not only had he killed him, but he had also stolen his corpse. How rude! 

But nobody stopped him. He had dared kill Godly Ancestor Jie Long, how could they possibly interfere? 

Lin Feng used his full strength to fly away. He couldn’t give Jing Rui’s servants any opportunity to catch up with him. 

“Stop! How dare you assault and murder people in Jing City? We will not spare your life!” shouted the vice town’s Great Leader, the old man who was also in charge of the auctions. A thread of righteous Qi appeared and followed Lin Feng. Lin Feng could feel it on his back. He grit his teeth, let some righteous Qi catch up with him and used it to rebound from to increase his speed. The distance between him and the three Godly Ancestors increased again. 

“Fuck!” shouted the old man, grinding his teeth. He hadn’t thought his attack would actually help his enemy accelerate. 

“Stop! How dare you assault and murder people in Jing City? You want to die!” shouted another Godly Ancestor. The three of them continued chasing Lin Feng. 

When the three Godly Ancestors disappeared from the sky, two silhouettes came out. 

“Master, why are you doing this?” 

Lin Feng looked at Godly Ancestor Tu Jin. He was surprised. If Godly Ancestor Tu Jin hadn’t caught him, the three Godly Ancestors would have caught up with him. Godly Ancestor Tu Jin was the only one who could save Lin Feng from those three people. 

“Did you think I could just sit and watch you get killed? You’re having a nice stay in Man Yu. So continue, and become the leader of Man Yu!” 

“What? Master, you’re…” Lin Feng was astonished. He was going to speak, but Godly Ancestor Tu Jin stopped him. 

“Listen to me. If you want to become famous in the World of Battles, there are two paths. The first one would be if I stood out for you and announced you were a new Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. In one night, you’d become famous everywhere in the World of Battles. Of course, you’re not strong enough for that, so we can forget about it for the time being.” 

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He didn’t need to think about that yet, indeed! If Lin Feng was announced as a new Ancestor of the five Cardinal Points, then Kun Dao would immediately send people to kill him!

“The second path is to become the strongest cultivator of Man Yu, then take control of the Region of the Eight Corners. The Region of the Eight Corners is different from other worlds. It’s a cruel world. If you become famous in the Region of the Eight Corners, then you become famous everywhere.” 

“I’ll think about it!” 

“Alright, go back now. Godly Ancestor Ju Ying stopped Qian Jin Cai Yue for you. She won’t leave the matter at that, though. You better think of a solution regarding this matter.” 

“Alright!” Lin Feng said goodbye and disappeared in the darkness. 

Even though he left, this night wasn’t going to be calm, especially since Godly Ancestor Jie Long had been killed! The whole city was shaking already. 

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