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Chapter 1191: Godly Dao, Three Waves! .



Nobody knew what happened after Lin Feng went to see Qian Jin Cai Yue. But Hu Shan could see that Lin Feng wasn’t in a very good mood so he didn’t dare disturb him. 

It was now time for the second round of auctions to start. Song Chou Jiu and the others went back to the thirtieth pavilion but this time, they knew that the people in the seventh pavilion were the representatives of Li Yu. 

Song Chou Jiu didn’t know in which pavilion Lang Zhe and Zhu Ban Chang were so he had to try and continue guessing. Of course, if there was something good, he wouldn’t hesitate and bid. At least, as long as he had enough money to buy something he really wanted, he wouldn’t give up. 

Half an hour later, everybody was there. But the leader of the Bai Clan wasn’t there. The whole crowd was surprised. He had acted extremely extravagantly during the first round of auctions, he had even dared compete with the other powerful influential groups, and now he wasn’t there? 

Some people said his son had been beaten up and the leader of the Bai Clan thus wanted to settle accounts. 

As many people in the crowd were lost in thought, the old man in bright and beautiful clothes arrived. After the murder at night, he looked much more solemn and serious. Leader Jing City had scolded him for arriving in the inn too late .

Two murders had been committed in Jing City. For Jing City, it was a humiliation. Who would dare continue coming to the auctions in the future? Who would dare continue living in Jing City? 

At that moment, everybody was seated. They all felt nervous as if someone had been watching them. They had a bad feeling. Two people had been killed in two days so people didn’t feel safe there. 

“Everybody, the next round of auctions is about to start. Please bring the first precious item, a Godly Ancestor weapon, the Three Marks Spear!” 

said the old man. Then, a disciple brought a two meter long spear with three patterns. It was silver. The three marks were dazzling and made people feel scared. 

Godly Ancestor weapon, Three Marks Spear. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know who had made it, he could see it was a good item. 

“Starting price, one hundred million.” said the old man. 

“One hundred and ten million.” 

“One hundred and twenty million.” 

“One hundred and forty million.”


Lin Feng had asked about the real value of godly coins. Someone told him that one million godly coins had the value of a small pavilion, ten million godly coins had the value of a great palace or a mansion house, and one hundred million godly coins had the value of a territory of a dozen li. And one billion godly coins had the value of half a region. And with ten billion, one could buy one fourth of Jing City. 

How big was Jing City? At least thousands of li of circumference. One could well imagine how powerful the godly coin was as a currency. And on top of that, with the price of that weapon, one could buy a region. 

That was why Song Chou Jiu lacked money. Man Yu was like the other places of the Region of the Eight Corners. Some territories had lots of treasures and resources which they could sell to others. Some territories collaborated with other influential groups so they traded. But Man Yu was poor. 

And they kept getting poorer and poorer. 

“Three hundred and sixty million.” 

Suddenly, someone from the twenty seventh pavilion spoke. What a terrifying price! 

Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu were interested in that item though. Lin Feng already had two precious weapons, the godly battle sword and the Buddhist mala. Therefore, he didn’t need more. 


Song Chou Jiu didn’t lack weapons either. And since Lin Feng didn’t seem interested either, he didn’t bid. 

“The Three Marks Spear belongs to the twenty seventh pavilion!” said the old man in bright and beautiful clothes. Then a disciple went through the twenty seventh’s pavilion secret passage and brought them their new item. 

“Next precious item, one of the three supreme treasures of this time’s auctions. Apart from the Dazzling Flower, it is one of the most valuable items of the auctions.” 

“Godly Tao Skill, Three Heavy Waves!” 

The crowd remained silent. Some people gulped down. 

Godly Tao Skill, Three Heavy Waves! 

A Godly Tao Skill, it could help cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer level up. It could also help Godly Ancestors become stronger. 

Everybody’s face was full of admiration, no matter if they could afford to buy it or not. At least, they had the honor of seeing such a treasure. In the pavilions, the representatives clenched their fists. That was their ultimate goal. They had come to the auctions for that Godly Tao Skill. 

They had to get it. 

Lin Feng was also seated. He started breathing faster. It wasn’t the first time he heard about it, Godly Ancestor Xing Yun had told him about it, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told him about it, Qian Jin Cai Yue and Song Chou Jiu had told him about it. He knew how important Godly Tao Skills were for cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer and the Godly Ancestor. 

Thanks to Godly Tao Skills, the fighting abilities of a cultivator were improved. It was also allowed them to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer even faster. 

At that moment, Lin Feng was excited. He wanted it. He couldn’t let anyone else have it. No matter who. If anyone dared compete with him and bid on that item, he would kill them! 

That was how Lin Feng was. He was ready to kill for that Godly Tao Skill, it was worth it. 

“Everybody, Jing Rui accepted to offer two precious items to the Tai Qing Sect and Sword Mountain so the Godly Tao Skill, the Three Heavy Waves, is the main item of these auctions. Everybody, enjoy it!” 

“Its starting price is one billion!” 

said the old man. Everybody paled when they heard that. Some people smiled helplessly. One billion? Many of them didn’t have that much. 

One billion? 

said Lin Feng icily. He thought they were going too far. One billion? That was enough to build a small city. 

“Godly Tao Skills are extremely rare. Unless people of the new generation make new Godly Tao Skills, the only ones which can be used so far are mostly those which were created by our Ancestors. Some others must be buried in coffins or in historical sites so it’s too difficult to find them.” 

“Because of that, a Godly Tao Skill can cost up to two or three billion godly coins. It’s not too much. Those who don’t have money can’t have a Godly Tao Skill.” 

“But, hehe, brother, don’t worry, Miss Qing and Miss Cai Yue gave me three billion in total. We just used less than one billion so far. We still have two billion and they’re all yours. You can have them and get the Godly Tao Skill.” 

“I know you don’t have money but the Godly Tao Skill is crucial for you.” said Song Chou Jiu without the least hesitation. Qing Huang Tian and Qian Jin Cai Yue had given him the money he had after all. He had already used it to obtain the Bright Ground Fire Lotus and it was great already. 

Lin Feng naturally wanted to say something but Song Chou Jiu interrupted him. He didn’t want to hear what Lin Feng had to say. 

He had to give the Godly Tao Skill to Lin Feng even if he already had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. He preferred giving that opportunity to Lin Feng. 


Lin Feng was extremely touched. Song Chou Jiu was righteous and kind. He wasn’t petty and vile. He also remembered when people did good things for him. Lin Feng was happy to consider him as a friend now. And only time would tell us whether they would even become like brothers or not.

But the auction wouldn’t be easy. Many people wanted the Godly Tao Skill. And people couldn’t afford to become slaves of their temper. They had to keep calm. 

Keeping calm was a costly method though. 

Finally, someone burst into anger. The jade light of the thirty fifth pavilion became dazzling. 

“One billion and fifty million.” 

He immediately raised to one billion and fifty million. Many people were surprised. 

Of course, the sale wasn’t over. 

“One billion and two hundred million.” 

said someone from the fifth pavilion. Lang Zhe, who was in the thirty fifth pavilion, was furious, he almost lost his senses. 

“One billion and three hundred million.”

But a few seconds later, someone else bade. The voice came from the eighteenth pavilion and it was a female voice. 

Lin Feng grinned when he heard that. He was sure those people were from the Spiritual Warriors Clan now and that the one who had just spoken was Elder Zhan Yu Ying, the female elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. 

It was an opportunity. He wanted to bury that cunning woman in Jing City. Since the Spiritual Warriors Clan wanted to play, Lin Feng was ready to play. 

Zhan Yu Ying didn’t know that Lin Feng was already plotting against her. But during the last two days, she hadn’t been in a great mood. Someone else from her clan had gotten killed. She didn’t feel safe. 

The leader trusted her though and he had given her the order to get the Godly Tao Skill at the auctions. She had no choice but to get it. 

And one billion and three hundred million was her bid. 

Of course, it wasn’t the end. 

“One billion and four hundred million.” said someone from the twenty seventh pavilion. That person sounded languid. Song Chou Jiu grinned. He knew who it was. 

“One billion and five hundred million.” said someone from Li Yu in the seventh pavilion. 

It was a great show for the crowd. Everybody kept bidding up. 

Lin Feng joined in as well. 

“One billion five hundred million and one.”


When the crowd heard Lin Feng’s bid, they frowned. And one?? He just raised of ONE godly coin?? 

Was he trying to humiliate the other bidders? Or was he just too confident? 

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t want the price to be too high, if he didn’t have enough, he wouldn’t be able to obtain the Godly Tao Skill. 

Qing Huang Tian understood how he felt so she took out another ring and put it on the table, “That two billion godly coins, if that’s not enough, I have more.” 

Song Chou Jiu, “…”

Ming Shou, “…”

Zong Hu and the others all looked at Lin Feng enviously. That little boy was so lucky. His wife surprisingly had so much money? 

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