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Chapter 1093: Insatiable Lust for Blood! Indestructible Demon Dao!


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“Alright, very good! Hehe! As expected, you are strong enough to compete with me!” hissed Yan Cang Tian. He still sounded proud and arrogant, as if he had forgotten that Lin Feng had just smashed him into the wall of the tunnel. 

Yan Cang Tian still thought Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough. He still thought he was the strongest young genius. He also thought Lin Feng had managed to push him away because he was lucky. 

When he said that, everybody thought he was shameless and ridiculous. Everybody could see Lin Feng had the advantage and was oppressing him. Yan Cang Tian had used a soundwave attack and it hadn’t had any effect at all. In return, Lin Feng had almost made him collapse. 

It was a fact and everybody had seen it. Everybody stopped thinking of Yan Cang Tian as the first young genius. That was the past. Now, Lin Feng was the strongest young genius of the Country of Eternity. 

And Yan Cang Tian was saying Lin Feng could compete with him? What a joke! 

“Forget it. I don’t want to fight during the year we spend in the tunnel. I want to take a rest,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head in disbelief. He didn’t want to continue fighting against Yan Cang Tian, it wasn’t necessary. He could wait for the World of Battles to kill him. He would have enough time for that there. 

During their trip in the tunnel, it was better to conserve their pure Qi and rest. Besides, Lin Feng also wanted to break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer. 

The gap between the top of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and the fifth Great Supreme God layer wasn’t huge, so Lin Feng could do it. 

“What? You realize how weak you are, so you want to stop?” Yan Cang Tian jeered back. 

Lin Feng sighed. He was speechless. Yan Cang Tian used to be the first young genius of the continent?! He was despicable, shameless, and ridiculous. 

When the others heard Yan Cang Tian, they laughed mockingly inside. Lin Feng was oppressing him and he continued being extremely conceited. It seemed difficult to get more conceited than Yan Cang Tian. He didn’t seem strong at all, but he was really good at being shameless! 

“You and I have nothing to talk about. You’re extremely childish,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. Then he made ready to rest and cultivate. 

Lin Feng’s disdainful look made Yan Cang Tian even more furious. He ground his teeth and smiled icily, “I’d like to see how strong you are! Hmph!”

Lin Feng wanted to quit, but Yan Cang Tian didn’t intend to let him off. He flashed and charged Lin Feng again. His speed was incredible. In the blink of an eye, he was already throwing two punches at Lin Feng, his fists as heavy as mountains. He wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s chest. 

Many people didn’t dare continue looking. Yan Cang Tian was really cruel. They could already imagine Lin Feng’s corpse lying in his own blood. 

The others thought so, but not Lin Feng. He wasn’t afraid at all. 

He wasn’t easy to deal with, either. He had gone through a lot in life. He had had many bloody and cruel battles, and nobody had ever managed to crush his chest. Lin Feng had seen many formidable attacks in his life! 

Lin Feng smiled icily, and stretched out his palm. Many people thought he was in trouble. 

“Lin Feng is too confident and it’s going to lead to his destruction,” said the Ancient Demon King pulling a long face. He already thought Lin Feng was now in a weaker position. Yan Cang Tian was extremely brutal, and wanted to regain face. 

Face was extremely important to Yan Cang Tian. He couldn’t stand it when people made fun of him and humiliated him. Lin Feng was no exception, so he had to teach a good lesson. He had to destroy him!

“No. Lin Feng always has more than one string to his bow,” said Chu Chun Qiu when he heard the Ancient Demon King. The Ancient Demon King looked over at Chu Chun Qiu glumly. Chu Chun Qiu was impassive.

Lin Feng did have more than one string to his bow, including now. It seemed like he was in a weaker position, and it also seemed like his attack was ordinary and powerless. 

Lin Feng’s palm went out, and Yan Cang Tian’s fists moved closer and closer to his chest. At that moment, Lin Feng tried to deflect Yan Cang Tian’s fists away, but Yan Cang Tian changed direction and aimed at Lin Feng’s shoulder. 

At that moment, Lin Feng also attacked. He flashed at bullet speed and raised his left foot, then threw a kick at Yan Cang Tian’s chest. 

Yan Cang Tian groaned with pain and coughed up even more blood. His blood splashed on the walls of the tunnel and then he crashed to the ground with a boom! 

Lin Feng had kicked Yan Cang Tian and sent him to the ground. Lin Feng’s attack had been neat, simple and agile! 

Lin Feng’s strategy was excellent and he was resourceful. His attack seemed weak, but it wasn’t. It seemed simple, but it wasn’t. That was the path of enlightenment. Things weren’t always the way they were, nothing was permanent, and everything changed all the time. 

The battle was already over. The Ancient Demon King was grim. He had thought Lin Feng would get destroyed, but instead Lin Feng had won. 

It was a clear victory!

“Lin Feng, I’m going to fucking kill you!” shouted Yan Cang Tian ferociously. His face was distorted with hatred and fury. 

He had lost against Lin Feng, a weakling?! How humiliating! He had to kill Lin Feng! 

He flashed, clenched his fists, and charged Lin Feng again. He looked terrifying. 

“You think I’m afraid of you, huh?” Lin Feng smiled. He looked like a bloodthirsty killer at that moment. 

It seemed like their duel had now reached a point of no return. If one of them didn’t die, then the fight wouldn’t stop!

Everybody looked at the Four Great Battle Ancestors. The fight was already decided. Everybody hoped the Four Great Battle Ancestors would stop them, but the Four Great Battle Ancestors looked expressionless. They weren’t worried at all. 

Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian were in the air again. Lin Feng threw a punch, using demon Qi this time. 

Lin Feng’s demon Qi was more powerful than the Qi of the Ancient Demon King, who was a pure demon cultivator. Lin Feng was a real demon deep in his heart and he always would be one. 

His lust for blood was insatiable. His Demon Dao was indestructible! 

Yan Cang Tian raised his arms, and fire appeared around them. The temperature started increasing by tens of thousands of degrees. It felt like the tunnel was going to burn, and he wanted to destroy everything and everyone around him. 

His attack was overwhelming. The Four Great Battle Ancestors finally raised their heads, but they remained silent. 

But at that, the Fire Spirit spoke, “Enough! Don’t play with fire in front of me!”

She raised her left hand and Yan Cang Tian’s fire instantly disappeared as if it had never appeared. Yan Cang Tian’s expression plummeted in fear.

The others had just seen fire disappear, but Yan Cang Tian had sensed death Qi. His internal fire Qi had been sealed for a few seconds. If Lin Feng’s attack had arrived, he could have died! 

Yan Cang Tian recalled his Qi, he didn’t dare fight anymore. He wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng, but he was terrified of the Fire Spirit. 

Yan Cang Tian stopped fighting, so Lin Feng also took his hands back, glancing at the Fire Spirit. He didn’t understand what the Fire Spirit had just done; was she helping Yan Cang Tian? Yan Cang Tian was a fire cultivator after all, and she was a Fire Genesis Primordial Spirit. She probably felt closer to the Ancient Yan Clan. 

But the Fire Spirit wasn’t a human. The members of the Ancient Yan Clan were humans, so there was antagonism between them. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath and recalled his demon Qi, returning to normal again. 

The Ancient Demon King, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, and Zhen Mo all stared at Lin Feng. During this fight, Lin Feng hadn’t just fought against Yan Cang Tian, he had also shown those three that his demon Qi wasn’t any weaker than theirs! 

I must get rid of him as quickly as possible!, thought the Ancient Demon King, looking quite unhappy. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t say anything, but clenched his fists silently. 

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