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Chapter 1192: Extremely Aggressive! .




“What is that supposed to mean, dear friend? Are you trying to humiliate us by raising of one godly coin only?” 

asked someone from the seventh pavilion. Everybody thought the same though. Besides, many people were furious and felt humiliated. 

Even though most people could see through the walls of the pavilions, Lin Feng could feel many people were looking in his direction. 

And he knew that that person was the one in charge of the group of Li Yu, the one who had called Zong Hu a piece of trash and expelled him from Li Yu. It was also the one who had made things difficult for him. 

Lin Feng didn’t fear him. He immediately replied icily, “I’m sorry but nobody said raising of one godly coin was forbidden. I am not trying to humiliate anyone. We’re not kids. We don’t need to play little games. If you think I am trying to humiliate you, alright, then what? What do you want to do? Kill me?” 


“How awesome! That brother is great!” 

“The representatives of the thirtieth and seventh pavilions are arguing? But the strength difference between them is huge, the seventh pavilion should be much more powerful than the thirtieth? Aren’t they afraid?” 

“Hehe, you’re an impulsive moron, uh? Pretty offensive.”

Many people were astonished when they heard Lin Feng. They all looked in the direction of his pavilion. Some people looked in his direction with admiration, some others with disdain. But most people thought Lin Feng was just arrogant and stupid. 

The expression of Li Yu’s representative didn’t change. He just sounded colder. Of course, he knew that the piece of trash of Li Yu was in the thirtieth pavilion. He initially wanted to humiliate him but someone inside was contradicting him which infuriated him. 

“Killing you wouldn’t be worth it, it’d just make my hands dirty.” he said smiling icily. He didn’t take what Lin Feng said to heart. He was the representative of Li Yu. He knew how to behave. He wasn’t like a stupid dog which just barked around and bit people. 

However, how long would that last? Lin Feng was pretty virulent after all. 

Lin Feng didn’t give him face, “We’re both in the same boat. I don’t want to touch you and make my hands dirty either.” 

“Hehe. Speaking is useless. If you really think you’re stronger than me, let’s meet after the auctions and have a battle?” asked the representative of Li Yu indifferently. He hoped Lin Feng would refuse. 

“Brother, don’t be angry. It’s not worth it.” said Zong Hu paling. He didn’t want him to get angry because he knew how strong the representative of Li Yu was. 

Lin Feng didn’t need to confront that representative. But Lin Feng couldn’t let them humiliate him and the others. 

Lin Feng giggled and glanced at Zong Hu. Then he turned his head away again. Zong Hu had the feeling he had done something wrong. It seemed like the situation was worsening. 

Many people looked in the direction of the thirtieth pavilion. They still weren’t talking, were they afraid? 

“Hehe, I was right. They’re afraid.” said someone in the great hall with freezing irony and burning satire. 

“But they’re right. It’s a wise decision. At least, they won’t lose face.” 


“We’ll see. I wonder who the representatives of the thirtieth and seventh pavilion are.” 

more and more people started whispering. They had a sense of presence at that moment but at the most crucial moment they would run away faster than anyone else. 

The representative of Li Yu smiled icily. He knew that they wouldn’t dare accept. 

“One billion and seven hundred million.” 

Suddenly, everybody looked in the direction of the seventh pavilion. As expected, they were insane. 

Nobody had thought the thirtieth pavilion would continue bidding at that moment. 

“One billion seven hundred million and one.” 

However, the representative of Li Yu wasn’t even done talking that Lin Feng was speaking already. He sounded indifferent. He didn’t keep a low profile because of what had just happened. 

Zong Hu and the others were dumbstruck and quaked with fear. Song Chou Jiu pulled a long face. Lin Feng surprisingly dared provoke the representative of Li Yu. He glanced at Qing Huang Tian and then remembered that as long as she was with him, he didn’t need to fear anyone. 

“One billion and eight hundred million.” 

“One billion eight hundred million and one.” 

“One billion and nine hundred million.” 

“One billion nine hundred million and one.”

The representative of Li Yu shouted explosively and furiously while Lin Feng was speaking calmly and indifferently. Each time, he just raised of one godly coin. The representative of Li Yu wasn’t going to be able to stand it much longer. Who was trying to infuriate him?? 

“Hehe. You’re determined to challenge me, uh?” asked the representative of Li Yu icily. Even though they couldn’t see each other, he still stared at the window. 

“Cai Yue, open the curtains.” 

said Lin Feng smiling waving at Cai Yue. She was surprised but she opened the curtains looking indifferent. 

Suddenly, everybody saw Lin Feng, he was wearing the Asura mask and a black cloak. He looked mysterious. He was leaning on the balustrade and looked in the direction of the seventh pavilion. 

The representative of Li Yu was stupefied when he saw Lin Feng. He had thought it was Song Chou Jiu. 

“Who are you?” asked the representative of Li Yu icily. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He grinned and said, “Mind your own business, will you?” 

“How dare you provoke me and Li Yu?” asked the representative of Li Yu straightforwardly. He didn’t hesitate and said which group he belonged to out loud so many people were stupefied. 

The Region of the Eight Corners, Li Yu? 

Apart from Xue Yu and Huang Yu, Li Yu and Gan Yu have a similar strength and nobody dares offend them but that masked man dared? 

Wasn’t he afraid of death? 

“Yo, you’re being too serious. I have nothing against Li Yu. I just have something against you personally. I am provoking you! Don’t hear what I didn’t say!” said Lin Feng smiling jokingly and cruelly. 

The representative of Li Yu was furious but he controlled himself and stared at Lin Feng cruelly and glumly, “Will you fight against me?” 

“Alright. Where and when?” 

“After the auctions, in the evening, thirty li away from here in the air.” 

“Alright, wait for me.” 

said Lin Feng. The crowd was astonished, he surprisingly accepted fearlessly. No matter who Lin Feng was, he definitely wasn’t an ordinary person. 

“Alright. Enough you two now. The auctions need to continue.” said the old man in bright and beautiful clothes. 

Lin Feng and the representative of Li Yu gave him face, they were in Jing City after all. Besides, Jing City was powerful. 

“Two billion.” said the representative of Li Yu after taking a deep breath. Someone in Li Yu needed the Godly Tao Skill. They couldn’t miss that one. 

“Two billion and one.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. As usual, he just raised of one godly coin. The expression of the representative of Li Yu stiffened even more. His face was distorted with fury. He wished he could kill Lin Feng on the spot. 

“Two billion and two hundred million!” shouted the representative of Li Yu grinding his teeth. He didn’t think Lin Feng had so much money. 

“Two billion two hundred million and one.” said Lin Feng smiling jokingly. He wasn’t in a bad mood at all. 

Everybody was dumbstruck. He was pushing things too far. He was going to bring about his own destruction! Why was he obstinately provoking the representative of Li Yu? 

Of course, nobody could understand except for Song Chou Jiu, Zong Hu and the others, especially Zong Hu. He was touched and moved. First, Lin Feng had used their money to buy him a hammer and now he was standing out for him. 

He would never forget Lin Feng’s kindness! 

The representative of Li Yu looked at Lin Feng’s resolute expression and sighed. He gave up. He couldn’t raise more. He had received instructions and couldn’t spend more than two billion and a few dozens of thousands of godly coins. He had no choice but to give up. 

When he gave up on the Godly Tao Skill. The old man in the bright and beautiful clothes naturally looked at Lin Feng. Was anyone else going to raise? 

At that moment, many influential groups just wanted to watch the show. They couldn’t participate. Besides, it wasn’t because someone obtained something at the auctions that they could keep it, other people could still it after the auctions. There were many methods to do that. 

Therefore, nobody wanted to participate for the time being. 

The old man waved and a disciple immediately brought the Three Heavy Waves to Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at that scroll, it had the size of his palm. It wasn’t very thick. It had only three pages but each page was like thunder and made Lin Feng’s pound. 

“Godly Tao, Three Heavy Waves?” 

“One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” 

“Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” 

“Three Heavy Waves, Ice And Fire Ocean!” 

Amazing skill! Amazing Godly Tao Skill! 

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He was overjoyed and firmly held the Godly Tao Skill. 

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