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Chapter 1094: Selections!


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Lin Feng’s goal was to break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer during the trip. Therefore, after the battle, he sat down cross-legged somewhere calm and released space energies to isolate himself from the others. 

When Zi Jing Xiao saw that, he glanced at You and Kun. The three people gathered around Lin Feng’s space bubble to protect him while he was meditating. They looked determined and resolute; if anyone dared try and disturb Lin Feng, they would do their best to protect him! 

After Lin Feng and Yan Cang Tian’s scuffle, nobody wanted to provoke Lin Feng anymore, anyway. The Ancient Demon King and the others weren’t stupid, and weren’t going to act recklessly. 

Everybody remained silent in the tunnel. Because of the Fire Spirit’s presence, the temperature was scorching hot. Everybody had the impression they were suffocating and their throats were dry…


A year later…

The tunnel was about to end. 

“Alright, we’re in the World of Battles. Everybody go out,” said the Four Great Battle Ancestors, standing up and smiling broadly. They were happy to be back home in the World of Battles. It felt as if they were welcoming guests to their homeland. 

The Fire Spirit didn’t hurry to stand up, glancing at Lin Feng, who had been meditating in silence for a year. He had naturally broken through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer. 

The other geniuses had also become stronger. After being humiliated by Lin Feng, Yan Cang Tian had also cultivated and he had broken through to the seventh Great Supreme God layer. To do that, he had nearly lost his mind. 

In the end, he had still succeeded. He had given his best because there was something he really wanted to achieve: killing Lin Feng! 

If he killed Lin Feng, then he would regain face. Other people would be unlikely to try to humiliate again, as well!

Qing Tong and Gong Nü left the tunnel first. They looked at the unknown landscape for a long time, amazed. 

Chu Chun Qiu came out. When he saw the World of Battles, he felt calm. 

It looked like a traditional oil painting. The Qi was quite pleasant. There were many beautiful supernatural birds in the sky. They were a few meters long and kept flapping their wings. Seeing all those birds, one would wonder if they were ever going to poke and pierce through the sky someday! 

The land wasn’t flat. There were grasslands, and a magnificent, grandiose river. The river wove through the hills and mountain ranges in the distance. 

The mountains in the distance were magnificent and surrounded by a purple-whitish mist. They looked beautiful. They were not too high, but they were also tens of thousands of meters in size. 

At the top of one mountain was a tower at least a thousand meters high. It was golden and dazzling, and kept scintillating. The Qi of that tower felt safe and serene. 

Lin Feng stood up and left the tunnel with Zi Jing Xiao and the two others. When they saw the landscape, they were all surprised. 

When Lin Feng saw the golden Qi, his Genesis Spiritual strength activated itself, sensing Buddha Qi. Like Tian Chi, he was very familiar with Buddha cultivation. Lin Feng looked at the Qi with respect and admiration. 

Lin Feng was both a Buddha and a demon cultivator; he, as a human, was in the middle. It was like he had three personalities in perfect fusion. 

It was complicated, but not so much for Lin Feng. He controlled that state perfectly. 

The Ancient Demon King, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, Zhen Mo, Zhao Yun Xiao, Bai Nü, and all the others came out before the tunnel closed itself. If someone stayed inside, they would have been lost in the corridors of space and time forever. 

The Fire Spirit was the last one to come out. When she arrived outside, the first thing she didn’t do was admire the landscape; she waved and smiled at the Four Great Battle Ancestors, “Masters, I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

Then she flew away on her two fire discs and disappeared into the horizon. Her Qi disappeared as if she had never been there. 

Lin Feng watched her go, surprised. The biggest threat of the Country of Eternity, the Fire Spirit, had come to the World of Battles. It meant that the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames wasn’t a danger for the Country of Eternity anymore…

But the World of Battles wasn’t fair. Lin Feng looked at Zi Jing Xiao. Zi Jing Xiao understood what Lin Feng meant. 

“Master, can we leave as well?” Zi Jing Xiao asked the Four Great Battle Ancestors, bowing hand over fist respectfully. 

The other young geniuses also looked at the Four Great Battle Ancestors, waiting for their answer. Indeed, what now? Were the four masters going to leave them to their fate, or were they going to travel together? 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors were in a great mood. The young geniuses they had brought were all extremely strong. They were gifts from heaven. 

The World of Battles had new geniuses, so it was becoming more and more powerful. 

There were only two ways to enter the World of Battles. The first way was to be born there. The second way was to be brought in, like these young geniuses. 

Lin Feng had shaken the whole Country of Eternity; he had become a young genius, and now he was in the World of Battles. 

Local geniuses had more opportunities, but local people still thought very highly of foreign geniuses because they had passed an exam to be able to come here. It proved they were qualified. 

People followed local young geniuses, but they thought more highly of foreign young geniuses. That was logical. 

Local young geniuses were followed because they were local children. Who didn’t like their own children? They thought highly of foreign young geniuses because they considered them war material. The risk of dying sooner was higher for foreign young geniuses. 

People of the World of Battles didn’t want their own geniuses to die… 

“Go to that tower. Some influential groups will choose you. Then you can join an influential group,” said the leader of the four Godly Ancestors, pointing to the golden tower at the top of the mountain, the one surrounded by Buddha Qi. 

Many people instantly flew away when they heard that. They thought that if they arrived earlier, the best influential groups would choose them and then they would benefit from the best resources and training.


Many people were already gone. Lin Feng glanced around. Everybody but him, Chu Chun Qiu, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, and Zhen Mo was gone. 

“Let’s go too,” said Lin Feng, nodding at Zi Jing Xiao. He flashed and flew away. 

You and Kun carried Zi Jing Xiao and followed Lin Feng. The Four Great Battle Ancestors also flew towards the tower. 

Chu Chun Qiu followed the four ancestors. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and Zhen Mo glanced at the tower and flew in the opposite direction. 

They didn’t want to join an influential group there. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was proud and ambitious. Besides, an influential group was already waiting for him, he just had to go there! 

Everybody was gone. The tunnel had already disappeared. 

At that moment, Jeston also came out. He felt lonely. 

“Lin Feng, we’ll meet again. I’ll wait for you in the World of Battles. This world is our playground, yours and mine!” whispered Jeston with a grin, his eyes serious and calm. 

He wasn’t one of Lin Feng’s enemies, but they were rivals on the path of cultivation. 

They were both from Earth, but Lin Feng had been assigned an important task. How could Jeston sit idly by and watch? 

Jeston quickly disappeared. He didn’t go to the mountains. He flew in the opposite direction, the same as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. 


After a short while, everybody arrived at the top of the mountain where the tower was. The tower was a thousand meters high and could accommodate many people. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors stood at the entrance of the tower. Lin Feng and the other young geniuses were standing outside. Inside were the representatives of the different influential groups. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors gave the list to the representatives and waited for their announcement. 

“Chu Chun Qiu!” said a voice icily breaking the silence. Chu Chun Qiu’s expression didn’t change, but he turned around and looked at Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, I’m going. I hope to see you soon!” said Chu Chun Qiu, smiling smoothly. He waved and entered the tower. 

Lin Feng smiled after Chu Chun Qiu calmly. 

“Chu Chun Qiu was chosen by the representative of the Lun Bi Empire!” announced a voice. Lin Feng frowned. 

There was a Lun Bi Empire in the World of Battles? 

As Lin Feng was thinking, someone spoke again, “Yan Cang Tian!”

“Lin Feng, I’ll wait for you. You will die soon!” said Yan Cang Tian threateningly. A few drops of sweat appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead when he heard that. 

“Alright, I’ll wait for you,” replied Lin Feng, unruffled. 

“Yan Cang Tian was chosen by the Yan Clan’s representative!”

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