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Chapter 1196: Your Name Is Rui Zhi? That’s Rui Zhi!



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“Brother Song, let’s hurry up and catch up with Li Dian and the others. Since some people want to steal things from us, let’s cause trouble. Let’s make all the influential groups start fighting each others. It will be awesome!” Lin Feng said to Song Chou Jiu telepathically, speeding up. Zong Hu and the others weren’t slow, either. Only Qing Huang Tian stayed behind to keep those people away. 

The ninth elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan and a middle-aged man; two unknown men; the representative of Gan Yu called Gan Sheng and the mysterious old man; they were all Godly Ancestors! 

She didn’t know the three other Godly Ancestors, but they didn’t look nice. The situation was extremely dangerous, but she decided to follow Asura’s plan through. 

Lin Feng and Song Chou Jiu sped away. Ten minutes later, they caught up with Li Dian, but the situation was already unstable. They had no choice but to stop and face one another. 

Li Dian ground his teeth. The huge men who were with him were surrounded by those people. They were furious. How dare anyone try and steal items from the people of Li Yu? They wanted to die! 

Lin Feng and the others stopped, and the six Godly Ancestors behind them caught up quickly. At that moment, there were thirteen Godly Ancestors around, surrounding Lin Feng and Li Dian. 

They both smiled icily. Those people were there for the Dazzling Flower and the Godly Tao Skill. Was it just wishful thinking? 

Li Dian ground his teeth and looked at Lin Feng and the others. He was clearly blaming them. Initially, the seven Godly Ancestors could have merely caused trouble, but now there were thirteen Godly Ancestors blocking them. Nobody could escape! 

Lin Feng smiled. The more chaotic the situation, the happier he was. Those Godly Ancestors weren’t from only just influential group, so there had to be tensions between some of them. They all had their own plans! 

They wanted precious items? No problem. He would give them everything! Then he would hide and watch the battle. After the massacre, he would come back out and steal his treasures back! 

The ninth elder of the Spiritual Warriors Clan, Zhan Yu Ying, with a Godly Ancestor of the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Three representatives of Shi Yu, all strong cultivators. Gan Sheng representing Gan Yu, who had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer, behind him an old man who was also a Godly Ancestor. 

Those were the six Godly Ancestors who were chasing Lin Feng. In front of Li Dian were seven Godly Ancestors, very easy to guess. The four representatives of Xue Yu, including Xue Tong; the three elders of Xue Yu; and the representatives of the Demon Clan!

“Li Dian, hand the Dazzling Flower over. Don’t make a stupid mistake!” sneered Xue Tong, smiling mockingly and staring at Li Dian. It was time for them to seize an opportunity. They couldn’t afford to let it slip!

“Asura, hand the Godly Tao Skill over. We won’t cause you too much trouble if you do. We’ll give Man Yu face and let you go. Don’t worry.” 

Zhan Yu Ying pointed at Lin Feng. Even though she was a woman, she had never been weak and fragile. She was even more brutal and violent than most men, stubborn and determined. She wanted the Godly Tao Skill, so she would obtain it!

The middle-aged man next to her clenched his fists. His Qi of the Godly Ancestor layer was extremely clear and distinct. Lin Feng felt great pressure. He had to give up the Godly Tao Skill without causing trouble. 

They all wanted the same things!

Ming Shou remained motionless. He was shaking and wounded. He walked over to Lin Feng and looked at him. As Song Chou Jiu’s servant, Ming Shou guessed what Lin Feng was thinking. 

“Will you give them the Godly Tao Skill?”

“Yes. But since we can’t take it back with us, we should play around with them. We’ll benefit from it.” replied Lin Feng telepathically, nodding. 

Ming Shou understood and also nodded. Then he looked at Li Dian and shouted, “Li Dian, we can’t protect the Dazzling Flower and the Godly Tao Skill, so let’s give up.” 

“What? Fucking asshole!!” shouted Li Dian explosively, staring at Ming Shou ferociously. That coward! He wanted to give up on their precious items?! How could Li Dian possibly give up his item? He had spent over two billion godly coins on it! 

Moron! What a real moron! 

“Haha! People from Man Yu are funny. Li Dian, don’t be so stubborn. Give up the flower!” Xue Tong smiled in amusement.

Li Dian was from Li Yu, one of the strongest territories of the Region of the Eight Corners, but Xue Yu was also from one of them, and they were actually stronger. Everybody knew that. If Li Dian continued acting recklessly, he would suffer a violent death! 

“Li Dian, the Demon Clan doesn’t want to be enemies with you, but the Dazzling Flower is extremely important to us, so hand it over!” said the representative of the Demon Clan icily. He initially didn’t want to participate in the auctions. He wanted to come in after the end and rob people! 

Lin Feng knew one of the three Godly Ancestors of the Demon Clan, Ancestor Mo, the director of the Demon Clan University. He was one of the people who had trapped him! 

Since Lin Feng had already killed Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling and the other man from the World Dragon Clan, he could kill another one!

“Li Dian, you are a respectable representative of Li Yu. We don’t want to kill you, we just want the Dazzling Flower. If you give it to us, we’ll let you leave safe and sound. We are all from the Region of the Eight Corners, after all. We shouldn’t kill each other and should focus on foreign threats!” said Xue Tong. 

When Xue Tong mentioned the Region of the Eight Corners, Song Chou Jiu was angry. Even though the Region of the Eight Corners was one territory, their coexistence wasn’t that harmonious. Some people always plotted against others. Song Chou Jiu was aware that nobody was willing to submit to anyone else. The only way to unify the Region of the Eight Corners was to kill those people! 

The Region of the Eight Corners had lots of resources. Foreigners had to be careful. Unfortunately, there were lots of inner tensions in the Region of the Eight Corners, and foreigners didn’t mind making fun of them openly. The Region of the Eight Corners had become weaker in the last few years.

“Li Dian, give up. You can’t protect it!” said Ming Shou, trying to shake Li Dian up a little. 

“Li Dian, why are you so stubborn? You think you compete with a bunch of Godly Ancestors? Let’s give them up now and try to get them back later!”

Lin Feng didn’t like that kind of stubborn attitude. He was not flexible at all, so Lin Feng had no choice but to plot with him telepathically. 

Li Dian’s expression was astonished. Lin Feng was such an adventurer! But it was a huge risk. It could be a double loss in the end!

“You’re hesitating?? You have a better idea? If Li Yu could send you ten Godly Ancestors, then I wouldn’t say anything, I would attack. Is it even possible?” said Lin Feng furiously. 

Li Dian wasn’t smart. He was strong, but he was stupid. He had no other solution, so he nodded and agreed. 

“Xue Tong, the Dazzling Flower is yours.” said Li Dian, pointing to his ring and looking at Xue Tong. 

Xue Tong rejoiced and nodded hastily. He said gravely, “Li Dian, don’t worry. The Region of the Eight Corners will reunite and we’ll all live happily. I promise you that Xue Yu will become an overlord territory someday, and we’ll protect Li Yu.” 

Hehe, protect what? He meant to invade Li Yu, is what Li Dian thought. But what could he do? 

Xue Tong and the three other Godly Ancestors of Xue Yue clenched their fists. They got ready for a surprise attack. Some people might ambush the people of Xue Yu after this. 

“It’s yours!” shouted Li Dian explosively. He threw his ring at Xue Tong. Xue Tong got ready to catch it, but the everything went crazy when the representatives of the Demon Region also jumped in. 

Lin Feng threw his Three Heavy Waves book at Zhan Yu Ying. She caught it, then a black silhouette flashed past and took it from her hands. It was Shi Yu from Shi Yu. 

Shi Yu was extremely pale-skinned and didn’t smile. She looked like a dead girl. She grasped the Three Heavy Waves and glanced at the two elders of Shi Yu, getting ready to leave. 

Zhan Yu Ying didn’t just watch; the elders of the Spiritual Warriors Clan chased her. The old man of Gan Yu also wanted the Three Heavy Waves. Everything was going wild 

Lin Feng and Ming Shou smiled. They were going to shake mountains! 

Initially, it was between two groups, a few minutes had passed, and now Shi Yu and Xue Yu were fighting, the two strongest groups of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

The Demon Clan, the Spiritual Warriors Clan, Gan Yu and Xue Yu were all fighting!

Dust flew around. All those people were Godly Ancestors. Their servants, the Great Supreme Gods, also started fighting. 

Lin Feng grinned mockingly. This was wisdom. This was cunning! 

They hadn’t done anything, and now everybody was fighting. 

Li Dian looked at Lin Feng. He had trusted Lin Feng, and he had been right. Lin Feng had humiliated him, but Li Dian also admired him for his wisdom. 

“When do we take them back?”

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