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Chapter 1096: Buddhist Mountain!


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“Lin Feng, we can also introduce you to a group?” asked one of the Four Great Battle Ancestors after a while. They couldn’t let Lin Feng travel alone in the World of Battles. He was a genius, and they didn’t want him to die alone here. It would be a tragic loss. There were more than enough groups in the World of Battles for Lin Feng to choose from. 

Lin Feng was surprised when he heard them. The Four Great Battle Ancestors were in charge of the tunnel between the two worlds, and rarely intervened in other people’s affairs. They gave him face, so Lin Feng was grateful. 

But Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to choose a group randomly. He didn’t want to rely on a group, either. 

“No need. Thank you for your kindness, Masters. I am touched by your concern, but I just want to travel in the World of Battles freely. Could you please tell me more about the World of Battles, though?” he asked. He was interested in knowing more about his new environment. 

When the Four Great Battle Ancestors heard Lin Feng, they looked grave, but they didn’t hesitate and told him as much as they could. It wasn’t a secret, anyway. If Lin Feng traveled alone, he would find out too. They were impressed by the young man, and wanted to be helpful. 

“The world order is extremely complex in the World of Battles, because all the sects and clans which were present in the Country of Eternity in ancient and remote times are here. They were very powerful influential groups.

“The influential groups of the World of Battles are all in permanent competition. Their battles are explosive, but if the Country of Eternity were in danger someday, all the strong cultivators of the World of Battles would unite and work together to save it.

“In the World of Battles, battles are fierce and cruel. Sects and clans come and go. New ones are created. Old ones get destroyed. Only a few hundred sects and clans survive for a long time.”

“A few hundred? So many?” Lin Feng was astonished. In the Continent of the Gods, the Continent of the Nine Clouds or the Country of Eternity, he had never heard of hundreds of sects. He knew that in the past there were many sects and clans in the Country of Eternity, and that their number had decreased drastically because of the disaster of the Ocean of Flames. 

When he heard there were still hundreds of powerful sects and clans in the World of Battles, he was astonished. That was a terrifying number!

“Master, can you tell me more about those influential groups?” asked Lin Feng. Since they didn’t mind telling more about the World of Battles, why not ask for more information? It was better to be prepared, just in case!

“You can divide them into four levels. The weakest ones are universities or empires. They are universities and empires which existed in the Country of Eternity long ago. They usually have one or two Godly Ancestors.

“Then there are influential groups which are slightly stronger than them, third-grade influential groups. Examples of third-grade influential groups are the Yan Clan, the Bai Clan, the Gong Clan, the Demon Clan, and so on. Some of them were founded by strong cultivators from the Country of Eternity. Some others are completely new and only exist in the World of Battles. Such influential groups have from five to ten Godly Ancestors.

“Second-grade influential groups are well-known ancient sects and clans, such as the Tai Qing Sect, the Tian Ji Sect, Tian Dao Yuan, the Human Clan, the Blood Clan, the Gods Clan, etc. They usually have ten Godly Ancestors or more, but never more than twenty.

“Regarding first-grade influential groups… we aren’t qualified to go to their territories. They are not here in the World of Battles, they are in another space. The Essence of the Universe, the World of Battles, and the Ancestral World are the most powerful influential groups at this time. It is said that they have hundreds and hundreds of Godly Ancestors, but nobody truly knows, as nobody can go and check what it is really like there.

“The Essence of the Universe, the World of Battles, and the Ancestral World were created by strong cultivators of the remote ancient times. To join them, one has to break through to the top of the Godly Ancestor layer.

“Hehe, in this life, we will never reach that kind of level. Lin Feng, you’re still young. You will have the opportunity to go and see those influential groups someday.” The Four Great Battle Ancestors laughed and shook their heads. They knew they would never be able to see those two powerful groups. 

But they had hopes for Lin Feng. If he survived for a few hundred years in the World of Battles, he would probably be able to see the Ancestral World, the Essence of the Universe, and the World of Battles!

“Alright, we also need to go back to our respective groups and wait for the next time we have to open the passage. Take care, Lin Feng. And be careful, there are many dangerous and vicious people in the World of Battles!”

The Four Great Battle Ancestors left. They felt guilty leaving Lin Feng alone. He was a young genius and had passed the exam, and he had even defeated Yan Cang Tian in the tunnel…

But who the hell had schemed in secret to prevent Lin Feng from being chosen by an influential group in the World of Battles?? Lin Feng was on the list they had handed over to the representatives! The representatives weren’t blind! They had seen his name in the list too, but they hadn’t chosen him. 

Anyway, they couldn’t do any more. But Lin Feng was definitely not going to have fun in the World of Battles. 

The Four Great Battle Ancestors said goodbye to Lin Feng and left. Lin Feng watched them leave. They all stepped onto clouds of different colors, which then flew away. 

It was like in a fairyland, these people flew on clouds. It was probably a special ability people had in the World of Battles, or a tradition. They liked to fly on clouds…

“Eh, I’m happy alone too,” said Lin Feng smiling broadly. Even though he hadn’t been chosen by anyone, he didn’t feel too bad. 

Thanks to the Four Great Battle Ancestors’ introduction, Lin Feng could imagine what the World of Battles was like. Chu Chun Qiu, the Ancient Demon King, and the others had joined third-grade or fourth-grade influential groups. They weren’t qualified to join more powerful influential groups, whereas he was free. 

One man. One sword. Fine liquor. He’d travel around alone! 

He had nothing to worry about. His wives and relatives were in his spirit world. He could go and see them whenever he felt like it. Huo Wu, Huang Nü, and Qing Feng were soon going to give birth, so he would have more children. 

Then he would bring his children to the World of Battles, and they would probably surpass him someday, especially Lin Zu! 

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! 

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard the sound of a gong from the Buddha tower. Buddha lights enveloped the whole tower, including Lin Feng. They felt quite warm. 

The sound resonated, but there was nobody there, so who had beaten a gong? 

Lin Feng was surprised, and slowly walked over to the tower. The representatives of the different groups were gone, so he could go inside and have a look. 

When he entered the tower, he saw dazzling golden lights, golden scrolls, and golden Buddhas, all of them hundreds of meters high. They all had Buddhist tools in their hands. 

At that moment, Lin Feng also saw Buddhas from Earth, so he was dumbstruck. 

When he was a child, Lin Feng used to go to Buddhist temples. He had seen Buddhas a few meters high, including Amitabha Buddhas. The Buddhas in the World of Battles looked like those on Earth, so realistic! 

Lin Feng put his palms together and started chanting a mantra. He wanted to kneel down and pray, but then he remembered he was a god too, so they were on equal terms. 

How could he kneel down in front of a Buddha? At most, he could look at one with respect, that’s all. 

“If my second fellow disciple was here, he would love this place,” whispered Lin Feng. It was a perfect place for Tian Chi to cultivate. There weren’t many Buddhist cultivators in the Continent of the Nine Clouds or the Continent of the Gods. But in the World of Battles, there was this place, and it was already enough. 

Does this place belong to an influential group?, wondered Lin Feng. 

“Amitabha Buddha, Buddhist Mountain. Buddhist cultivators live here. The World of Battles is cruel and most people are evil. Benefactors need to be careful,” said a voice from behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. 

He already had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, but he hadn’t felt any presence. That voice sounded like it could penetrate into him. Suddenly, Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat. 

He turned around and saw a bald old man wearing a kasaya. He was wrinkled and had a kind look on his face. When Lin Feng saw him, he suddenly felt so beatific. His heart was suddenly filled with love and compassion. 

He just wanted to pray to the Buddhas! 

Lin Feng ground his teeth and came back to his senses. He looked at the Buddhist monk angrily. He had almost lost his senses! 

Was the old man in kasaya a Godly Ancestor? Or more precisely, a Buddhist Ancestor? 

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