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Chapter 1095: Chosen by Nobody!

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Yan Cang Tian joined the Yan Clan. It had been planned a long time before.
“Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor!” someone called again. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor looked at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t look back. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor smiled in a strange way. It was impossible to say what that smile meant.
“We’ll meet again, little boy,” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor said to Lin Feng telepathically. His tone of speech was ice-cold, piercingly cold.
But Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. He would even wait for Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Lin Feng felt honored that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor wanted to kill him!
“Prince Ghost!”
“Ancient Demon King!”
Two more people were called at the same time.
A short time afterwards, someone said, “Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, Prince Ghost, and the Ancient Demon King have been chosen by the Demon Clan!”
Demon Clan?
Lin Feng now knew three influential groups in the World of Battles: the Lun Bi Empire, the Yan Clan, and the Demon Clan.
“Bai Nü, Bai Clan.”
“Gong Nü, Gong Clan.”
“Tian Chen, Tian Ji Sect.”
Suddenly, everybody was being recruited in different sects and clans. Lin Feng was surprised that Bai Nü was recruited by the Bai Clan and Gong Nü by the Gong Clan. There was something weird going on; from their names, it was obvious that they were directly related to their new respective clans.
All this had probably been planned in advance. Zhao Yun Xiao was going to follow Bai Nü. Zhen Mo was going to follow Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Yan Shan Ming was going to follow Yan Cang Tian.
Lin Feng glanced around. Apart from Zi Jing Xiao and Qing Tong, there was nobody left. If he wasn’t mistaken, there were probably clans and sects who wanted to recruit them.
“Qing Tong, Human Clan!” The Human Clan had chosen Qing Tong. The Human Clan was probably connected to the Ancient Human Clan in the Country of Eternity, or they wouldn’t have chosen him.
Qing Tong nodded. He turned to Zi Jing Xiao and said expressionlessly, “My dad said you had follow me, brother!”
“I’m going with you? What about Lin Feng?” asked Zi Jing Xiao, pulling a long face before Qing Tong was even done talking.
Qing Tong shook his head and said, “I don’t know. In any case, you and I are joining the Human Clan.”
“Qing Tong, if you don’t tell me the truth, I’m not coming with you,” said Zi Jing Xiao. He would feel guilty abandoning Lin Feng. If the Human Clan didn’t recruit Lin Feng, they might even become enemies. The Ancient Human Clan didn’t have too many young geniuses; it was why they had had to rely on Lin Feng for the Competition!
Lin Feng had helped them and now what? They were going to leave him to his fate? That would be idiotic!
Therefore, Zi Jing Xiao wasn’t satisfied. He thought that Fu Hao had gone too far. But actually, Fu Hao didn’t know about this. He was just a Godly Ancestor in the Country of Eternity, that was all. He didn’t have any power in the World of Battles for the time being.
The Four Great Battle Ancestors had handed the representatives a list and they had chosen people from it. Everybody knew that the sects and clans in the World of Battles took the exam very seriously.
Lin Feng waved and smiled indifferently, “Brother Zi, I am done with my task, which was to take you to the World of Battles. Keep getting stronger in the Human Clan. I’ll come and visit you when I have the opportunity.”
“But you..,” said Zi Jing Xiao. He wanted to say something, but Lin Feng interrupted him.
“Don’t worry about me and don’t put Qing Tong in an awkward position. See you!” said Lin Feng, smiling wholeheartedly. He bowed hand over fist as he said goodbye to Zi Jing Xiao.
Zi Jing Xiao’s mouth was wide open, but words didn’t come out. He still thought all this was unfair for Lin Feng, and that made him uncomfortable.
“Alright, see you. Take care. I’m sure we’ll meet again,” sighed Zi Jing Xiao after a long time. How unfair! But Zi Jing Xiao was too weak to do anything. He had no power, he couldn’t do anything to help Lin Feng.
Zi Jing Xiao sighed helplessly and followed Qing Tong. Naturally, Kun and You also followed him.

This time, everybody was gone. Everybody had been chosen by a sect or a clan, but Lin Feng. Qing Ling Chao and Fei Yang had also come with them to the World of Battles.
“The selections are over. Masters, we’re leaving. Goodbye.”
Tshh, tshh, tshh, tshh…!
Lin Feng saw light beams of different colors emerge from the tower and streak across the sky. It was all the young geniuses and their new colleagues. They vanished without leaving a trace.
The Four Great Battle Ancestors pulled a long face. Lin Feng, the most talented, the strongest young genius, who had the most potential, had been left aside? They were going to just let him travel around and perish on his own in the World of Battles?
What was going on? How come nobody had chosen Lin Feng, considering he was extremely strong and experienced? There was only one possible reason… Lin Feng had probably offended someone from the World of Battles!
But how was that possible? He was a young genius of the Country of Eternity, how could he have offended someone from the World of Battles?
It was a mystery, but the Four Great Battle Ancestors felt sad for Lin Feng. He shouldn’t have been left out with his strength.
Unfortunately, they were just in charge of the tunnel. Each time the tunnel was open, they had to go to the lower world, that was all. They didn’t do anything else. They weren’t qualified to recommend Lin Feng to influential groups.
“How do you feel, little boy? Hehe. You feel left out, eh? Nobody chose you…”
As the Four Great Battle Ancestors were getting really angry, Qing Ling Chao looked at Lin Feng and stroked his beard.
Lin Feng looked at the old man respectfully and bowed hand over fist, smiling, “Master.”
“Ah come on, don’t be so polite, and don’t be modest. You’re extremely strong. Are you interested in joining our group?” asked Qing Ling Chao with a smile, yet one could see from his eyes he was being serious. He really meant it.
Lin Feng was extremely strong, and many influential groups would be interested in recruiting him. Since the others were blind and he wasn’t, he couldn’t let such an opportunity slip by!
The Four Great Battle Ancestors sighed with relief when they heard him. If Lin Feng joined the Tai Qing Sect, he would have many opportunities in the World of Battles. The Tai Qing Sect was a very powerful sect in the World of Battles. They were about as strong as the Demon Clan and similar clans and sects.
They also had Godly Ancestors and a big territory!
Lin Feng knew it was a good opportunity. The Tai Qing Sect was extremely strong in the Country of Eternity, so they were probably very strong in the World of Battles, too.
But Lin Feng didn’t want to join any influential group, as usual. Lin Feng never joined influential groups. He liked his freedom. He could do whatever he wished without constraints. He would be free to explore the World of Battles as he wished that way.
“Master, I know you are well-intentioned and I feel touched, but I’m afraid I have to refuse. I’m sorry,” said Lin Feng solemnly. He was the only one who understood why he acted like that.
Qing Ling Chao nodded. He couldn’t force Lin Feng, and he understood Lin Feng. He knew Lin Feng didn’t want to join any influential group.
“Since it’s that way, young man, I’m sure we’ll meet again. See you!” sighed Qing Ling Chao. He bowed hand over fist and left.
Fei Yang didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end, he just stood next to Qing Ling Chao. When Lin Feng glanced at Fei Yang, Fei Yang just turned his head away. However, Lin Feng came to a conclusion when he saw how Fei Yang acted.
That Fei Yang was probably an extremely talented cultivator!
Qing Ling Chao and Fei Yang left the tower. Lin Feng was alone now. He hadn’t been chosen by anyone, and everybody had left. Joining a group would now be extremely complicated.
When the Four Great Battle Ancestors saw that, they were angry. Lin Feng had missed an opportunity; what was he going to do alone in the World of Battles now?
They knew how things worked in the World of Battles. When a cultivator was alone, they usually didn’t survive very long. What was he going to accomplish alone anyway?
Nobody wanted him?
Lin Feng didn’t take such things to heart, and wasn’t worried at all. He had two legs, he could walk. He could start a new life here. When he arrived in the Continent of the Gods, he was alone. When he had arrived in the Country of Eternity, he was alone. So of course he would be able to survive alone in the World of Battles!

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