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Chapter 1090: Opening of the Passage to the World of Battles!


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“You can go to the World of Battles. Come out, but don’t let flames spill out!” said one of the Four Great Battle Ancestors warningly. 

“Alright!” said the Fire Spirit cheerfully. Everybody saw a bump on the ground where the temperature increased. The sky became red. Stones started glowing and became red-hot, like burning iron. 

Apart from Yan Lun and Ancestor Yan, who didn’t fear fire, everybody else remained extremely wary. 

Suddenly, the ground cracked open, and a burning crater appeared. There were flames at the bottom, but they didn’t rise. However, the temperature became scorching hot. 

The whole Fa Lan Empire became as hot as an oven suddenly. Everybody in the Fa Lan Empire had the impression they were going to be roasted alive. 

The Fire Spirit came out and appeared in front of the Four Great Battle Ancestors and Lin Feng. 

She was wearing fiery armor and a flaming crown. A fire red stone was set at the top of her crown. Inside that armor was her flame body. People could not help but see that she had perfect figure. 

Who would have thought that the entity who posed the biggest threat to the continent would be such a stunning and sexy woman? Not only was she stunning and sexy, but she was even blazing hot, especially her lips. 

Lin Feng looked at her feet. Her shoes were fifty centimeters long and made of fire. It looked like she was standing on two discs of fire. 

The Fire Spirit and the Ice Spirit had completely different styles. The Ice Spirit looked pure and noble, like Xuan Nü the Celestial Fairy, a beauty with a heart of ice. 

The Fire Spirit was like a demonic woman, a femme fatale. She had such a perfect figure that it was difficult to look away. But with that kind of woman, one could just watch, nothing else. If anyone tried to do anything, she would destroy them! 

“Alright, everybody is here, we can leave for the World of Battles,” said one of the Four Great Battle Ancestors to the crowd. They were all there, and the passage to the World of Battles was about to close again. They had only half an hour to get into the passage. 

Many people looked wary, but also excited. Going to the World of Battles was the dream of many people in the Country of Eternity, but there were limited spots. Most people didn’t even know about the World of Battles. 

The Masters of the ancient times had created the World of Battles and it had been developing for millions of years. It had already become a terrifying world, not even mentioning those who had gone there at the beginning of its creation. 

“Come closer to me!” shouted Fu Hao to the group from the Ancient Human Clan. Lin Feng, Gong Nü, and Qing Tong got closer to him, as well as those who were going there with Lin Feng. 

“Fu Hao, Yan Lun, help us!” shouted the Four Great Battle Ancestors at that moment. The Four Great Battle Ancestors stretched out their hands. Beams of light in different colors emerged from their hands and dashed to the skies. A vortex gradually appeared there, growing wider and wider. 

However, it was just starting to be difficult. Even if the Four Great Battle Ancestors were there, they needed more help from other Godly Ancestors to open the passage. 

Fu Hao and Yan Lun flashed over and helped without hesitation. Two more light beams of different colors appeared and joined the effort. 

But the strength of the six Godly Ancestors wasn’t enough. They needed more help, or they were going to get injured. 

Ancestor Yan glanced at the Fire Spirit. The Fire Spirit looked back at Ancestor Yan and nodded. Flames of different natures emerged from their hands and also dashed to the skies. 

Boom boom boom!…

Suddenly, the ground started trembling. The Imperial Stage started tilting. What looked like a gigantic head opening its mouth appeared in the sky. 

But it wasn’t a head, it was the passage! 

The passage to the World of Battles had finally opened with the help of eight Godly Ancestors. It was hundreds of meters wide. Billions of godly auras seemed to be flickering inside. 

Suddenly, the whole crowd was absorbed by the vortex! 

Lin Feng, Lin Zhe Tian, and all the others disappeared. Yan Cang Tian opened his arms and let himself get absorbed by the vortex as well. 

The Fire Spirit and the Four Great Battle Ancestors also disappeared into the vortex. 

Boom boom!…

There was an explosion and the vortex started shrinking. It was now a few dozens of meters wide and it kept shrinking until it disappeared. 

Fu Hao and the others were in the passage. They were being sent to the World of Battles. 

“Haha! How awesome! I’m here to cause trouble!”

As the passage to the World of Battles was about to close, someone laughed wholeheartedly. Fu Hao, Yan Lun, and the other Godly Ancestors turned and gazed into the distance. They could see a godly aura. It was another Godly Ancestor! 

“How audacious! Who are you?! How dare you cause trouble in the passage?” shouted Fu Hao explosively. He threw a punch, and a thousand-zhang hand shadow appeared, shooting straight at the newcomer. 

“Haha! Fu Hao! I’m not afraid of you!” shouted the old man, laughing extremely loudly. He also threw a punch. The two punches collided and thundered. 

Boom, boom, boom! There were three explosions. The Imperial Stage in the Fa Lan Empire didn’t break, but it still crackled. People were terrified. 

“Haha! Fu Hao, I’m sending someone to the World of Battles! Go!” The man laughed so loudly that everybody in the empire probably heard him. A silhouette appeared in the passage. Fu Hao couldn’t stop him anymore, so they had to bring that young man in blue clothes along too. 

Lin Feng wasn’t there, but if he were, he would be astonished to see that blond young man, because it was Jeston! 

Jeston hadn’t participated in the Competition, so he hadn’t been qualified to go to the World of Battles. 

The Godly Ancestor’s godly aura was dazzling. 

Fu Hao looked at him; the silhouette reminded him of someone, but he didn’t remember where from. Was it possible that he didn’t know a Godly Ancestor in the Country of Eternity? 

“Who are you, Master? Why did you break the rules of the World of Battles?” asked Fu Hao, bowing hand over fist. He was curious. 

“Haha! I don’t abide by common rules! I only abide by my own rules! Haha! I’m going!” The man laughed loudly and disappeared from the sky of the Fa Lan Empire, as if he had never been there. 

Fu Hao and the others were astonished when they heard him. 

“Haha! I don’t abide by common rules! I only abide by my own rules!… What?”

“Ancestor Tian Qi!” said Ancestor Yan indifferently, watching as the old man disappeared. He seemed confused. 

Fu Hao’s expression also changed. He looked at Ancestor Yan, bowed hand over fist, and asked, “Master, I thought Ancestor Tian Qi had been in the World of Battles for a long time already?”

“That was his clone!” replied Ancient Yan indifferently. Yan Lun remained silent. Even though he was a Godly Ancestor, Ancient Yan was the first ancestor’s disciple. 

“What? A clone? A clone with the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer?” Fu Hao was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe it. He had never heard of a clone who had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer!

“Ancestor Tian Qi and ordinary people are different. It’s normal that he has such powers.”

“But he trained a young man and then sent him to the World of Battles, which means he hopes that young genius will help him,” Ancestor Yan smiled. It was the first time they had seen Ancestor Yan smile. 

Fu Hao nodded and looked at Ancestor Yan respectfully. 

Among the Godly Ancestors of the Country of Eternity, Ancestor Yan had the noblest and highest status, because he had an extremely powerful group in the World of Battles, the Yan Clan! 

The Yan Clan was extremely powerful. After arriving in the World of Battles, Yan Cang Tian would definitely go and join the Yan Clan. 

Ancestor Yan had come back to the Country of Eternity a while back because he was sick of living in the World of Battles, where his life just consisted of slaughtering and killing every day. 

The Yan Clan didn’t lack Godly Ancestors and leaders, so Ancestor Yan could have a leisurely and carefree lifestyle. 

Ancestor Tian Qi was an independent cultivator. He had relied on himself to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. 

“The situation in the World of Battles will become more and more chaotic, don’t you think?” whispered Fu Hao. Ancestor Tian Qi had sent a genius to the World of Battles, which meant he was getting ready for a huge war. Those few Godly Ancestors were going to make the world order change completely in the World of Battles. 

Not to mention… that insane cultivator had gone there, too! 

Fu Hao thought of Lin Feng. He didn’t believe that that young man wouldn’t attempt or accomplish anything in the World of Battles. He was brave and bold. He was probably going to accomplish great things there too! 

“In the World of Battles, there are many sects and clans and empires. Haha! It’s a perfect place for real geniuses!”

“Indeed, it’s the fruit of millions of years of work. The strongest young geniuses keep accumulating there.”

The old men sighed. They had all come from the World of Battles. They had returned from the World of Battles for hundreds of thousands of years, so they were excited, but they also felt nostalgic. 

Massacres and insane wars could also be fun! Like being drunk, like a dream! 

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