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Chapter 1194: Physical Strength Battle! .



“Song Jiu, you’re insane!” 

When Jing Rui saw that Song Chou Jiu was there too, his expression changed drastically. He was astonished and angry. If Song Chou Jiu and he hadn’t known each other for such a long time, he would have been infuriated and he would have attacked him. 

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t understand what kind of relations they had. Jing Rui was the leader of Jing City and an overlord. The other one was one of the leaders of Man Yu and he was a just a cultivator of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. How could he be closer to an overlord? 

But they seemed to be friends, why? Lin Feng didn’t know.

“Jing Rui, I know you’re worried but this battle is inevitable. A battle between Li Yu and Man Yu was supposed to happen sooner or later. It’s just happening earlier than I expected though.” said Song Chou Jiu smiling indifferently. He couldn’t let Zong Hu look at them get humiliated. He wanted to show Zong Hu support too. 

It wasn’t really the right time to avenge Zong Hu but since Asura had decided to trigger the whole thing, then they supported him. They wanted to show Zong Hu he didn’t need to feel dispirited and scared because many people supported and loved him. 

Song Chou Jiu didn’t want to leave everything to Lin Feng either. He didn’t want Zong Hu to think Song Chou Jiu didn’t care about him, or at least less than Asura who had just arrived in Man Yu. 

And Leader Jing Rui didn’t understand those things. He just wanted peace in Jing City. He was sick of people provoking each others in his city. 

“Song Jiu, I’m giving you one opportunity. If anything happens, I’ll kick your ass out of Jing City!” 

said Jing Rui furiously but he also sighed helplessly after that. They were good friends. He had to be nice. The four Godly Ancestors behind Jing Rui looked glum. They didn’t know Song Chou Jiu and he was causing trouble in Jing City so they didn’t like that. 

Song Chou Jiu looked at his good friend, they used to be very good friends. Now, Jing Rui was the leader of Jing City but he hadn’t changed. He still considered Song Chou Jiu as a friend. But his position had changed, he had become an overlord. 

That’s why Song Chou Jiu didn’t blame Jing Rui for being bossy. He just blamed himself for not being as strong. 

Time passed slowly. The sky became rosy and then dark. A crescent moon appeared in the sky and illuminated the ground with its silver light. 

It was nighttime! 

Li Dian was perfectly on time. Eight disciples from Li Yu were behind him. They were all four five meters and looked proud. Their muscles were pumping unceasingly. They looked so powerful. 

Li Dian also looked extremely strong and powerful. Even though he was just three meters tall, he didn’t seem weaker than the disciples. And his strength reached at least three four hundred jin. With two punches, it seemed like he could crush his enemies. 

Lin Feng was surprised. As expected, Li Dian was outstanding. He may be qualified to insult Zong Hu of piece of trash and to expel him. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Lin Feng kind of saw himself in Zong Hu when he was younger. That was why Lin Feng was furious. The words “piece of trash” opened an old wound in his heart. 

How much had he suffered because of those words? How hard had he worked to become strong enough to protect himself? Nobody could understand him. 

“I thought you wouldn’t come.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. He was ready to battle. He clenched his fists. He was firmly standing on the ground. The ground was shaking under his feet. 

Li Dian’s expression suddenly changed. He was surprised by Lin Feng’s strength and at the same time, he could see that Lin Feng’s strength was different from the kind of strength people in Li Yu understood. 

He was suddenly interested in knowing more about Lin Feng. He was interested in his physical strength. 

“Little boy, you seem physically strong. Let’s not use pure Qi, let’s use pure physical strength, what do you say? I’m giving you an opportunity.” 

An opportunity? 

Many people couldn’t help but smile. He was from Li Yu, people from Li Yu were experts in physical strength. And he wanted to have a physical battle against a skinny man. What was he thinking? He wanted to torture his victim or what? 

Many people felt sad for Lin Feng, he seemed doomed. He was probably going to explode and die after one punch. 

When Jing Rui heard Li Dian, he was surprised. Li Dian really wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. 

Zong Hu ground his teeth and clenched his fists. Everybody know Li Dian’s physical strength was incredible. Back in the days, he had punched a cultivator of the Supreme God layer and his body had exploded and vanished in the air. Back then, Li Dian was a Supreme God too. 

Now, his physical strength was at least of three hundred million jin. How could Brother Asura compete with him in terms of physical strength? 

Zong Hu wanted to tell Lin Feng to give up but he knew that if he said that, Asura would be furious so he controlled himself and kept quiet. 

But he decided that if Li Dian dared injure his big brother, he would intervene and attack Li Dian. He had to do that at least as a sign of gratitude for the hammer Lin Feng had gotten him. 

The atmosphere became tense. One could hear everybody’s breath. 

Lin Feng remained silent and stared at Li Dian. Li Dian started smiling jokingly. 

Play with pure Qi? Nothing more than a dead end. Playing with physical strength? Even more a dead end. 

In any case, Lin Feng couldn’t tolerate those mockeries. Even though he wasn’t one of the worst of Li Yu and Xue Yu, he couldn’t let him humiliate people. He was a tiny little cultivator. 

“What do you think? Did you decide?” 

after a few minutes, he lost patience. He didn’t even have a chair to sit down. 

Lin Feng didn’t raise his head, his eyes were closed, he wiggled his forefinger and looked at Zong Hu, “Zong Hu, I will fight for Zong Hu today, a cultivator from your region, Li Yu.” 

“And if I win, you, Li Dian, will apologize to Zong Hu. Do you accept?” 

Zong Hu and Li Dian looked dumbstruck. 

“How… How… How is that possible? Hahahaha!” 

Li Dian burst into a loud laughter. He couldn’t imagine himself apologizing to Zong Hu. Apologize to him? The biggest joke in the world!


shouted Li Dian furiously and ferociously suddenly .He looked at Lin Feng evilly. 

Zong Hu paled. He felt hurt again. He had been expelled from his clan. Nobody could understand how it felt. So many years had passed. He hadn’t seen his parents in such a long time. And because he was a piece of trash, his parents had been cast aside in the clan. 

So many years had passed, how were his parents doing? How did the people of Li Yu treat them? Zong Hu didn’t know. He had wanted to go back a few times to see his parents but he hadn’t because he was afraid of those people. 

And when Li Dian said “impossible”, it felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart. 

He hated himself for being a good-for-nothing! 

Lin Feng’s face stiffened. He clenched his fists which crackled and sounded like stones being crushed. It was scary. Li Dian was ready to fight. He had been waiting for that moment. 


“Come, little boy, show me how strong foreigners are in terms of physical strength! Haha!” 

Then he ran towards Lin Feng and opened his arms. His hands were gigantic. His physical strength was extremely thick. He was as powerful as a mountain. 

One jump and it seemed like he had made a hundred million steps. And Li Dian was just using sixty percent of his physical strength. He was afraid that if he used his full strength he would just crush Lin Feng’s body to ashes and that it would disappear without leaving trace. 

Lin Feng burst into laughter. He didn’t fear him and he found Li Dian ridiculous. If that was all Li Dian could give, then Lin Feng would feel awkward if he lost. 

“Zong Hu, look at me. Look at the representative of Li Yu who keeps humiliating you. Look, I will destroy him and make him become a piece of trash! Haha!” 

“Empty words! You’re a tiny little insect!” 

shouted Li Dian explosively. Then he made slapping motions and added some physical strength in his hands. He wanted to defeat that piece of trash in one attack. That’d be awesome. 

However, in terms of physical strength, Lin Feng could be considered as an outstanding cultivator amongst humans. Maybe not peerless but at least in the top three, even when including Godly Ancestors since physical strength and cultivation layer were two different things. 

They were comparing their physical strength, not their pure Qi. 

Lin Feng was skinny but in terms of physical strength, he could easily destroy and torture Li Dian. 

“I feel sorry for you. You shouldn’t have treated Zong Hu like this!” 

said Lin Feng smiling. 

And then. 


Flames sparkled. An thunder-like attack. Everybody just saw something flash like a blurry silhouette. They were all speechless. 

Lin Feng’s fist was in the air but in front of him there was nobody left. Nothing could have resisted against such a powerful attack. 

That punch was the result of the perfection combination of Lin Feng’s genesis spiritual body and own brutal and powerful physical strength. It easily reached two hundred million jin. 

Li Dian wasn’t around anymore. He was three hundred meters away and looked miserable. He struggled to get back up. His three meter big body seemed as fragile as a flower vase at that moment, as if he were about to break apart. 

His face had the color of pork liver. His eyes were filled with flames of fury. At the same time, he felt so humiliated that he was shaking violently from head to foot. He wished he could hide somewhere, everybody was staring at him. His cheeks were burning. 

Representative of Li Yu? Li Dian? One of the best in terms of physical strength? 

Hehe. At that moment, he had just been bombarded away by Lin Feng in one punch. Nobody had expected that. 

Zong Hu was astonished as well. His eyes and mouth were wide open. His heart was pounding. He admired Lin Feng even more. He had refused to learn from him the previous time but the next time he wouldn’t dare refuse. 

Not many people were as strong as Lin Feng in Li Yu in terms of physical strength! 

And he was just a human but he was so brutal and violent! 

Everybody was dumbstruck. And those who had bet before pulled long faces. Their cheeks burnt. It felt as if they had been slapped by Lin Feng a dozen times. Actually, Lin Feng didn’t even spare a glance at them. They didn’t deserve Lin Feng’s attention. 

He didn’t speak to prove. He acted. 

And he had definitely won the physical strength battle! 

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