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Chapter 1089: The Fire Spirit’s Request!


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“What’s going on? The Fire Spirit has come out?!” Tian Feng Zi’s expression changed drastically. He was clearly frightened. He was one of the leaders of the four great sects and clans, but he was the only one who didn’t have the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer. He had almost been killed by Lin Feng recently, and the fear was fresh in his thoughts. 

Fu Hao and Yan Lun flashed. They both looked at the shaking ground alertly. It hadn’t cracked open yet, so they could already imagine what it would be like if it did. The ocean of flames might spill over and burn the whole world. 

“Fire Spirit, will you dare break the ground open and tear apart the continent?” shouted a voice furiously suddenly. It seemed like it came from outer space. Four silhouettes flickered as they arrived: the Four Great Battle Ancestors! They had appeared at the top of the Imperial Stage. They weren’t afraid of the high temperature as they looked at the ground grimly. 

“Hmph! Humans are shameless!” shouted a voice which seemed to come out of the ground. It was a woman’s voice, nobody could be sure it was the Fire Spirit yet.

The atmosphere was roiling, it felt like the sky was about to fall. Some Supreme Gods and Godly Emperors rose up in the sky, not daring to stay on the ground. 

People who weren’t cultivators had no choice, but to stand on the ground and wait. However, they were already thinking that they might die any time. 

Lin Feng and Hu Ba were up in the sky of the imperial city. They also saw the ground was shaking violently. Lin Feng’s skin felt as if it were burning, and a scorching hot Qi kept rising. It even burned his nostrils when he breathed in. 

Lin Feng decided to protect Hu Ba first. He released ice Qi around Hu Ba, preventing the high temperatures from hurting him. They continued flying towards the depths of the imperial city. 

Fu Hao and Yan Cang Tian both saw him.


Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor raised his head and narrowed his eyes when he saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t changed. He had just become much stronger. 

That young man is extremely strong, thought Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. However, Xuan Yuan didn’t regret what he had done in the past when using Lin Feng. Lin Feng had just been a pawn in a bigger plan. 

When Lin Feng finally showed up, many people almost forgot about the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. They just stared at him, especially Tian Feng Zi, who had nearly been killed by him. 

Lin Feng flew towards the people of the Ancient Human Clan. 

“Lin Feng, we’ve been waiting for you!” shouted Fu Hao angrily. How dare he make so many Godly Ancestors wait for him?

Lin Zhe Tian smiled apologetically, but remained silent. He brought Hu Ba to Lin Zhe Tian and the others. 

It was the first time Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Qiong Sheng, and Yi Ren Lei had met Hu Ba. When they saw that Hu Ba looked almost exactly the same as Lin Feng, they were astonished. 

Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng were dumbstruck. Had Lin Feng slept with another woman they didn’t know in the past? Hu Ba looked ninety percent like their father. Hu Ba looked even more like Lin Feng than they did! 

“Hu Ba, that’s your older brother, Lin Zhe Tian.” Lin Feng ignored the ocean of flames for the time being. 

“Hello, brother!” Hu Ba greeted him. 

Lin Zhe Tian was stunned, but he smiled and replied, “Hello!”

“That’s your second older brother, Lin Qiong Sheng.”

“Hello, second brother!” said Hu Ba cheerfully. 

Lin Qiong Sheng studied Hu Ba. Looking at this young man who looked almost the same as his father made him feel uncomfortable, but he understood that his father hadn’t gone back to the Fa Lan Empire after San City because he had gone to save him. 

“Hello, little brother!” said Lin Qiong Sheng, smiling in welcome. 

Lin Feng grinned, then pointed to Yi Ren Lei and smiled at Hu Ba, “That’s your aunt.”

“Uhhh? How many aunts do I have?” asked Hu Ba skeptically. Lin Feng blushed. This little boy! Did he want to get spanked or what? 


Yi Ren Lei laugh-snorted when she saw Lin Feng’s expression. The fact that she laugh-snorted made her laugh even more so she put her hand in front of her mouth. Many people, especially men, were startled when they heard that, especially Zhao Yun Xiao. 

Bai Nü looked at Yi Ren Lei and then glanced at Lin Feng, before smiling. She looked seductively charming. 

Lin Feng was probably better than Zhao Yun Xiao! 


Bai Nü pouted and stared at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at Yi Ren Lei and smiled wryly, “She’s Auntie Xue!”

“Hello, Auntie Xue!” said Hu Ba, smiling sweetly. 

Where was this young man from?, wondered Yi Ren Lei. 

Initially, the atmosphere was tense, but because of Lin Feng, it had suddenly become much warmer and calmer. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors, Fu Hao, and the Fire Spirit all remained silent because of Lin Feng, just looking at him. 

“Ice Spirit, I know you’re hiding in that little boy’s body,” a burning calm voice spoke up after a while. Lin Feng’s smile stiffened. 

Lin Feng looked at the stage. There were a few flames, but not too many for the time being. However, it was clear that the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames could burst at any time. When it did, the flames would spill over the whole Country of Eternity and destroy it. 

It would be a calamity!

When the Ice Spirit heard the Fire Spirit, Lin Feng’s spirit world started trembling. Lin Feng’s expression hardened and he shouted hastily, “Master Ice Spirit! Don’t hurt my family!”

“Don’t worry, little boy; I live in this world, how could I damage it?” said the Ice Spirit coolly. 

Lin Feng nodded in relief. Indeed, the Ice Spirit lived under the ground of his spirit world; damaging it would bring her nothing, and without the ice world in Lin Feng’s spirit world, she would never be able to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. Thanks to Lin Feng’s spirit world, she would be able to do so within six months! 

For both humans and beasts, the Godly Ancestor layer was something incredible; for Genesis Primordial Spirits, it was something easy to achieve. Lin Feng admired Genesis Primordial Spirits, including the Fire Spirit. 

“What? You don’t dare speak anymore, sister? Or are you so happy in that little boy’s world that you forgot your duties?” said the Fire Spirit, giggling sarcastically yet angrily. 

“Fire Spirit, stop causing trouble. I know you want to go to the World of Battles. We’ll let you go there, but please don’t cause trouble!” shouted one of the Four Great Battle Ancestors. The Four Great Battle Ancestors all holding their spears. If the Fire Spirit did anything wrong, they would act and kill her! 

They didn’t care that she was a Genesis Primordial Spirit; if she posed a threat to humans, they had to kill her! 

When the Fire Spirit heard that, she forced herself to calm down. She had been sealed once already, and it had been a sad and tragic lesson. She didn’t want that to happen again. In addition, the four ancestors weren’t the only ones there; Fu Hao and Ancestor Yan were also Godly Ancestors, and were extremely strong, too. 

She wouldn’t have the advantage in a battle against them, so she had to be careful. She had no choice. These were different times. It wasn’t like in the past, when she had almost destroyed the continent. Back then, the World of Battles wasn’t open, and she didn’t have so many powerful enemies! 

Now, the World of Battles was open. The Four Great Battle Ancestors had shown up. She knew they could teach her a good lesson if they wanted to!

She wanted to go to the World of Battles, so she had to be reasonable. 

“Ancestors, I don’t have any unreasonable requests. I only have one!” said the Fire Spirit charmingly. Her tone of speech had completely changed. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors looked less angry suddenly. As long as the Fire Spirit didn’t cause trouble, the Country of Eternity was safe. They couldn’t let her kill hundreds of millions of people again. 

Weak humans were everywhere! 

“Speak, what request?” asked the leader of the four ancestors grimly, but he knew they would have to accept. 

“Hand that little boy over to me!” said the Fire Spirit coldly. Fire Qi surrounded Lin Feng. Suddenly, everybody saw Lin Feng surrounded by flames. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors frowned worriedly. Lin Feng was one of the young geniuses who had passed the exam for the World of Battles, he would be extremely useful there. How could they possible hand him over to the Fire Spirit? 

“Fire Spirit, you better be reasonable!” shouted the Four Great Battle Ancestors furiously. They couldn’t let the Fire Spirit kidnap him! 

“Hehe, Ancestors, my request is not unreasonable. I know that little boy is talented, but you probably understand my goal. The Ice Spirit is in his body,” said the Fire Spirit, giggling happily. She didn’t sound angry at all. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors looked glum and clenched their weapons even more firmly. 

The atmosphere became extremely tense!

“Alright, alright, I don’t have a request. I just want to go to the World of Battles, I guess that’s fine!”

When the Fire Spirit saw the Four Great Battle Ancestors were furious, she took her words back. She didn’t want to cause trouble. It wasn’t the right time for that. 

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