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Chapter 1092: Lin Feng vs. Yan Cang Tian!


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Lin Feng didn’t look angry at all. Most people were surprised because they knew Lin Feng as someone who had an explosive personality. Yan Cang Tian was provoking him, but Lin Feng remained calm. 

“Yan Cang Tian, I would like to ask you a question!” said Lin Feng, pointing at Yan Cang Tian. His eyes were starting to burn. 

“Go ahead!” said Yan Cang Tian proudly. He was ready to fight already. He didn’t feel like talking too much. 

Lin Feng looked at Yan Cang Tian’s expression mockingly. Yan Cang Tian had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. Facing Lin Feng, there was difference between him and someone of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. To Lin Feng, the fact that Yan Cang Tian kept showing off wasn’t justified. 

“Do you think I am afraid of you?” taunted Lin Feng. 

“Well, aren’t you though?” said Yan Cang Tian. He almost choked with laughter. 

Lin Feng smiled broadly, but at the same time, he was speechless. Yan Cang Tian really thought everybody was afraid of him? 

“You thought that I was trying to hide from you the whole time because I destroyed your re-education camp, right?” asked Lin Feng, and began to laugh mockingly. 

Yan Cang Tian looked at him gravely and said, “Isn’t it the case, though?”

“You thought that if I bumped into you, then I’d be very unlucky because you’re extremely strong, right?” asked Lin Feng again. 

“Of course. What do you think?” said Yan Cang Tian. This time, Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who was speechless; Bai Nü and Chu Chun Qiu were also mute. Yan Cang Tian was really insanely arrogant. 

He really considered everyone else beneath notice. Nobody had thought he was so arrogant. 

“Hehe, since that’s what you think, I’m going to tell you the truth,” said Lin Feng after his three questions. 

Lin Feng found Yan Cang Tian’s answers hilarious. The whole conversation was a joke. Lin Feng controlled himself not to burst in laughter. 

“Yan Cang Tian, to me, you are nothing. Really. You are the same as a cultivator of the fourth or fifth Great Supreme God layer. No difference.

“I really don’t know why you are so arrogant, proud and self-confident. You are not even a real opponent for me. You are too weak to be a worthy opponent!

“I am stronger than you. I am not afraid of you. After destroying your re-education camp, I didn’t deliberately hide from you.

“You dared imprison my friend in your re-education camp and treat him like a piece of trash. For that reason, I consider you a sworn enemy who I have to kill.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking or why you think of me, hehe! You may think I am a mere cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and that I don’t pose a threat to you whatsoever. You probably think I am just another cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer you’re going to kill, among a myriad of others.

“You may think that but I’m going to tell you one thing, Yan Cang Tian. Not everybody is predictable. And unfortunately for you, you don’t know understand me and how strong I am.”

Lin Feng was starting to get angry. Each of his sentences was a slap to Yan Cang Tian. Lin Feng was getting angry now because of what Yan Cang Tian had done to Yan Cang Tian, and because the latter was so insufferably arrogant. 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let Yan Cang Tian off. Yan Cang Tian was provoking him now. In the World of Battles, Lin Feng would definitely kill him. He wasn’t going to let Yan Cang Tian provoke him and threaten him forever. 

Yan Cang Tian remained silent but he was displeased when he heard Lin Feng humiliate him. His eyes were filled with murder, and spitting fire. He clenched his fists and retorted, “Talking is useless! You’re good at talking, but let’s see if you’re good at fighting!”

“Why wait for me? You can attack whenever you want to!” Lin Feng shot back smoothly. He wasn’t afraid of Yan Cang Tian and he didn’t think he was a powerful opponent. It wasn’t because Lin Feng was too proud or arrogant; it was a fact! 

Lin Feng really didn’t think Yan Cang Tian was that powerful, but he was ready to protect himself in case of attack, even if he pretended not to be. 

“Pretty conceited, eh? I’ll kill you!” shouted Yan Cang Tian explosively. He finally decided to attack first. Everybody watched him, including the Fire Spirit. 

The Fire Spirit was wearing her blazing fire armor and shoes which looked like fire discs. She still looked sexy and stunning. Her armor didn’t cover her entire body, so one could see her skin through it. Her skin looked like bronze, and she seemed so firm. 

She also wasn’t wearing any top or bra under her armor, so one could see everything, but nobody dared act recklessly lustful, as they valued their lives. 

The Fire Spirit watched Yan Cang Tian and Lin Fen, amused. She was a Fire Genesis Primordial Spirit, so she supported Yan Cang Tian because he practiced fire cultivation. She had an affinity with him because of it. 

But she also had particular feelings about Lin Feng. He had entered the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames alone a few years before and he had saved the Songs. She had seen that. The third time Lin Feng had come into the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, she had made things difficult for him and had sent one of her generals. 

She had been surprised because Lin Feng had avoided her attack. After that, she had looked at him with new eyes. 

But now when she looked at Lin Feng, her eyes were filled with hatred. The Ice Spirit was in Lin Feng’s spirit world, and they hated one another. 

In her opinion, the Ice Spirit was just a fraud. She just pretended to be as pure as jade and clean as ice and pure and noble. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had agreed to lend her a part of his spirit world for her to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer! The Fire Spirit didn’t intend to let the Ice Spirit have things her way…

Little boy, consider yourself lucky. Both the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit think highly of you. 

The Fire Spirit looked at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes and grinned teasingly. 

Yan Cang Tian threw a powerful punch at Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng naturally didn’t intend to let Yan Cang Tian punch him, so he flashed back and used a palm at the same time. A golden imperial imprint appeared with a sonic boom. 

Lin Feng flashed back in the gigantic tunnel as Yan Cang Tian blocked the imperial imprint. But the imperial imprint grew bigger and bigger. In the end, it was hundreds of meters tall. Yan Cang Tian shouted furiously and threw a kick, following with a punch which broke the imperial imprint apart. 

There was an explosion, and a gigantic wave of energy surged forth. Everybody activated their godly auras to protect themselves, especially Zhao Yun Xiao, Zi Jing Xiao, and the others who were not strong enough. 

Yan Cang Tian roared in a frenzy, flashing and appearing in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng couldn’t dodge this time!

“Explosive Fire Punch!” “Aggressive Punch!” Yan Cang Tian and Lin Feng shouted at the same time. 

Chu Chun Qiu and the Ancient Demon King were starting to worry. Could the tunnel break apart because of their attacks? 

If the tunnel broke, what would happen to them? 

But they didn’t need to worry. No matter how fierce and explosive Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian’s duel was, the tunnel couldn’t break. Godly Ancestors had built it, after all. 

If the tunnel broke, it would be extremely surprising! 

Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian collided again and bounced back thousands of steps. Neither had the advantage so far. 

Lin Feng had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and Yan Cang Tian of the sixth, but so far, it was a draw. Many people were astonished. 

Actually, everybody considered that Yan Cang Tian had the advantage because there was a difference of two cultivation layers between them. In the whole continent, who could compete with a cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer when they only had the strength of the fourth? 

Apart from Lin Feng, nobody!

Yan Cang Tian looked ever grimmer. He clenched his fists hard enough to pop them, getting angrier as he did. Lin Feng had destroyed his prized achievement, the re-education camp, and had humiliated many people from the Ancient Yan Clan. Yan Cang Tian was the first young genius of the Ancient Yan Clan, so he couldn’t let Lin Feng off! 

He couldn’t let Lin Feng humiliate him a second time… 

“Come again!” shouted Yan Cang Tian furiously, and charged Lin Feng again. He wanted to crush Lin Feng, severely injure him so he would suffer, and in the end, kill him. That was his main goal. He wouldn’t leave the matter alone until he reached his goal. 

Yan Cang Tian thought he was strong enough to kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng also thought he could kill Yan Cang Tian. Their feelings were mutual. They both wanted to kill each other! 

Therefore, they continued their fight. 

The two men kept colliding. They were both extremely violent and aggressive, and needed more and more space to fight. Apart from the Four Great Battle Ancestors, everybody, including Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and Bai Nü, moved even farther away. 

Lin Feng threw a kick and golden lights flashed. They were dazzling and illuminated the whole tunnel. Lin Feng’s leg looked like a gigantic golden dragon that wanted to swallow Yan Cang Tian whole. 

Yan Cang Tian took a deep breath. He clenched his fists and condensed all his pure Qi in his dantian, shouting furiously, “Patra!”

A soundwave emerged from Yan Cang Tian’s mouth and rolled towards Lin Feng, but didn’t stop the kick. The gigantic golden dragon continued towards Yan Cang Tian ,and collided against the gigantic soundwave. Their energies erupted. 

There were endless rumblings and explosions. Lin Feng’s leg was surrounded by fire. It was getting worse and worse, but Lin Feng still pressed forwards until he reached Yan Cang Tian’s chest. 

It didn’t seem like a powerful kick at that time, but Yan Cang Tian still groaned with pain and coughed blood violently. 

Yan Cang Tian was blown away and crashed against the wall of the tunnel. He had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, and was strong enough to turn around and bounce off the wall. 

This time, Lin Feng had the advantage! 

Yan Cang Tian had underestimated Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s body was extremely durable thanks to his Genesis Spiritual Body. How could a soundwave attack hurt him? 

The atmosphere was extremely tense now… 

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    Lin Feng was getting angry now because of what Yan Cang Tian had done to Yan Cang Tian, and because the latter was so insufferably arrogant.

    Should be Yan Di instead of that second Yan Cang Tian.

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