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Chapter 1091: Yan Cang Tian’s Provocations!


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“Everybody can take a rest. It’ll take us a year to arrive in the World of Battles,” said the leader of the four Godly Ancestors indifferently. They sat down idly, surrounded by their respective godly auras of different colors so people couldn’t get too close. 

When the others heard that, they were dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe it. One year to cross the passage? It meant they were going to have to coexist in the passage for a whole year? 

Unlike the others, Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. The World of Battles and the Country of Eternity weren’t just separated by a thin layer of sky, or anyone could have traveled back and forth easy. Lin Feng had already guessed that the World of Battles was in another space. 

Therefore, he wasn’t surprised that they would need one year. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of the Earth. How far was the Earth from the World of Battles? Was there a passage between those worlds? Were they even in the same universe? 

“Qiong Sheng, Zhe Tian, and everybody else, go into my spirit world,” Lin Feng told his sons, Yi Ren Lei, Yan Di, Hu Ba, Zi Jing Xiao, You, and Kun.

He was the one who had agreed to bring Zi Jing Xiao, You, and Kun to the World of Battles, so they had to listen to him now. 

Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian nodded. They looked at Yan Di with respect. He was like a brother to their father, so he was like a real uncle to them. 

Yan Di nodded. One year in the passage would be boring, so going into Lin Feng’s spirit world would be more fun. Lin Feng’s wives were there so he would be able to feast his eyes. 

Yi Ren Lei didn’t say anything. She was just holding Lin Feng’s hand firmly which meant she didn’t want to go into his spirit world. She didn’t want to be with his other wives, as she felt awkward there. 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and tapped her back. He smiled, “Little Xue, you will have to mingle with them sooner or later, so go in now.”

Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng hesitantly, but in the end she nodded. It was a fact; in the future, Lin Feng would live in his spirit world too, and she would have to go there if she wanted to be with him. She couldn’t be an outsider forever. 

Yi Ren Lei took a deep breath. It was the right decision to go in Lin Feng’s spirit world. It wasn’t Hell, after all; it was Lin Feng’s home, so it was her home too! 

Lin Feng let go of her hand. Space and time strength appeared around them, and enveloped Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Qiong Sheng, Yan Di, and Yi Ren Lei. Then they all disappeared. 

Hu Ba looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. Hu Ba understood. He had to go there, too. 

Zi Jing Xiao shook his head. Lin Feng had already been kind enough to accept to bring them to the World of Battles. He couldn’t, on top of that, go into Lin Feng’s spirit world, so he refused, but he knew Lin Feng was well-intentioned. 

Lin Feng didn’t force him. Lin Feng felt responsible for Zi Jing Xiao, but since he didn’t want to go into his spirit world, if he faced any danger, Lin Feng wouldn’t need to intervene. 


Lin Feng and Zi Jing Xiao stood together. You and Kun stood next to Zi Jing Xiao. Qing Tong and Gong Nü stood together. Now and then, they glanced at Lin Feng. Gong Nü was curious about Lin Feng. She was astonished that a young genius from a small world had managed to do so much in life. 

Gong Nü admired Lin Feng. They had both finished fourth in the rankings. Many influential groups would probably be interested in recruiting them in the World of Battles. 

Gong Nü didn’t know that other people who were in the tunnel also came from small worlds, like Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, the Ancient Demon King, Chu Chun Qiu, and Zhen Mo! They were all from small worlds, especially Chu Chun Qiu and the Ancient Demon King. They were both from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. 

The Ancient Demon King didn’t say anything whatsoever. He was just sat there and remained silent. He didn’t provoke Lin Feng, either. He knew that Lin Feng was extremely strong. Ignoring him was the best way to survive. 

As for what would happen in the World of Battles, it was useless to think about it as yet. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and Zhen Mo stood together, as Zhen Mo was Xuan Yuan’s disciple. They had been in the Tian Ji Sect long enough, so they wanted to go to the World of Battles to explore new places. They also knew they would probably have a big fight against Lin Feng at some point. 

Yan Cang Tian and Yan Shan Ming stood together. Yan Cang Tian looked at Lin Feng angrily. 

Finally, Yan Cang Tian took a deep breath, flashed over, and landed not far from Lin Feng. 

Everybody saw him, including the Four Great Battle Ancestors, who just looked on. The tunnel to the World of Battles was durable, and they didn’t need to worry about energies damaging anything. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors also wanted to see Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian fight. During the competition for the World of Battles, Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian hadn’t dueled. If they could have a glimpse of such a battle in the tunnel, that would be great!

Both of them were fierce and brutal. Yan Cang Tian was cruel, and Lin Feng was fearless. A fight between them would be fierce and explosive!

Gong Nü took a few steps back to give them space. Zhao Yun Xiao and Bai Nü also took a few steps back. Bai Nü grinned. She wanted to see how strong Lin Feng could be. If Zhao Yun Xiao couldn’t compete with someone, it might mean that they could compete with her. 

Qing Ling Chao and Fei Yang moved aside as well. Qing Ling Chao had come back to pick Fei Yang up. He didn’t need to offend anyone anymore, he had reached his goal. His new goal was to arrive in the World of Battles safely. 

Everybody withdrew to give Yan Cang Tian space. Everybody feared Yan Cang Tian, as he was the first young genius to them, even if Bai Nü had risen too!


Yan Cang Tian stood not far from Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with murder and energies emerged from them and sparkled. 

Zi Jing Xiao looked grim. He clenched his fists and got ready to intervene if Lin Feng was in danger. 

“Mind your own business, alright?” Yan Cang Tian told Zi Jing Xiao mercilessly. He was a fire cultivator, so his Qi was a fire type Qi, but still Zi Jing Xiao felt cold when he heard Yan Cang Tian. 

Lin Feng raised his head and gently pushed Zi Jing Xiao aside. Zi Jing Xiao had nothing to do with this. Yan Cang Tian was provoking Lin Feng, not Zi Jing Xiao. It had nothing to do with anyone else. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Yan Cang Tian. Yan Cang Tian was wearing a fire red robe and his Qi was explosive, yet still cold. 

“Hehe, I didn’t know Yan Cang Tian could be polite and respectful!” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently, bowing flamboyantly.

“Don’t be so polite! I can’t accept your curtsy!” Yan Cang Tian grabbed Lin Feng’s hands and pressed them down with brute force, glaring at Lin Feng harshly. 

“Alright, I won’t be polite then,” said Lin Feng, still smiling politely. He tried to push Yan Cang Tian’s hands away, but Yan Cang Tian was grabbing his hands and glaring at him provocatively; he didn’t intend to let go of Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng tried to push them with brute force but it didn’t work. Yan Cang Tian looked at him mockingly. 

Lin Feng looked at him gravely. Many people were excited to see them fight. It was probably going to be an extraordinary duel. 

“Since you don’t want me to be polite, why are you still holding my hands?” asked Lin Feng icily. Then he released a hundred million jin of Qi and pushed Yan Cang Tian’s hands away. Yan Cang Tian staggered and was pushed back five steps. 

The atmosphere became extremely tense. 

Yan Cang Tian’s eyes were filled with fury. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng was so strong, so he had been caught unprepared, and had nearly fallen down. Luckily, he was strong enough; if he had fallen, it would have been quite a humiliation!

Only young geniuses and incredible elders were in the tunnel; he didn’t want such extraordinary people laughing at him! 

“Hehe, quite strong, eh? No wonder you dared destroy the re-education camp I built!” smiled Yan Cang Tian coldly. Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian stared each other in the eyes, then walked towards each other again. They were now only fifty centimeters away from one another. 

Their eyes sparkled. Energies started churning around them. Both Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian’s Qi was terrifying. 

Zhao Yun Xiao, Zi Jing Xiao, Zhen Mo, and the others couldn’t help but move away. They stood hundreds of meters away from the two to avoid their Qi, which they found too powerful. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor frowned. His disciple moved away to avoid Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian’s Qi? It was the first time Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor regretted his past decisions. He didn’t regret he hadn’t chosen Lin Feng as a disciple; he regretted he had chosen Zhen Mo!

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