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Chapter 1195: Stealing Items! .



“Zong Hu, remember, in this world, nothing is impossible. People who call you a piece of trash will become your stepping stones someday. Don’t be afraid of them.” 

Lin Feng stared at Zong Hu. It was the best moment to cheer up and give suggestions to Zong Hu. Li Dian wasn’t difficult to defeat at all. He wasn’t the strongest cultivator of Li Yu either. And he wasn’t qualified to call Zong Hu a piece of trash. 

Even though Zong Hu wasn’t as strong as Li Dian for the time being, it didn’t mean he would never catch up with him. Life was so long. He had time. Nothing was impossible. 

It had taken Lin Feng only one year back in the days to become much stronger than all the people of the Lin Clan who used to call him a piece of trash. Then, they had never dared underestimate or look at him disdainfully again. Because he was determined, he overcame all obstacles. 

Zong Hu seemed like he was doing much better. He didn’t look sad anymore. Lin Feng had defeated Li Dian in one punch. Li Dian was sometimes called the King of Strength in Li Yu so it made Zong Hu feel much more confident. He wanted to continue studying hard and becoming stronger. He wanted to surpass Li Dian someday. 

Li Dian was his sworn enemy. Zong Hu wanted to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer soon. It couldn’t be that complicated! 

“Brother, I will always remember what you said. Always.” said Zong Hu smiling honestly and simply. That was Zong Hu. Someone honest. Some who smiled. Not someone depressive. 

Lin Feng nodded. He hadn’t done everything in vain. He had managed to help. 

Li Dian struggled to stand up and staggered. His chest felt as if it had been ripped apart. His muscles were torn apart and his ribs were broken. He was furious and dumbstruck. Who was that masked man? How come he was so strong? 

His pure physical strength was as powerful as the third elder and the leader’s, he thought. 

Li Dian felt extremely humiliated. He was pale. He wanted to leave but he couldn’t. But if he stayed, people pointed at him and it infuriated him. 

Li Dian glanced around. Everybody looked at him mockingly. He looked at them ferociously. He released his Qi of the Godly Ancestor layer and everybody paled. Nobody dared make fun of him anymore. 

“Who are you?” asked Li Dian icily. He didn’t believe Lin Feng was a pure human. 

Lin Feng smiled cruelly and mockingly. He knew what Li Dian was thinking and he didn’t feel like replying so he kept silent. 

He didn’t reply. Li Dian didn’t leave. They just stared at each other. They looked at each other provocatively. It seemed as if a small eye strength competition had been going on and Lin Feng had the advantage. 

And even if Li Dian was a Godly Ancestor and could use skills, he didn’t feel like fighting against Lin Feng anymore. He didn’t feel confident anymore. In Li Yu, he was one of the strongest ones, and now he had just lost. Defeating and humiliating Lin Feng using skills and attacks of the Godly Ancestor layer would be pointless. 

Only people from Li Yu could use pure physical strength to become gods. That was why Zong Hu attached so much importance to physical strength and kept asking Lin Feng to teach him about it. 


When Leader Jing Rui saw that, he knew it was time to intervene. He couldn’t let them continue causing trouble. 

“Alright, stop fighting now. We know who the winner is. You can leave!” he said firmly. 

Li Dian glanced at Leader Jing Rui kindly and with admiration. Jing Rui was an overlord after all. Li Dian was envious and jealous but he didn’t show it. 

He bowed hand over fist in front of Jing Rui and then he waved at the tall and sturdy men of Li Yu as a sign they were leaving. He felt too humiliated to stay. The few tall and sturdy men surprisingly looked at Lin Feng with admiration when they left. They wished they had been on Lin Feng’s side, they could have asked him for help in terms of physical strength. 

Li Dian and the others left. Leader Jing Rui looked at the remaining guests, including some people from the Spiritual Warriors Clan and all the influential groups of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

“Everybody can leave.” said Leader Jing Rui. Nobody dared disobey. 

In the end, Jing Rui looked at Lin Feng and said icily, “I don’t know who you are and I don’t care. You better not play tricks on Song Jiu, otherwise, I won’t spare your life.” 

“What do you want?” said Qing Huang Tian jumping forwards when she heard Jing Rui. She landed in front of Lin Feng and looked at Jing Rui furiously. 

Jing Rui looked at Qing Huang Tian and smiled indifferently, “Spiritual Godly Ancestor, not bad. But against me, it’s still a little too weak.” 

He smiled and waved. Qing Huang Tian suddenly paled and was pushed back of a few steps. She was nearly blown away. 

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He jumped and caught Qing Huang Tian by the waist. Then he pointed at Leader Jing Rui and said icily, “You can give me suggestions but even if you’re an overlord, you can’t prevent me from doing what I want to do!” 


“You want to die?”

“Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to the leader like that?” 

“Little boy, how dare you talk to the leader that way, you ungrateful little dog!” 

Suddenly, a few people of Jing City started insulting Lin Feng but Lin Feng didn’t care. He was talking to Jing Rui as Asura at that moment, not Lin Feng. 

Jing Rui looked solemn but not furious. He never took anything seriously. He just thought that little boy was too confident. 

“Song Jiu, leave with your people.” 

said Jing Rui rolling up his sleeves. Song Chou Jiu pulled a long face and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng turned around and walked to Qing Huang Tian and then they walked away. 

As Asura, he would never come back to Jing City ever again unless Jing Rui asked to see Asura! 

Qing Huang Tian was pale. Jing Rui had just waved but she had nearly been pushed back into her phoenix form. That was the difference between Spiritual Godly Ancestors and Earthly Godly Ancestors. It was huge. 

Lin Feng had also seen it with his own eyes. Even though Jing Rui wasn’t as strong as Ni Huang, it was better not to offend him for the time being. He was an overlord after all. 

But Asura would remember that! 

“Let’s go.” said Song Chou Jiu to the four people. They then caught up with Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian. 

At that moment, in Jing City, people were flying in all directions. Some influential groups of Jing City had sent people to see the battle and then report to them how strong the two fighters were. 

And a massacre or an assassination may be on the verge of breaking out! 

Jing Rui didn’t know what to think. He really wanted to know who would have won in the end. Li Dian had the Dazzling Flower and Lin Feng had the Three Heavy Waves so other people had probably cast greedy eyes on those precious items. 

Only the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting had remained unsold. Nobody wanted it. 

“Leader, an old man is here and mentioned your name and said he wanted to see you.” 

said a servant suddenly. He looked grave and solemn. Jing Rui’s expression didn’t change. He said indifferently, “Tell him to leave. I am not receiving anyone right now.” 

“He said you would regret it if you refused to see him.” said the disciple pulling a long face. He hesitated to tell the leader that. 

Suddenly, Jing Rui’s expression changed. Someone dared say something as arrogant as that to him? How impolite! Who dared disrespect an overlord? 

“What does he look like?” 

“I don’t know but that is his talisman. He said you would understand if you had a look.” 

said the servant handing a golden talisman over to Jing Rui. Jing Rui looked astonished when he saw the talisman. 

“Go back.” 

said Jing Rui firmly. He had to take drastic measures. 


“Asura, someone is watching us.” 

said Song Chou Jiu after a while. But when he turned around, he didn’t see anyone. But they didn’t stop, they continued walking. 

“Hehe. It would be strange if nobody followed us. We have the Three Heavy Waves, don’t you think other people have cast greedy eyes on the sky?” 

“So those people want to steal it from us?” asked Song Chou Jiu pulling a long face and clenching his fists. He was ready to fight. He was even ready to die to protect the Godly Tao Skill. It had cost over two billion godly coins after all! He would feel extremely humiliated if someone stole it from them. 

“People always try and steal things after auctions.” said Lin Feng smiling. He didn’t care too much and he wasn’t surprised. 

“Asura, there are six Godly Ancestors behind us.” 

whispered Qing Huang Tian pulling on Lin Feng’s sleeve.

Six Godly Ancestors? Lin Feng seemed stupefied but he quickly reacted. Those influential groups had thought of everything. They hadn’t sent their Godly Ancestors to the auctions but their Godly Ancestors had been hiding in various places of the city. 

Where were those six Godly Ancestors? 

“Miss Qing, just protect your own self first.” 

“I understand!” 

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