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Chapter 1193: Meeting Point! .



Song Chou Jiu was curious too. He also hoped he would obtained a Godly Tao Skill at some point to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. However, he didn’t regret having left it for Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng read the whole text and saved it in his brain. That way, nobody would be able to steal it from him because it would be lost in an ocean of thoughts. He felt safer that way. Even though he didn’t understand the content for the time being, he wasn’t in a rush. 

“Brother Song, when we go back, I will perform the Three Heavy Waves for you. I know you want to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, I have to share it with you.” 

Lin Feng didn’t beat about the bush. He had noticed Song Chou Jiu’s expression. He didn’t mind saying openly even if Song Chou Jiu felt embarrassed. 

Lin Feng knew he had to become famous in the Region of the Eight Corners now and for that, he had to make Man Yu become stable and unified. First, he had to convince Song Chou Jiu of letting him become the leader. 

He needed to plan everything but he couldn’t plot against Song Chou Jiu. Song Chou Jiu was honest with Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t do anything which would made him feel sorry. So now, all he could was ask Song Chou Jiu and leave the rest to destiny. 

At that moment, Song Chou Jiu was surprised. He felt extremely touched when he heard Lin Feng. He smiled like an innocent girl and blushed. Qing Huang Tian suddenly looked nervous. Did Song Chou Jiu like men??? 

She walked between Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu. Song Chou Jiu smiled awkwardly. He knew what Qing Huang Tian meant. 

“Brother, in the future, when you say something, I won’t frown!” said Song Chou Jiu. He had faith in Lin Feng. 

The two people looked at the Three Heavy Waves. Nothing could distract them. 

“Everybody, I talked to Leader Jing Rui. We decided to put the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting at the auctions again. Bring it over here.” 

said the old man in bright and beautiful clothes waving. Then four disciples brought the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. A long river, three people playing chess, different moods, some were smiling, some looked angry. 

Everybody was astonished. Why had Leader Jing Rui put the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting at the auctions again? Did he need money? 

Many people didn’t understand. The representatives in the pavilions didn’t understand either. Had they received the order that they had to  sell it? Nobody was interested in it though. If they bought it, it would just be to give Jing Rui face. 

Everybody remained silent when the disciples brought the painting. The old man smiled wryly. As expected, nobody was interested. Was it going to be a second failure?? 

“Everybody, it is not an ordinary item. When you go back with it, inspect it and you’ll find something.” He really hoped someone would buy it. 


Ten minutes passed. Nobody said anything. 

Half an hour passed. Nobody said anything. Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu took advantage of that break to understand the Three Heavy Waves even better. They only needed to practice it now. 

Finally, after half an hour, the old man forced a smile and announced that the painting was unsold again and that the auctions were over! 

Kacha, kacha, kacha…

After that, everybody stood up from their chair in the great hall and started walking away. However, they weren’t returning to their respective territories. Most of them were going thirty miles away to see the battle! 

The representative of Li Yu and the masked man of Man Yu were going to fight in the evening. 

Of course, some people didn’t think it was going to be such a great battle. They thought the masked man was just going to get brutally crushed. 

But no matter what, the battle hadn’t started yet and people were already excited and talking about it. 

Some of the representatives who were in pavilions also wanted to see the battle. It was as if everybody had forgotten that two Godly Ancestors had been killed in the two previous nights. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have stayed there. 

When Jing Rui heard that someone who had come with Song Chou Jiu had provoked the representative of Li Yu, his face stiffened. Jing City was bustling with activity these days… The Spiritual Warriors Clan, then the World Dragon Clan etc… 

He was furious. He didn’t like it when the situation got out of control. 

“Some come here. Inform the central court to send four Godly Ancestors who will come with me thirty li away. I want to stop a battle which shouldn’t happen.” 

He had no time to waste. He had to stop that battle. 


Lin Feng and the others had already come out of the secret passage. In the great hall, Lin Feng recognized some people. Song Chou Jiu also recognized some people. 

The ninth elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, Zhan Yu Ying, the strong female cultivator, looked bitterly sarcastic. 

Two members of World Dragon University had been killed. Godly Ancestor Jie Long’s body had even been stolen so they didn’t send anyone to the second round of auctions. 

The Bao Long Pavilion and the Luo Clan were influential groups from Liang City so they weren’t qualified to have a pavilion, they had already left the great hall. 

Apart from them, Lin Feng didn’t recognize anyone else. Song Chou Jiu introduced told him about the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

“Over there, the skinny man in the blood-red robe, he’s got a treacherous nature. He’s the representative of Xue Yu. He’s the third elder, Xue Tong, a Godly Ancestor.”

Song Chou Jiu knew how sly and dangerous Xue Tong was. Most people in Xue Yu were like that. 

“The woman in blue clothes over there, she’s short but she’s the representative of Shi Yu, her name is Shi Yu too. She’s the illegitimate daughter of the leader of Shi Yu. I don’t know whether the rumors are true or not but people say she has the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer so be very careful. 

“The representative of the twenty fifth pavilion, he’s the representative of Gan Yu, his name is Gan Sheng, he’s the representative of Gan Yu and has the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer but who is the old man behind him?” 


Song Chou Jiu and Lin Feng noticed an old man behind Gan Sheng. The old man was fat but, he had the demeanor of a transcendent being, and he had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer. 

Lin Feng shook his head. No matter who it was, if the old man provoked him first, then Lin Feng would retaliate. Otherwise, he didn’t care about that old man. 

“The third elder of Li Yu, a Godly Ancestor. You provoked Li Yu.” 

said Song Chou Jiu in the end. Lin Feng wouldn’t forget that name. 

“Little boy, thirty li away. See you there.” 

said a gloomy voice at that moment. Li Dian narrowed his eyes and smiled evilly. He had just spoken to Lin Feng telepathically. He was trying to put him under pressure. 

But Lin Feng didn’t feel under pressure at all. Even if Li Dian was a Godly Ancestor, he was just an ordinary Godly Ancestor. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of ordinary Godly Ancestors. At least, he was sure he wouldn’t lose. 

“Don’t worry. I didn’t forget. As long as you’re all ready, I am. Provoking the opponent before a battle is useless.” said Lin Feng indifferently counterattacking. 

Hmph! Li Dian groaned icily, rolled up his sleeves and disappeared in the corridors of the great palace. 

Lin Feng followed Song Chou Jiu to the first floor. Qing Huang Tian followed him, and Zong Hu and the three others followed Qing Huang Tian. Zong Hu still looked a little dispirited but he still looked better than on the previous day. At least, he didn’t look completely depressed anymore. He even dared face Li Dian. 

Lin Feng was happy. He had taken the right decision to support Zong Hu. 

After everybody left the great hall, Lin Feng and the others flew thirty li away and got ready for the battle in the evening. 

Song Chou Jiu suggested to give up but Lin Feng didn’t want to. He also wanted everybody to come with him. Initially, he didn’t want the three others to come but they had insisted because they considered Zong Hu as a brother. 

The four of them had excellent relations. They were like brothers. Zong Hu’s enemies were also their enemies. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue took the initiative to walk away. She didn’t care whether Asura died or lived. She just wanted to find Lin Feng. 

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng and the others arrived in an empty area. There were almost no buildings anymore there and it was a flatland. It had turned into a cultivation field for those reasons. 

The highest point was a few hundreds of meters. Just slightly higher than an ordinary pavilion, and those were only dunes. One could see that people often came there to fight. It seemed like Li Dian was really ready to destroy Lin Feng. 

“Hehe, guess? Against how many attacks will the masked man survive until the representative of Li Yu defeats him?” 

“I bet three attacks.” 

“Haha! I bed two!” 

“Sigh, I think one with half of his strength will be enough! Let’s bet money!” 

“Alright, come, I bet one thousand godly coins.” 

“I bet two thousand!” 

The whole crowd starting chatting and betting. Nobody bet on Lin Feng’s victory. Godly coins flew around as people exchanged them. Lin Feng felt calm and serene, his heart was as calm as still water. He didn’t care about what people had to say, all he cared about was his real strength. 

He had to fight that battle anyway! 

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